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Families covered: Hamilton of Ballygally, Hamilton of Boo, Hamilton of Dalserf, Hamilton of Glenawly, Hamilton in Sweden

David Hamilton of Dalserf (a 1413, 1434, Sheriff of Lanarkshire?)
'HamiltonHistory' reports that "There is no certain evidence of continuity of family between the first four Hamiltons who appear in the records as possessors of Dalserf. They may quite probably be successive generations, but proof is wanting." Anderson suggests that David was alive in 1476 but this is not mentioned by 'HamiltonHistory' and seems unlikely, albeit not impossible, given the dates of other members of his family (shown on the continuation). However, as his son John "was a student at Glasgow University in 1461", he was probably not a young man when he had ...
1. John Hamilton of Dalserf (a 1461)
Anderson (supported by HJHeraldry) reports that, after John, "The next that has been met with" was the Robert who m. Isobel Hamilton. 'HamiltonHistory' inserts additional generations as shown.
  A. Robert Hamilton of Dalserf (a 1500) who "may have been the father of"...
  i. Robert Hamilton of Dalserf (d before 21.05.1579?)
  a. Robert Hamilton of Dalserf (d after 23.05.1604, Chamberlain of Kilwynning)
  m. (mcrt 20.06.1549) Isobel Hamilton (d before 26.07.1630, dau of John Hamilton of Broomhill (not Orbiston), widow of Cuthbert Hamilton of Cander)
  (1) Robert Hamilton of Nerstoun (dvpsp 10.1596)
  m. Sarah Brisbane (dau of Robert Brisbane 'of that ilk' of Bishopton)
  Anderson (supported by HJHeraldry) suggest that Robert & Sarah were parents of William (m. Marion Cunninghame, heir of his brother Robert), Robert of Nerston & James. However, 'HamiltonHistory' shows that the William who was heir to his brother Robert was of this generation.
  (2) William Hamilton of Dalserf (d 04.05.1616)
  m. (mcrt 27.11.1597) Jean Symonstoun (a 03.1620, dau of John Symonstoun of that ilk)
(A) William Hamilton of Dalserf (d 01.1658, MP)
  m. (before 07.05.1630) Mary or Marion Cunninghame (a 1661)
  (i) James Hamilton of Dalserf (dsp before 13.09.1673) named William by Anderson & HJHeraldry
  (ii) Anna Hamilton (d 10.1670)
  m1. James Hamilton in Dalserf (d 1661, brother of Claud of Gairen)
  m2. Hew (Hugh) Campbell of Newmylnes (Newmills)
  (iii) Margaret Hamilton of Dalserf ## see here ##
  m. Patrick Hamilton of Green (d before 02.02.1681, son of John (Baillie of Arran))
  (a) Margaret Hamilton
  m. Archibald Hamilton of Dalserf (son of William of Wishaw)
  (b) Anna Hamilton
  (iv) Lillias Hamilton (d unm 06.1672)
  (v) Janet Hamilton
m. James Hamilton of Ardoch
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (d 03.03.1640, Captain), Jean (a 1607, d young)
  partner unknown
  (D) Cuthbert Hamilton
  (3) James Hamilton (b c1565, d 28.10.1648, Dean of Glasgow)
  m. Katherine Hamilton (a 1661, dau of James Hamilton of Torrence)
  (A) Robert Hamilton (d before 01.11.1649, minister of Glasfurd)
  m1. Isobel Murray
(i) daughter (d young)
  m2. Helen Whitefoord (dau of Adam Whiteford of Milton, widow of John Hamilton of Coltness)
  (ii) Margaret Hamilton (d young)
  (B) James Hamilton of Sheills (Overscheills) (d before 09.06.1669, "Under keeper of Holyrood Palace")
  m. Ann Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton of Torrance & Sheills)
  (i) James Hamilton in Glasgow
  (a) John Hamiltoin of Oversheills (a 1681)
  (ii) John Hamilton (bur 11.1671?)
  (a)+ issue - John in Edinburgh (writer), James in Glasgow & Hamilton (a 1688)
  (C) Isobel Hamilton
  (4) Euphame Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 03.10.1566) Hew Montgomery (son/heir of Hew of Kilwynning) ??
