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Families covered: Lockhart of Birkhill, Lockhart of Cleghorn, Lockhart of Crossford, Lockhart of Milton Lockhart, Lockhart of Wicketshaw (Waygateshaw)

Sir Stephen Lockhart of Cleghorn (armour bearer to King James III who r. 1466-1488)
(1) Douglas starts with Alan Lockhart of Cleghorn who was alive in 1441 and shows this Stephen as his son. It has been suggested that that Alan was the same person as Sir Alan Lockhart of Lee (a 1467) but we are not sure of that. BLG1952 (Elliott-Lockhart of Cleghorn) starts with this Stephen and identifies him as 1st of Cleghorn. We follow that numbering used by BGL1952.
(2) BLG1952 identifies Stephen's wife as Marion, 2nd daughter of John, 4th Lord Somerville. TSP (Somerville) shows Marion, daughter of John, 3rd Lord, as 2nd wife of his son Allan. Douglas identifies Stephen's wife as ...
m. (1493) _ Crichton ("near relation of Lord Chancellor Crichton")
1. Allan Lockhart, 2nd of Cleghorn (d Flodden 09.09.1513 or c1501)
  m1. Katherine Whitefoord (dau of Patrick Whitefoord of Whitefoord)
A. Alexander Lockhart, 3rd of Cleghorn
  m1. Euphame Hamilton (dau of Hugh Hamilton of Innerwick)
  i. Mungo Lockhart, 4th of Cleghorn (a 1579)
  m. _ Hamilton (dau of Sir James Hamilton of Stonehouse or Stenhouse)
a. Allan Lockhart, 5th of Cleghorn (a 1610)
  m1. (mcrt 20.11.1582) Elizabeth Ross (d 10.07.1594, dau of James Ross, Lord of Hawkhead)
  (1) Alexander Lockhart, 6th of Cleghorn (d 1630)
  m. Nichola Maxwell (d 01.1643, dau of Sir James Maxwell of Calderwood)
  (A) James Lockhart, 7th of Cleghorn (d by 1665)
  m. (1627) Elizabeth Lockhart (dau of Sir James Lockhart of Lee)
(i) Allan Lockhart, 8th of Cleghorn (b 28.12.1632, d unm 1671)
  (ii) James Lockhart, 9th of Cleghorn (d 01.07.1703)
  m. Barbara Woodrop (or Wardrope, of Daldowie)
  (a) Allan Lockhart, 10th of Cleghorn (b 16.01.1668, dsp)
  m. (1691) Catherine Winram (d 1742, dau of John Winram of Woolston or Wiston)
  (b) John Lockhart (b 13.01.1684, d 26.02.1766)
  m. Catherine Weir (d 17.09.1780, dau of Sir George Weir of Blackwood)
  ((1)) Allan Lockhart, 11th of Cleghorn (d 05.05.1805)
  m. (10.08.1770) Jean Bertram (dau of Archibald Bertram of Nisbet)
((A)) Marianne Lockhart, 12th of Cleghorn (b 01.09.1771, d 06.10.1836)
  m. (05.03.1792) William Elliott of Borthwickbrae, later Elliott-Lockhart (b 30.11.1764, d 06.08.1832, Lt. Colonel)
  (c) Barbara Lockhart
  m. _ Moncreiff of Possel
  (d) Anne Lockhart
  m. Alexander Kincaid (goldsmith in Edinburgh)
  (e) Jean Lockhart
  m. _ Ogill of Poppilhall
  (f) Robina Lockhart
  m. Adam Whiteford of Whiteford and Miltown
(iii)+ other issue - Samuel, William
  (B) Allan Lockhart
  m. 'Lady Rodes'
  (2) William Lockhart ancestor of Lockharts of Limphoy
  (3) James Lockhart of Harwood
  TSP (Hyndford) reports that James, son of Allan Lockhart of Cleghorn, married ...
  m. (mcrt 21.02.1629) Jean Carmichael (dau of Sir Hugh Carmichael of Carmichael)
  (4) George Lockhart of Tarbrax or Torbracks
  m. Ann Lockhart (dau of Sir James Lockhart of Lee)
  (A) Anne Lockhart (bur 19.07.1707)
  m. Sir George Gordon, 3rd Bart of Haddo, 1st Earl of Aberdeen (b 03.10.1637, d 20.04.1720)
(5) Allan Lockhart of Stobwood
  (6) Robert Lockhart (baillie in Edinburgh) possibly one of the sons by a later marriage
  (A) Sir William Lockhart (Solicitor General)
  m2. (c1597) Christian Livingston (dau of John Livingston of Belstane)
  (7) son
  m3. (c1612) Grizel Bannatyne (dau of Bannatyne of Corehouse)
  (8) son
  b.+ other issue - Alexander of Stobwood, William
  m2. Mariote Cleland
  m2. Marion Somerville (dau of John Somerville, 3rd Lord)
B.+ other issue
2. Stephen Lockhart of Ladylands
  BLG1886 (Lockhart of Wicketshaw and Milton Lockhart) reports that the 2nd son of Sir Stephen of Cleghorn, armour bearer to King James III (shown at the top of the page), was the first Lockhart of Wicketshaw. Douglas reports that Sir Stephen left two sons, his successor Allan plus Stephen of Ladylands. The Lockharts family web site suggests that it may have been the latter Stephen's son who was the 1st of Wicketshaw, which lands it normally calls Waygateshaw.
  A. Alexander Lockhart of Wicketshaw or Waygateshaw (d 28.05.1583)
  m1. Elizabeth Scott, hiress of Crossford (dau of Walter Scott of West Nemphlar)
  i. Stephen Lockhart of Wicketshaw & Crossford (d(sp) before 25.12.1575)
  m. Margaret Baillie
  m2. Marion Weir (dau of James Weir of Stonebyres, sister of Thomas of Kirkton)
  ii. William Lockhart of Wicketshaw
  m. Agnes Sandilands
  a. William Lockhart of Wicketshaw & Crossford
  (1) Stephen Lockhart of Wicketshaw (a 1651)
  m. (mcrt 27.08.1606) Grizel Carmichael (dau of Walter Carmichael of Park & Hyndford)
  iii.+ other issue - James, Janet

Main source(s):
(1) The Lockharts of Cleghorn : BLG1952 (Elliott-Lockhart of Cleghorn, formerly of Borthwickbrae), Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' of 1798 (Lockhart of Cleghorn)
(2) The Lockharts of Wicketshaw : the section on 'Lockharts of Waygateshaw' within www.lockharts.com
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