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Families covered: Balfour of Castle Balfour, Balfour of Mackareston, Balfour (Townley) of Townley Hall, Towneley of Piedmont

Most of the following upper section came originally from RootsWeb with no sources identified and so it was first uploaded it (on 30.10.06) as a Draft page. We uploaded it into 'the database proper' when we were reviewing the Balfour family in general and found that part of the following was supplemented by BLGI1912. However, as part is disagreed with by BLGI1912, and 'Denmylne' shows the ancestry of the family of Townley-Balfour differently (see ## below), it should still be viewed with some caution.
Alexander Balfour of Mackareston (d 1525)
m. _ Bruce
1. Bartholomew Balfour of Mackareston
  m1. ??
  A. Duncan Balfour
  i. Thomas Balfour
  B. Henry Balfour (d Wassenaar 1580, Colonel)
m. Christian Cant (dau of Walter Cant)
  i. Sir William Balfour of Pitcullo, Fife, later in Ireland (b c1578, bur 28.07.1660, Lieutenant of the Tower of London)
  Sir William is the first mentioned by BLGI1912 although it reports that he "settled in Ireland on the purchase of an estate in the co. Fermanagh, from his uncle, Lord Balfour, of Clanawley". [See ## below.] We show that Lord elsewhere. It appears that Sir William had earlier obtained (or leased) (part of) Pitcullo rather than inherited it from the earlier family of Balfour of Pitcullo.
  m1. (c1610) Helen Napier (d 12.1628, dau of Alexander Napier of Merchiston by Elizabeth Moubray)
  a. Alexander Balfour (Colonel in the Dutch army)
  m. Elizabeth Anne Bueuch
  b. William Balfour (b c1615, d 1659)
  BLGI1912 reports that William dsp. However, the RootsWeb site shows that he had the following family.
  m. Margaret Hackett (dau of Bartholomew Hackett of Tower Hill)
  (1) William Balfour (bpt 19.10.1643, d 1689)
  (A) Gustavus Balfour (b 1672, d 1738)
  m. (1704) Sarah Duke
  (i)+ issue - John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Gustavus, William, Hester, Mary, John, Christopher, Sarah
  (B) John Balfour (b 1673)
  (C) William Balfour (b 1675, d 1728)
  m. (1706) Mary Westcott
  (i)+ issue - Arthur, William, Sarah, Mary, John, Bartholomew, Martha
  (2)+ other issue - Helene, Isabel, Isabella
m2. Isabella van Weede (bur 28.03.1674, "a Dutch lady", widow of William or Henry Moore)
  c. Charles Balfour of Castle Balfour (d 05.1713)
  ## Charles's line is followed by BLGI1912. Note that 'Denmylne' (identified on Balfour1) identifies a William Balfour, brother of 1st Lord Balfour of Glenawley or Clonawley, as ancestor of Townley-Balfour of Towneleyhall. That appears to contradict the above. It is not unlikely that the confusion with different William Balfours involves the William shown above as Charles's half-brother.
  m. (1665) Cicely Byron (dau of Robert Byron by Lucy West)
  (1) William Balfour of Castle Balfour (b by 1668?, d unm 1738)
  (2) Lucy Balfour
m1. (1684) Hugh McGill of Kirkestown, co. Down
  m2. (1692) Blayney Towneley of Piedmont, co. Louth (d 22.08.17*2) @1@ below
  (3) 3aughter
  d. Susannah Balfour (d 11.12.1687)
  m1. Hugh Hamilton of Ballygally, 1st Viscount of Glenawly (d 04.1678)
  m2. Henry Mervyn of Trillick
  e. Emilia Balfour (d 29.07.1702)
  m. (before 1657) Alexander Stewart, Earl of Moray (bpt 08.05.1634, d 01.11.1700)
  f. Isabella Balfour
  m. (1649) John Balfour, 3rd Lord Balfour of Burleigh (d by 1696)
  ii. Henry Balfour of Balgay
  C.+ other issue - James, David
  m2. Margaret Drummond
  E. George Balfour
  F. Bartholomew Balfour
  m. Beatrix Cant (dau of Walter Cant)
2. David Balfour of Inchrye
  m. Katharine Abercrombie
  A.+ issue - James, David, Richard, Harry, Henry, John of Pitcorthy, Alexander, Grizel
3. William Balfour



BLGI1912 identifies the wife of the 2nd Blayney Towneley (or Townley) below as his cousin. We presume that their connection came through ...
?? Towneley
1. Hamilton Townley of Townley Hall
  A. Mary Townley (heir)
  m1. William Tenison of Thomastown
  m2. (30.11.1734) Blayney Towneley or Townley, later Balfour of Castle Balfour (b 1705, d 1788) @2@ just below
2. Blayney Towneley of Piedmont, co. Louth (d 22.08.17*2)
  m. (1692) Lucy Balfour (sister/heir of William Balfour of Castle Balfour) @1@ above
  A. Harry Towneley of Piedmont, later Balfour of Castle Balfour (b 19.12.1693, d 07.1741)
  m. (1724) Anne Percy (dau of Colonel Henry Percy)
  i. William Charles Towneley Balfour of Castle Balfour (dsp 21.11.1759)
m. (1754) Mary Aston (dau of Major Thomas Aston)
  ii. Emelia Towneley or Balfour
  B. Blayney Towneley or Townley, later Balfour of Castle Balfour (b 1705, d 1788)
  m. (30.11.1734) Mary Townley (dau/heir of Hamilton Townley of Townley Hall, relict of William Tenison of Thomastown, cousin) @2@ just above
i. Hamilton Townley (b 1742, d 1746)
  ii. Blayney Townley, Sheriff of co. Louth (b 1744, dvp 08.12.1771)
  m. (20.02.1768) Letitia Leigh (dau of Francis Leigh (MP) by Anne, dau of Henry Bingham of Newbrook)
  a. Blayney Townley, later Balfour of Townley Hall, Sheriff of co. Louth (b 28.05.1769, d 22.12.1856, MP)
  m. (17.10.1797) Florence Cole (d 01.03.1862, dau of William Willoughby (Cole), 1st Earl of Enniskillen)
  (1) Blayney Townley Balfour of Townley Hall, Sheriff of co. Louth (b 02.07.1799, d 05.09.1882, Lt. Governor of the Bahama Islands) had issue
  m. (12.01.1843) Elizabeth Catherine Reynell (dau/heir of Richard Molesworth Reynell of Reynella)
  (2)+ other issue (d unm) - Willoughby William (b 10.10.1801, d 29.06.1888, rector in Leicestershire), Francis Leigh (b 22.02.1705, d 29.10.1833), Arthur Lowry (b 03.12.1809, d (unm?) 13.07.1850, Captain), Lowry Vesey (b 30.03.1819, d 12.02.1878), Anne Maria (b 05.07.1800, d 1892), Letitia Frances (b 01.11.1805, d 1885), Florence Henrietta (b 28.07.1808, d 23.07.1881), Elizabeth Sarah (b 1838)
  b. Anna Maria Townley (d 1820)
  m. (1793) Thomas Vesey Dawson (Dean of Clonmacnois, nephew of Thomas, 1st Lord Cremorne)
  c. Mary Frances Townley (d unm 1820)
  C.+ other issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : subsite within RootsWeb.com by Warren Patrick Glase with some input/support from BLGI1912 ('Balfour of Townley Hall')
(2) For lower section : BLGI1912 ('Balfour of Townley Hall')
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