  (5) Katherine Hamilton
  m1. (mcrt 02.02.1593/4) James Fleming of Carwood
  m2. John Grahame
  (6) Isobel Hamilton (a 1606)
  m. (mcrt 10.05.1565)William Barclay of Peirstoun (d by 1591)
  b. James Hamilton (d Langside 13.05.1568, vicar of Curmanock)
  m. Helen Cuninghame (dau of Robert Cuninghame in Strabrock, m2. William Mowbray of Strabrock)
  (1) William Hamilton in Strabrock (d 12.1629)
  (A) Gavin Hamilton of Ecclesmachane (a 1643)
  m. (mcrt 1621) Helen Strewart (dau of James Stewart in Strabrock)
  (i) John Hamilton (bpt 1625)
  (2) Margaret Hamilton
  c. Archibald Hamilton (a 1572, minister of Kilburnie, 4th son)
The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Monea, Co. Fermanagh', p1012+). TCP (vol VI, 'Hamilton of Glenawly', p279) draws attention to a note within Lodge (vol 2, p300 (within 'Beresford, Earl of Tyrone')) which identifies Archibald Hamilton, Archbishop of Cashel (brother of Sir Claud of Cattletoome (co. Antrim), who dspms, both being sons of Sir Claud Hamilton of Cochonogh (Cochno) in Scotland), as father of several sons, the second of whom was Hugh, Lord Hamilton of Glenawly. However, TCP notes that Lodge appears to have confused Archbald Hamilton, Archbishop of Cashel, with his predecessor as Archbishop, Malcolm Hamilton. TCB reports that the parentage of the undermentioned Hugh "cannot be said to be definitely established" but mentions evidence that "points to the ancestry" shown below.
  m1. Anne Kennedy (dau of Alexander Kennedy of Cassilis)
  (1) Malcolm Hamilton, Archbishop of Cashell (d 25.04.1629)
  m1. Mary Wilkie (dau of Robert Wilkie of Saughton Hill (Sachtonhill))
  (A) Archibald Hamilton of Ballylenty & Ballygallin (Ballygally), co. Down (dsp 10.05.1659)
  m. (before 1639) Anne Balfour (dau of James Balfour, Lord Balfour, widow of Sir John Wemyss)
(B/C) Hugh Hamilton of Ballygally, 1st Viscount Hamilton of Glenawly (d 04.1678)
  m1. (04.1637) Margaretha Forath of Scotland (widow of General Baron Williamson Spens)
  (i) Brita Margaretha Hamilton
  m. (09.02.1659) Baron Gustaf Adolph Skytte of Stromsrum ("shot for piracy in 1662")
  m2. Susanna Balfour (d 11.12.1687, dau of Sir William Balfour of Pitcullo, m2. Henry Mervyn of Trillick)
  (ii) William Hamilton, 2nd Viscount of Glenawly (dsp 02.1680/1)
  (iii) Arabella Susanna Hamilton (bpt 07.02.1666/7, d 10.12.1708)
  m1. (03.06.1683, sp) Sir John Magill, Bart (d 18.01.1669/1700)
  m2. (c05.1700) Marcus Trevor, 3rd Viscount Dungannon (d 1706)
  m3. (17.07.1708) Hon. Henry Bertie (b c1675, d 12.1735)
  (iv) Nichola Sophia Hamilton (b c1667, d 23.02.1713)
  m1. (02.1687) Sir Tristram Beresford, 3rd Bart of Coleraine (d 16.06.1701)
  m2. (1704) Richard Gorges of Kilbrew (Lt. Gen.)
  (v)+ other issue - Arthur (d young), Henrietta Amelia (bur 16.09.1669)
  (C/B) John Hamilton of Tullyreny then Monea & Fremagh, co. Fermanagh (d 1696)
  m. Jean Somerville (dau of James Somerville of Tullykeltre)
  (i) Malcolm Hamilton, '1st Baron Hamilton of Hagby in Sweden' (d 1699, Major General)
  The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Sweden - Barons Hamilton of Hegeby', p1083+).
