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Families covered: Lockhart of Bar, Lockard of Cartland, Lockhart of Lee, Lockhart (Locard) of Symontoun (Symington)

The origins of this family are reported variously. Some say that they came into Britain with or shortly after the Conquest and moved up to Scotland when King David I (r. 1124-1153) was revolutionising Scotland, thereby implying Norman or Flemish roots. It is also reported (eg. in the Collins Encyclopedia mentioned below) that the Locards were amongst those dispossessed by the Conqueror and moved to Scotland to start afresh, thereby implying Saxon or similar roots. Whatever their earlier history, they appear to have been well established in Scotland by the end of that King David's reign.
Stephanus Locard or Lockard (a 1153)
The excellent Lockhart family web site at www.lockharts.com suggests that this was the Stephen who founded Stevenstoun in Ayrshire. The Collins Encyclopedia mentioned below suggests that that Stephen was of a later generation (see next note below). Douglas does not mention anything about such a founding.
1. Sir Symon Lockard of Symon's Town or Symontoun (a 1165)
  There is some confusion over the next few generations.
1. Douglas reports that Symon had a son Malcolm whose sons were Sir Symon of Symontoun and Craiglockard (father of Malcolm who dsp and of Sir Stephen, father of Sir Simon 'Lockheart') and William (ancestor of the Lockharts of Bar).
2. Collins's 'Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia' (1994, ISBN 0-00-450547-5) reports that the Stephen who founded Stevenston in Ayrshire was father of Symon (who founded Symons Town, later Symington) who was father of Sir Symon of Lee and Cartland (a 1323). Collins's wording is unclear as to whether or not this last Symon was himself Sir Symon 'Lockheart' or was father of that Symon whom the book identifies as "the second of Lee".
3. According to the Lockhart family web site mentioned above, Simon Macdonald Lockhart's book 'Seven Centuries' (not yet seen by Stirnet) disagrees with Douglas, suggesting that Symon had 2 sons: the elder being Symon of Symontoun, who had two sons Malcolm and Stephen, and a younger son Malcolm who also had two sons, the second being William who acquired Lee in about 1272. Either this last-mentioned William or his cousin Stephen was father of Sir Symon 'Lockheart'.
The following provisionally follows Douglas but will be reviewed should we find a copy of the 'Seven Centuries' book mentioned above.
  A. Malcolm Lockard of Symontoun
  i. Sir Symon Lockard of Symontoun & Craiglockard (a temp Alexander III who r. 1249-1286)
  a. Malcolm Lockard (dsp after 1296)
  b. Sir Stephen Lockard of Lee & Cartland (d c1320)
(1) Sir Simon Lockard of Lee and Cartland, 'Lockheart' (d temp Robert II who r. 1371-1390)
  Sir Simon was one of those who, in 1329-30, travelled with James Douglas in an attempt to take the heart of King Robert the Bruce to the Holy Land. Whilst James Douglas carried the casket that contained the heart, Simon carried the key of the casket. He became known as 'Lockheart', presumably as a pun on his name. The nickname stuck and later became Lockhart.
  (A) Alexander Lockhart of Lee (d c1444)
  (i) Sir Alan Lockhart of Lee (a 1467)
  The lockharts.com web site suggests that this was the Alan (a 1441) who acquired Cleghorn and was father of Sir Stephen Lockhart of Cleghorn. Although we initially followed that suggestion, we are now more cautious about making that connection. We hope to look more into the matter in due course.
m. Margaret Lockhart (dau of John Lockhart of Bar) @@ below
  (a) Mungo Lockhart of Lee (d c1480)
  m. Agnes Lindsay of Covington
  This Mungo and his wife and son are not mentioned by Douglas but, according to the Lockhart family web site mentioned above, they are reported by Simon Macdonald Lockhart's book 'Seven Centuries'.
  ((1)) Robert Lockhart of Lee (d young 1489)
  (b) Sir James Lockhart of Lee (d 1502)
  m. _ Hepburn (of Hailes family)
  ((1)) Sir James Lockhart of Lee (a 1517)
  m. Mary Somerville (dau of William, Master of Somerville)
  ii. William Lockard - continued below
  iii. Ada Lockard
  m1. John Morham of that ilk
  m2. Sir William Colvil of Kinnaird



William Lockard - continued above
Douglas identified William as "progenitor of the Lockards of Bar, &c.".
1. ?? Lockart
  A. ?? Lockart presumed intermediary generation, father (or grandfather) of ...
  i. Andrew Lockhart of Bart, etc. (a temp Robert III who r. 1390-1406) probably father (or grandfather) of ...
  a. John Locarde de la Bar (a 1417)
  (1) ?? Lockkart
Uncertain on number of intermediary generations.
  (A) ?? Lockhart
  (i) John Lockhart of Bar (a 1562)
  m. ?? Mure (dau of ?? Mure of Rowallan, relict of the laird of Newark)
  (a) James Lockhart (dvp)
  ((1)) William Lockhart (bpt 10.07.1568, dsp?)
  (b) John Lockhart of Bar (a 1562)
  Paterson suggests that John married his aunt ("he and his father having thus married two sisters") but we think that unlikely. Note that there are severval marriages around this time between the Mures of Rowallan, the Maxwells of Newark and (probably) the Lockharts of Bar.
  ((1)) George Lockhart of Bar (a 1613) probably of this generation
  (ii) Hugh Lockhart
  Paterson reports that Bar passed from the above line "into the hands of their relatives, the Lockharts of Boghall, near Ayr". We speculate that that family was connected as follows.
  (B) ?? Lockhart
  (i) ?? Lockhart
  (a) Alexander Lockhart of Boghall sister of Jean, possibly father of ...
  ((1)) John Lockhart of Bar (d 16.04.1614)
  m. Marion Cunynghame
  ((A)) John Lockhart of Bar (d 04.1624)
((i)) John Lockhart of Bar (a 1651) probably father of ...
  ((a)) John Lockhart of Bar (a 1672)
  m. Barbara Jamieson
  ((ii)) Margaret Lockhart
  m. (c1630) Neil Montgomery of Lainshaw (d by 1654)
  ((B))+ other issue - Margaret, Jonet
  (b) Jean Lockhart
  m1. George Hamilton of Bogwood
  m2. David Fullarton of that ilk & Corsby (d before 05.1605)
  m3. George Schaw of Glenmuir
  (2) Margaret Lockhart possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Alan Lockhart of Lee (a 1467) @@ above
  (3) Marion Lockhart possibly of this generation
  m. Andrew Buchanan, 2nd of Leny (a 06.1458)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 29.01.04) : Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (Douglas, volume i (vol ii was never done), 1798, 'Lockhart of Lee')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 26.05.20) : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p66+)
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