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Families covered: Cochrane of Cochrane, Cochrane of Lincliff

All or any of Waldave of Cochrane (a 1262), William of Cochrane (a 1296), and John of Cochrane (a 1342) may have been ancestors of ...
Glosmus, Goscelinus or Cosmus of Cochrane (a 1367)
1. William Cochrane (d before 1392)
  m. Mary
  A. Robert Cochrane succeeded by ...
  i. John Cochrane of Cochrane and Lincliff (a 1460)
  a. Allan Cochrane of Cochrane and Lincliff (a 1452, 1480)
  (1) James Cochrane of that ilk (a 05.1486)
  (A) Thomas Cochrane (dsp)
(2) Robert Cochrane of that ilk (a 1516)
  (A) John Cochrane of that ilk (a 1529)
  m. (before 1510) Margaret Morton
  BP1934 shows this John's wife as Elizabeth Semple of Fulwood. We follow TSP which shows an Elizabeth Semple as second wife of his son John.
  (i) John Cochrane of that ilk (a 1556)
  m1. Mary Lindsay (dau of_ Lindsay of Dunrod)
  (a) William Cochrane of that ilk (d 14.07.1603)
  m. (before1579) Elizabeth or Margaret Montgomerie (d 15.08.1594, dau of Robert Montgomerie of Skelmorlie)
  ((1)) Dorothy Cochrane (d before 1601)
  ((2)) Margaret Cochrane (d before 1601)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Cochrane
  m. (mcrt 24.07.1593) Alexander Blair, later Cochrane (d before 07.1641)
  m2. Elizabeth Semple (dau of John Semple of Fulwood)
  (b) Janet Cochrane
  m(?). ? Maxwell
  (B) William Cochrane
  (C) David Cochrane

Main source(s): TSP (Dundonald), BP1934 (Dundonald)
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