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Families covered: Whitefoord (Whiteford) of Blairquahan (Blairquhan), Whitefoord of Dunduff, Whiteford of Whiteford of Miltown (Mylnetoun), Whiteford of Whiteford

John de Quhitfuird (a 1386)
1. Patrick de Quhitfuird (a 1431)
  A. John de Quhitfuird
  i. Quintin de Quhitfuird or Whytefoord
  a. Adam Whyteford of Whyteford and Mylnetoun
m. Katherine Stewart
  (1) John Whiteford of Whiteford and Miltown
  m1. Agnes Lockhart
  (A) John Whiteford of Whiteford and Miltown (dsp 1606)
  m1. Elizabeth Lindsay
  m2. Elizabeth Houston (dau of Sir Patrick Houston of that ilk)
  m2. (before 24.01.1553-4) Margaret Sempill (d 11.1580, dau of Robert Sempill, 3rd Lord)
(B) Adam Whiteford of Whiteford and Miltown
  m. Mary Somerville (dau of James Somerville of Cambusnethan)
  (i) Adam Whiteford of Whiteford and Miltown
  m1. Agnes Hamilton
  (a) Sir John Whiteford of Whiteford and Miltown
  ((1))+ issue - Betty, Agnes
  m2. Robina Lockhart (dau of James Lockhart of Cleghorn)
  (b) Barbara Whiteford (b 1707)
  (ii) Walter Whiteford, Bishop of Brechin (b 1581, d 1647)
  m1._ Ritchie (dau of Hew Ritchie of Knockendol (Knockindaill in Sy mingtoin))
  (a) John Whiteford (d 09.10.1667)
  m. Judith Marriot (dau of John Marriot of Ashton/Aston)
  (b) Walter Whiteford (d 1686, Colonel)
  ((1)) Charles Whiteford (dsp 1722)
  (c) Adam Whiteford (b 1624, d 1626)
  (d) David Whiteford (d 1626, d 26.10.1674)
  (e) James Whiteford
(f) Christian Whiteford
  m. William Burnett of Barnes
  (g) Rachel Whiteford
  m. James Johnson of Corehead
  m2. Anne Carmichael (dau of Sir John Carmichael of Carmichael)
  (iii) Helen Whiteford
  m1. John Hamilton of Coltness, younger of Udston (dvp 31.07.1616)
  m2. Robert Hamilton (minister of Glasfurd)
  (C) James Whiteford (a 1602)
  (D) Thomas Whiteford (a 1596, Baillie of Paisley)
  (2) Janet Whiteford
  m. Hugh Ralston (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  B. Robert de Quhitfuird (a 1491, Abbot of Crossraguel)
  i.+ issue - John, David, Robert
  C. ?? de Quhitfuird
The web site referred to below suggests that Patrick was grandfather of John and David following but, having regard to the dates, we suspect that there was at least one more intervening generation.
  i. ?? de Whytford uncertain on number of intervening generations
  a. John de Whytford (a 1530)
  m. Bessie Blair (possibly dau of Blair of Blair)
  b. David Whytford in Balloch
  m. (Janet) Kennedy (dau of Gilbert Kennedy of Drummellane)
  The article in BLG1952, which we follow, commences with the following David whom we presume to have been missed out by the web site referred to below. That site shows David (d 1620, son of the above David, m _ Kennedy of Ardmilan) as father of John (dsp, m Isobel Eccles) and Adam in Tochrig who m1 Anna Cathcart of Cainock (son John d 1701) and Marie Inglis by whom he had a son James of Dunduff (m Isobel Blair).
  (1) David Whytfurde in Balloch (d 1605)
  m. Agnes (?) Cathcart (dau of Cathcart of Cainock)
  (A) David Whiteford in Balloch (d 1620)
  m. ?? Kennedy (dau of Kennedy of Ardmilan)
  (B) John Whiteford of Blairqhahan (a 1622, dsp)
  m. Isobel Eccles
(C) Adam Whitefoord in Trochrig
  m. Marie (?) Inglis (dau of Inglis of Shiel)
  (i) John Whitefoord of Blairqhahan (d 1701)
  (ii) James Whitefoord of Dunduff (d 1697)
  m. Isabel Blair (dau of Sir Bryce Blair of that ilk)
(a) Sir Adam Whitefoord, 1st Bart of Blairqhahan or Blairquhan (d 11.1727)
  m. Margaret Cathcart (01.d 1742, dau of Alan Cathcart, 7th Lord)
  ((1)) Sir John Whitefoord, 2nd Bart of Blairqhahan (b 1700, d 02.03.1763)
  m. Alice Moore (d 29.09.1776, dau of John Moore of Tullyhalen)
  ((A)) Sir John Whitefoord, 3rd Bart of Blairqhahan (d 08.04.1803)
  m. ?? Cartwright (d 26.12.1801, of Ossington)
  ((i)) Mary Jane Whitefoord
  m. (1803) Henry Kerr Cranstoun (d 1843, of family of that ilk)
  ((ii)) Alice Lucy Whitefoord (d 01.08.1827)
  m. (29.11.1795) Henry Venables-Vernon, 3rd Lord of Kinderton (b 18.04.1747, d 20.03.1829)
  ((iii)) Henrietta Whitefoord (d 26.11.1810)
  m. David Kennedy of Kirkmichael
  ((iv)) Jane Whitefoord (dsp 19.09.1817)
  m. (08.07.1805) Francis Cunynghame (d 19.09.1816, of Milncraig family)
  ((v))+ other issue - Allan (dvp 1776), John (dvp 09.10.1788), James (d infant 18.09.1773), James of Dunduff (dvp 30.09.1795), Charles (dvp 06.06.1797), Anne (d unm 23.02.1805)
  ((B))+ other issue - Alice, Margaret
  ((2)) Allan Whitefoord of Ballochmyle (d unm 26.03.1766)
  ((3)) Charles Whitefoord (d 02.01.1753, Colonel)
((A)) Caleb Whitefoord (b 1734, d 04.02.1810) had issue
  m. Mary Sidney (d 18.05.1852)
  ((B)) Charlotte Whitefoord
  m. _ Smith
  ((4)) Hew Whitefoord (d 04.1741)
  ((5)) Mary Anne Whitefoord
  m. John Dalrymple (d 1753, Captain, of North Berwick family)
  (b) Bryce Whitefoord of Dunduff and Cloncaird Castle (d 01.1726)
  m. Elizabeth Cunynghame (dau of Sir David Cunyinghame, 1st Bart of Milncraig)
  ((1)) James Whitefoord of Dunduff
  (c) Jean Whitefoord (d 1740)
  m. (1684) Sir John Fergusson, 1st Bart of Kilkerran (d 14.02.1729)
  D. Katherine Whiteford
  m. Alan Lockhart, 2nd of Cleghorn (d c1501)
2.+ other issue (a 1466) - Walter (priest), Andrew

Main source(s): http://whiteford.itgo.com, BLG1952 ('Whitefoord formerly of Blairquahan') with a little support from 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p472+)
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