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Families covered: Macdowall of Castle Sempill (Castlesemple), Macdowall of Garthland

Uchtred Macdowall, 12th of Garthland (d 1593)
m1. Margaret Kennedy (dau of Sir Hugh Kennedy of Girvanmains)
m2. (after 10.1575) Margaret Stewart (d 01.01.1627, dau of Henry Stewart, 1st Lord Methven, widow of Andrew Stewart, Master of Ochiltree)
Not known which wife was mother of which child. BLG1952 reports that Uchtred had 10 children by Margaret Stewart.
1. Uchtred Macdowall of Mondurk, 13th of Garthland (d by 1600)
  m. Eupheme Dunbar (dau of Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum)
A. John Macdowall, 14th of Garthland
  m. (mcrt 15.05.1596) Janet Gordon (dau of Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar)
  i. John Macdowall, 15th of Garthland (d 1637)
  m. Margaret Kerr (a 1648, dau of Sir Andrew Kerr, 1st Lord Jedburgh)
  a. John Macdowall, 16th of Garthland (d 1661)
  m. Jean Hamilton
  (1) William Macdowall, 17th of Garthland (d 22.08.1700)
  m. Grizel Beaton (dau of A. Beaton)
  (A) Alexander Macdowall, 18th of Garthland (d 18.11.1740)
  m1. Jean Ferguson (dau of Sir John Ferguson, 1st Bart of Kilkerran)
  (i) William Macdowall, 19th of Garthland (d unm 1775)
  m2. Isobel Shaw
(ii) Alexander Macdowall (b after 02.07.1733, d unm)
  Not known by which wife was the following daughter Jane. This connection comes from the Milliken House article in 'The old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry' (2nd edition, 1878), supported by Crawfurd (Renfrewshire, Robertson's Continuation, p375).
  (iii) Jane Macdowall
  m. James Milliken, 2nd of Milliken House (d 1776, son of Major James (d 1741) by Mary (Stephen, "a widow lady"))
  (a) Jane Milliken
  m. William Napier of Culcreuch
  (b) Mary Milliken
  m. Nathan Spens of Edinbrugh (physician)
(c)+ 2 sons (dsp/d unm)
  (B) Patrick Macdowall
  (C) James Macdowall of Gillespie (dsp 16.01.1712)
  (D) William Macdowall, 1st of Castle Sempill or Castlesemple (d 1748)
  The following is partly supported by Crawfurd (Renfrewshire, p358).
  m1. Mary Tovie ("daughter of Mrs. Milliken of Milliken")
  (i) William Macdowall, 2nd of Castle Sempill, 20th of Garthland (d 1776)
  m. (1748) Elizabeth Graham (d 1830, dau of James Graham, 1st of Airth, Judge)
  (a) William Macdowall, 21st of Garthland, 3rd of Castle Sempill (d unm 02.05.1810, MP)
  (b) James Macdowall, Provost of Glasgow
  m. Isabella Peters of Crossbasket
((1)) William Macdowall of Skiff Park, 22nd of Garthland (d unm)
  ((2)) Lawrence Macdowall, 23rd of Garthland (d unm)
  ((3)) Georgina Hay Macdowall probably of this generation
  m. John Fullerton (b c1774, d 02.12.1853, judge as 'Lord Fullerton')
  (c) Day Hort Macdowall of Walkinshaw (b 27.13.1753, d 16.06.1809)
  m. (07.11.1791) Wilhelmina Graham (dau of William Graham, 2nd of Airth)
  ((1)) Day Hort Macdowall, 24th of Garthland (b 03.07.1795, dsp Lt. General)
  m. (16.04.1838) Eleanora Frances Murray Macdowall (dau of David Macdowall-Grant) @@ below
((2)) Henry Macdowall, 25th of Garthland (b 20.11.1796) had issue
  m. (22.01.1839) Isabella Fergus Dennistoun (d 1872, dau of James Dennistoun of Golfhill)
  ((3)) Mary Macdowall (dsp 17.02.1839)
  m. (1820) James Stirling (d 1872, Captain RN, of Kippendavie family)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Macdowall (d 07.03.1869)
  m. (19.08.1824) Sir Henry John Ingilby, 1st Bart of Ripley Castle (d 04.07.1870)
((5)) Christian Jemina Macdowall (d 19.07.1863)
  m. John Dundas (b 19.12.1803, d 27.05.1843)
  ((6)) Caroline Macdowall (d 04.06.1883)
  m. (16.10.1838) Robert William Bosanquet of Rock (d 25.12.1880, Rev.)
(d) Hay Macdowall (d 1810, Lt. General)
  (e) David Macdowall, later Macdowall-Grant (Captain RN)
  m. Eleanor Mary Grant of Arndilly (d 1832, dau of Col. Alexander Grant of Arndilly)
  ((1)) William Macdowall-Grant of Arndilly (b 30.11.1795, d 29.01.1849) had issue
  m. (05.12.1825) Eleanora Fraser (d 26.09.1852, dau of Alexander Fraser, Lord Saltoun)
  ((2)) Alexander Macdowall (b 1800, d 1817)
  ((3)) Joanna Mary Macdowall (d 08.1872)
  m. (14.11.1814) Thomas Gordon, 9th of Park (d 05.12.1855)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Graham Macdowall (d 05.05.1853)
  m. (09.04.1818) William Fraser (d 21.03.1845, of Saltoun family)
((5)) Eleanora Frances Murray Macdowall
  m. (16.04.1838) Day Hort Macdowall, 24th of Garthland (dsp 14.09.1870) @@ above
  ((9)) Wilhelmina Day Macdowall
  m. Robert Aitken (vicar of Pendeen)
  ((7))+ other issue - David (b 1802, dsp 1823), James (b 1803, dsp 1837), Hay of Arndilly (b 18.06.1806, dsp 20.03.1870, Macdowall-Grant), Thomas Garland (b 1808, d 1823)
  (f) Lawrence Macdowall (Lt. Colonel)
  (g) Mary Macdowall (d 1782)
  m. (1778) George Houstoun of Johnstone (d 1815/6)
  (h) Graeme Macdowallpossibly of this generation
  (23.12.1793) George Fergusson (b 25.08.1743, dsp 09.08.1827, 'Lord Hermand')
m2. Isabella Wallace (sister of Biggar Wallace of Woolmet)
  (ii) James Macdowall (a 06.1766, to West Indies)
  (iii) John Macdowall of Woolmet
  Not known by which marriage was ...
  (iv) Elizabeth Macdowall (d 1778)
  m. (1757) Sir Archibald Hope, 9th Bart of Craighall and Pinkie (b 1735, d 10.06.1794)
  ii. Hew Macdowall of Knockglass
  m. Marie Agnew (dau of Sir Patrick Agnew, 1st Bart of Lochnaw)
  iii. Grizel Macdowal (d 1646) possibly of this generation
  m. (1633) George Montgomery of Downbreaklie & Ballylessan (b c1606, d 1674)
  B. Katharine Macdowall
  m1. (mcrt 022.09.1600) Hew Kennedy, Master of Cassilis (d before 25.03.1607)
  m2. Sir James Stewart of Previck and Killeith, 4th Lord Ochiltree (d 1659, Chamberlain)
2. Thomas Macdowall of Skelric (dvp unm)
3. Janet Macdowall
  m. Thomas Hay of Park (d before 12.09.1628)
4. Margaret Macdowall
  m. James or John Vans of Barnbarroch (b c1574, d 06.1642)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Macdowall of Garthland)
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