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Families covered: Fergusson of Kilkerran

Said to have descended from Fergus, Lord of Galloway, was ...
Colin Fergusson
1. Duncan Fergusson of Kilkerran (a 1434) probably father of ...
  A. John Fergusson of Kilkerran (d c10.10.1483)
  i. Fergus Fergusson of Kilkerran (d c28.07.1512)
  m. Jonet Kennedy (dau of John Kennedy of Blairquhan)
a. Duncan Fergusson of Kilkerran (b c1473, d c1553)
  m. (c1508) Jonet Campbell (probably of family of Torrinzean)
  (1) William Fergusson of Kilkerran (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  (A) Bernard Fergusson of Kilkerran (d c1600)
  m1. Isobel Adair (d 1568, probably dau of William Adair of Kinhilt)
  (i) Simon Fergusson (dvp 08.1591)
  m. (1589) Christian Forrester (dau of Robert Forrester of Boquhan)
  (a) Sir John Fergusson of Kilkerran (d 08.1647) - continued below
  m. (c1612) Helen Kennedy (dau of Sir Thomas Kennedy of Culzean)
  (b) Thomas Fergusson (b after 08.1591)
  m2. Agnes Schaw (d 1576)
  (ii) William Fergusson
  (iii) James Fergusson
  m. Margaret Chalmer
  (a) James Fergusson (b 1620, d 1667, minister of Kilwinning) had issue
  m. Jean Inglis (d 1687)
  (B)+ other issue - David, Gilbert, Thomas, Finlay, Marion
  (2) Gilbert Fergusson of Balcamie (a 1574)
  (A)+ issue - Marion, Margaret
  (3) Thomas Fergusson in Balquhirn (a 1554) probably ancestor of Fergussons of Dalduff
  (A) Hector Fergusson
  b.+ other issue - John (a 1498), Thomas (a 1513)



Sir John Fergusson of Kilkerran (d 08.1647) - continued above
m. (c1612) Helen Kennedy (dau of Sir Thomas Kennedy of Culzean)
1. Alexander Fergusson of Kilkerran (d 07.1685)
  m. (c1643) Margaret Sydserf (dau of Thomas Sydserf, Bishop of Galloway)
  A. Alexander Fergusson of Kilkerran sold Kilkerran to his cousin below
  m. (1667) Katharine Weir (dau of Sir William Weir of Stanebyres)
  i. John Fergusson of Underwood
  m1. Margaret Crauford (dau of David Crauford of Kerse)
  a.+ issue (daughters only? sons sp?)
  m2. Elizabeth Boswell (dau of William Boswell of Knockroon)
  b. Margaret Fergusson, 5th of Knockroon
  m. John Boswell
  ii. William Fergusson (d c1746)
m. Agnes Kennedy (dau of John Kennedy of Auchinblain)
  a. Alexander Fergusson (b 1690, d 1770, minister of Kilwinning)
  m. (1725) Katherine Watson (d 1776, dau of William Watson in Edinburgh)
  (1) William Fergusson (b 1729, d unm 1757)
  b. John Fergusson (d 1730 in Jamaica)
  m. Margaret Cockburn
  (1) David Fergusson, Provost of Ayr (b 22.06.1727, d 03.03.1791) had issue
  m. Mary Mure (dau of John Mure of Blairstoun)
(2)+ other issue
  iii. Alexander Fergusson (d at Darien, Captain)
  B. James Fergusson (Rev.)
2. James Fergusson (d unm)
3. John Fergusson (d 05.1697) had issue
  m. Jean McDowell
4. Simon Fergusson of Auchinwyne or Auchinwind
  m. Jean Crauford
A. Sir John Fergusson of Barclanachan, 1st Bart of Kilkerran (b 1656, d 14.02.1729)
  m. (1684) Jean Whitefoord (d 1740, dau of James Whitefoord of Dunduff by Isabel Blair)
  i. Sir James Fergusson, 2nd Bart of Kilkerran (b 1688, d 20.01.1759, Lord of Session as Lord Kilkerran)
  m. (08.09.1726) Jean Maitland (d 29.03.1766, dau of James, 'Viscount Maitland')
  a. Sir Adam Fergusson, 3rd Bart of Kilkerran (b 07.05.1733, dsp 23.09.1813, 2nd son)
  b. Charles Fergusson (b 26.01.1740, d 09.12.1804)
  m. (21.121.1764) Anne Fordyce (d 1782, dau of John Fordyce of Ayton, cousin)
  (1) Sir James Fergusson, 4th Bart of Kilkerran (b 20.10.1765, d 14.04.1838)
  m1. (08.11.1799) Jean Dalrymple (d 06.05.1803, dau of Sir David Dalrymple, 3rd Bart, Lord Hailes)
  (A) Sir Charles Dalrymple Fergusson, 5th Bart of Kilkerran (b 26.08.1800, d 18.03.1849) had issue
  m. (01.06.1829) Helen Boyle (d 26.06.1869, dau of Rt. Hon. David Boyle)
(B)+ other issue (d unm) - Helen, Anne
  m2. (05.12.1804) Henrietta Duncan (d 14.05.1850, dau of Admiral Viscount Duncan of Campberdown)
(D)+ other issue - Adam Duncan (b 08.08.1806, d 08.1843), George Hermand (b 22.08.1810, d 27.04.1870, had issue), James Alexander Duncan (b 30.07.1812, d 08.11.1864, Lt. Colonel, had 1 dau), Robert Duncan (b 16.09.1813, d 15.02.1878, Major, had issue), Henry Duncan (b 30.09.1814, d 22.10.1866, had issue), Hew Dalrymple Hamilton (b 06.12.1817, d 19.08.1911, had issue), Robert Dundas Octavius (b 23.09.1819, d 1882, had issue), Frederick William Brown Gustave (b 30.03.1826, dsp 20.07.1903), Henrietta Duncan (d 1845), Jane Dalrymple Hamilton (d 13.08.1864), Catherine, Eleanora Dalrymple (d 26.12.1845), Mary Jemima Dundas Adamina (d 1902)
  (2) Jean Fergusson (b 12.10.1766, d 05.05.1798)
  m. (25.10.1785) John Hamilton Dempster (Captain, brother of George of Dunnichen)
  (3) Catherine Fergusson (d 27.07.1841)
  m. Leslie Moodie (d 1840, minister of Inveresk)
  c. George Fergusson (b 25.08.1743, dsp 09.08.1827, Lord of Session as Lord Hermand)
  m. (23.12.1793) Graeme Macdowall (dau of William Macdowall of Castle Semple)
  d. Helen Fergusson (b 16.05.1741, d 10.11.1810)
  m. (20.03.1770) Sir David Dalrymple of Newhailes, 3rd Bart (b 28.10.1726, d 29.11.1762, Lord of Session as Lord Hailes)
  e.+ other issue - John (b 1727, dvp unm 1750), James in Tobago, 4 sons (d young), 4 daughters
  ii. Jean Fergusson
  m. Alexander Macdowall of Garthland (d 18.11.1740)
  iii.+ other issue
  B.+ other issue
5. Jonet Fergusson
  m. Thomas Fergusson of Threave

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Kennedy of Kilkerran'), BP1999 ('Kennedy of Kilkerran')
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