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Families covered: Hamilton of Green, Hamilton of Neilsland (Nielsland), Hamilton of Sandieholme

John Hamilton, 1st of Neilsland (Nielsland) (d by 1557)
(1) 'HamiltonHistory' & Anderson spell the estate (which is in the parish of Hamilton) as "Neilsland" whilst TSP (vol 2, 'Belhaven, Hamilton') & HJHeraldry spell it "Nielsland". Most cross-references use the former.
(2) Anderson mentioned only 1 wife for John, Elizabeth Hamilton, mother of John, James & Elizabeth. HJHeraldry does not name his wives but shown his sons as (a) James, (b) John. TSP (pp40-1) mentions only that John had issue by Elizabeth Hamilton, naming only John of Udston. 'HamiltonHistory' shows that James was John's eldest son, being by ...
m1. (before 12.11.1539) Janet Hamilton (d before 07.03.1549, dau of John Hamilton of Broomhill)
1. James Hamilton, 2nd of Neilsland (d before 22.11.1621)
Anderson (supported by HJHeraldry) shows James as father of (John &) James father (by Barbara) of (Gawen, Margaret &) John (d 12.1653) father (by Isabella Hamilton) of (John & William &) James (d 1665). 'HamiltonHistory' shows as follows.
  m. Barbara
  A. Gavin Hamilton of Neilsland (dsp after 07.02.1628)
  B. John Hamilton of Muirpark, Sandieholme & Neilsland (d 12.1632)
  m. (before 07.1594?) Isabel Hamilton (a 1631, dau of John Hamilton of Broomhill)
  i. James Hamilton of Sandieholme & Neilsland (d 03.1665)
  m1. (before 30.11.1602) Margaret Cochrane (d 05.1630, dau of John Cochrane of Barabachlaw, relict of Alexander Gillone)
a. James Hamilton (a 1649, dsp before 1667) not mentioned by Anderson
  m2. (mcrt 02.05.1634) Jean Hamilton (d by 07.1663, dau of Patrick Hamilton of Hamilton)
  b. Patrick Hamilton of Neilsland
  Patrick is shown by Anderson as son of James's 1st (unnamed) wife. We follow 'HamiltonHistory'.
  m1. (mcrt 28.02.1670) Elizabeth Muirhead (d 02.1671, dau of James Muirhead of Bredisholm)
  (1) James Hamilton (b 1671, d young)
  m2. (20.01.1687) Lilias Hamilton (dau of Gawin Hamilton of Raploch)
(2) Grizel Hamilton, last of Neilsland
  m. Walter Gilchrist of Edinburgh
  The following comes from Anderson and is supported by 'Earnock and its early proprietors', the Main Source for the Roberton page.
  (A) James Gilchrist of Annsfield (Captain RN)
  m. Anna Roberton (dau of John Roberton of Earnock)
  (i) Grizel Gilchrist
m. _ Boyes of Welhall
  (ii) Anne Gilchrist
  m. (17.10.1774) Archibald Cochrane, 9th Earl of Dundonald (d 1831)
  c. Robert Hamilton of Park (a 1679)
  (1) Anna Hamilton
  m. (11.02.1721) Walter Mitchell (porter at Holyroodhouse Abbey)
  d. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (after 26.10.1654) John Hamilton, younger of Blantyrferme
  e. Jean Hamilton
  m. (12.07.1666) John Hamilton (son of James of Glasgow)
partner unknown
  f. Janet Hamilton (a 1665)
  m. (23.06.1647) James Neilson in Meikle Ernock
  g.+ other issue?
  ii. William Hamilton (a 1636)
  a. Isobel Hamilton (a 1665)
  iii. Margaret Hamilton
  m. (22.08.1622?) John Hamilton of Grange of Kilmarnock
iv.+ other issue - John in Kilmarnock (d 03.1670), Isobel, Janet (a 1642)
  C. Margaret Hamilton
  m. John Hamilton of Gilkerscleugh (d c1629)
  D. Janet Hamilton
  m. James Hamilton in Brumelton (d 03.1618)
2. Jonet Hamilton
  m. Hugh Ralston of that ilk (d 05.1613)
3. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 03.07.1559) William Mure of Glanderston
m2. (c1530) Elizabeth Hamilton (dau/heir of Patrick Hamilton, 3rd of Udston, m2. John Hamilton of Broomhill)
4. John Hamilton of Udston (d Langside 13.05.1568)
  m. Margaret Dalzell (dau of Sir Robert Dalziel (Dalzell) of that ilk)
5. Patrick Hamilton of Hamilton (d 06.05.1599, bailie)
  m. Margaret Wilson (d 09.1584, widow of Quintin Hamilton of Barncleuch)
  A. Patrick Hamilton of Green (d 10.1651)
  m. Jean Hamilton (d by 1677)
  i. Patrick Hamilton of Green (d 10.1662, bailie of Hamilton)
  m. (08.06.1647) Jean Skene (a 02.1674, dau of James Skene of Edinburgh)
  a. Patrick Hamilton of Green (d by 1696)
  (1) Jean Hamilton
  m. (1675) John Fleming of Balloch
  (2) Anna Hamilton
  m. (mcrt 30.11.16744) William Cleland, younger of Little Hanshaw
  (3)+ other issue - James (d young), daughter
  b. James Hamilton of Green (a 1717)
  m1. Bethia Baillie (d before 06.07.1697, dau of Alexander Baillie of Broadhurst, widow of John Cleland (brother of Lewis of Gartness))
  (1) Patrick Hamilton of Green (a 1716)
  (2) Alexander Hamilton (a 1709)
  m2. (mcrt 20.03.1699) Jean Dennistoun (relict of John Brisbane of Barnhill)
  c. John Hamilton of Balloch (a 1709)
  m. (1707) Helen Sampson (dau of James Sampson)
  (1) Jean Hamilton
m. (02.03.1735) Robert Herron (cordiner)
  d. William Hamilton in Edinburgh (d before 1711, "underkeeper of Holyrood Palace")
  m. (12.1701) Elizabeth Halyburton (dau of Patrick Halyburton)
  (1)+ issue - James (d before 31.08.1730), William in Edinburgh (a 01.1755, bookseller)
  ii. James Hamilton 'of Green'
  m1. (c02.1648) Margaret Hamilton ## see here ##
  a.+ issue - James (b 28.09.1648), William (b 1649)
  m2. (mcrt 22/3.06.1657) Jean Hamilton (dau of James Hamilton, bailie of Arran)
  partner unknown
  c. John Hamilton (b 1652)
  B. Janet Hamilton
  m. John Alexander
6.? Thomas Hamilton
7. Elizabeth Hamilton
  m. James Dundas of Newliston

Main source(s) (see here): 'HamiltonHistory' ('Neilsland (Parish of Hamilton)' (p611+) & 'Udstoun' (p860) & 'Green (Parish of Stonehouse)' (p408+)) with support from 'AndersonMemoirs' ('Neilsland', p325+), HJHeraldry (Hamilton, 'Nielsland', p87)
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