  m. (1661) Christina Maclean (dau of John Maclean (Counillor in Goteborg), widow of Colonel David Sinclair)
  (a) Hugh John Hamilton of Boo, 2nd Baron, Field Marshal (d 1748) had issue in Sweden
  m1. (1699) Eva Catherina Falkenberg
  m2. Anna Fleing of Lubrelitz (b 1682, d 1758)
  (b) Jane Hamilton (b 1665, d 1693)
  m. (1687) ?? ("a Swedish Judge")
  (c) Charlotte Catherine Hamilton (b 1672, d 1731)
  m. (1701) _ Lilliehock of Fardola (Major)
  (d)+ other issue - Gabriel Gyllengrip (b 1664, d 1726), James (a 1688, d unm in Ireland), Lunetta Beata (b 1673, d unm 1761)
  (ii) Archibald Hamilton of Aghnavilla & Drummary (co. Fermanagahj) & Stantowney (co. Tyrone) possibly father of ...
  (a) Charles Hamilton of Belcoo
  (iii) son
  (iv) Hugh Hamilton, 1st Baron (d 1724, General) had issue in Sweden
  The following comes from 'HamiltonHistory' ('Sweden - Counts Hamilton of Sweden', p1085).
  m. Anna Margaretta (d 1722, dau of Hendrick Arfirdssohn)
  m2. Jean Crawfurd (a 1627)
  (D) Malcolm Hamilton of Monea (a 1640)
  (E) Lewis (Ludovick) Hamiltno, Baron of Dalserf & Nabben in Sweden (d 1662, Colonel)
  m. Anna Catherina Grubbe-Stjernfelt (b 1631, a 1689, m2. Richard Dunbar, m3. William Shore, m4. Capt. Somevill of Tallaghy)
  (i) Gustavus Hamilton of Castleton (d 06-7.1691, Colonel, Governor of Enniskillen)
  m1. (1676/7) Lettice Gore (d 1677, dau of Sir Francis Gore)
  (a) William Hamilton of Castleton (b 1677, d before 1709)
  m. Mary (m2. Christopher Dane)
  ((1)) Lettice Hamilton (a 1753)
  m1. (1719) John James Esmault of Enniskillen
  m2. William Dutton
  m2. Margaret Cooper (a 1727, dau of Edward Cooper)
  (b) Ludovic Hamilton (b 1686, d before 15.08.1743, Archdeacon of Elphin)
  m. Mary Cooper (a 08.1743)
  (c) daughter
  m. James Cathcart (Colonel)
  (d)+ other issue - Edward, daughter (d 1717)
  (ii) Malcolm Hamilton (d before 24.08.1700, Major)
  m. Jane Sanderson (dau of Col. Robert Sanderson)
  (a) Malcolm Hamilton
  (iii) daughter
  (F) Alexander Hamilton (Captain)
  m. Anna Speiser of Tyshbord
  (i) Maria Hamilton
  m. Gustaf Trummel (Rythmasteren)
  (ii)+ son + daughter
  (G) Anna Hamilton
  m. Gabriel Cathcart (son of Adam)
  (H)+ other issue - Jean, Mary, Agnes
  One of these daughters married ...
  m. _ McCarthy of Munster
  (2) Andrew Hamilton (a 1627) probably of this marriage
  (3) Isabella Hamilton probably of this marriage
m. Sir William Balfour
  'HamiltonHistory' reports that Isabella & Sir William "had a daughter Susanna who married her cousin Hugh, 1st Lord Glenawley". ## see here ## for a contradictory view on that.
  m2. Jean Barclay of Ladieland (m2. Rev. John Hunter of Kilburnie)
  d. Euphame Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 11.10.1578) Robert Douglas of Stanypeth (d 07.1580)
  e. Janet Hamilton
  m. (c1550) James Lockhart of Lee (d c1599)
  f. Margaret (or Marion) Hamilton
  m. William Chancellor of Quodquan & Shieldhill (m2. Agnes, dau of Sir James Hamilton of Craufurdjohn?)
  g.+ other issue - Patrick in Kilwynning (a 1587), John, William
  ii. William Hamilton (a 1551)

Main source(s) (see here) (part of this was originally within Hamilton01, it was moved here to facilitate expansion, further reviewed/expanded on 16.10.16) : 'HamiltonHistory' ('Dalserf', p293+) with support from 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Dalserf', p268+), 'HJHeraldry' (Hamilton, 'The Hamiltons of Dalserf', p58) and as reported above
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