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Families covered: Fullerton of Carstairs, Fullerton of Craighall, Fullarton (Fullerton) of Dreghorn, Fullerton of Thribergh

William Fullarton of Dreghorn (a 1454)
m. Agnes (a 1454) wife of William, presumed mother of ...
1. William Fullarton of Dreghorn (a 1492)
  m. Giles Hamilton
  A. Charles Fullarton of Dreghorn
m. (02.12.1484) Elizabeth Ross (dau of George Ross of Haining)
  i. John Fullarton of Dreghorn (d 1546)
  m. Helen Chalmers (dau of Sir John Chalmers of Gadgirth)
  a. John Fullarton of Dreghorn (a 1563)
  m. Janet Mure (dau of Mungo Mure of Rowallan)
  (1) John Fullarton of Dreghorn (a 1599)
  m. Janet Houstoun (dau of Sir Patrick Houstoun of that ilk, m2. Sir George Craufurd of Lifnorris)
  (A) John Fullarton of Dreghorn (dsp)
  Dreghorn passed to his kinsman, George Fullarton, who sold the estate after inheriting the Fullarton estate from his elder brother.
m. Christian Wallace (dau of _ Wallace of Auchans, relict of James Ross of Whiteriggs then John Craufurd of Craufurdland)
  (B) David Fullarton of Easter Templeton and/or Knokinlaw
  m. (16.05.1600) _ Craufurd (dau of _ Craufurd of Lifnorris)
  (C) William Fullarton
  (2) Adam Fullarton
  m. (31.07.1593) Agnes Fullarton (dau/heir of William Fullarton of Ardovie, Forfarshire)
  (3) Sir James Fullarton (gentleman of the Bedchamber for Charles I)
m. Elizabeth Gray
  (4) Agnes Fullarton
  m. James Fullarton of Fullarton (d 1631)
  (5) Marion Fullarton
  m. James Chalmer of Gadgirth (d after 1588)
  (6) Elizabeth Fullarton (a 06.1593)
  m1. John Wallace, younger of Maniford
  As noted just below, there is some doubt as to the generation of the Elizabeth who married the following William McKerrell. Assuming that the McKerrell records are not completely out with the dates, we believe that William's wife must have been of this generation rather than one earlier. Paterson names John Wallace as "younger of Maniford" so we suspect that he died quite young and that she then married ...
m2. William McKerrell of Hillhouse (b 1562, d 10.1629)
  b. William Fullarton
  m. (01.05.1545) Agnes Corrie (dau of Thomas Corrie of Kelwood)
  c. (Elizabeth) Fullarton
  Paterson suggests that an unnamed daughter of this generation married William McKerrell of Hillhouse. This appears to be supported by the McKerrell records, which names her Elizabeth and identifies her mother as Helen Chalmers, even though she must have been much older than her husband. We disregard those records and shown her just above as a generation later.
  ii. James Fullarton
  m. Elison Dalrymple (of the family of Stair)
  a. Janet Fullarton
  m. (15.02.1505) John Campbell of Skeldon
  B.+ other issue - Adam, David, William



William Fullarton (a 1649, minister of St. Quivox)
The sources used for the connecting page identify William as ancestor of not only the Fullartons of Craighall, as we show, but also of the Fullartons of Carstairs in Lanarkshire. 'The Herald and Genealogist' (vol 8, 1874, p196+) reports that "In the linege of this evidently respectable Yorkshire family, as given in the last edition of Sir Bernard Burke's Landed Gentry, there is a very important error or misrepresentatiom at the link connecting it with the ancient house of Fullarton of that ilk in Ayrshire." This leaves us with a problem as BLG1952 follows BLG1858, implying that EITHER the family never heard of the suggested correction OR the family did hear of it but for some reason (intentional or otherwise) did not change their record within BLG. It is not for us to disregard the family's apparent view, so we continue to show that below, but do so in italics to show that it has been brought into question.
m. Frances Stewart (dau of _ Stewart of Reece)
1. Robert Fullerton of Craighall (a 1660)
  m. Barbara Hunter (dau of Robert Hunter of Cortoun, Mayor of Ayr)
  A. Robert Fullerton of Craighall
m. (1713) Margaret Wallace (dau of John Wallace of Edinburgh)
  i. John Fullerton of Craighall (b 11.04.1716, to India)
  'The Herald and Genealogist' reports that this John was "of the estate of Carberry in the shire of Edinburgh" and that he m. Elizabeth Coult but dsp, leaving Carberry to the daughter (Elizabeth, m. Captain Elphinstone) of his brother William of Carstairs.
  m1. _ Gowling (dsp)
  m2. ?? Weston of West Horsley Place
  a. John Fullerton (d 1800, rector of Stratford-on-Avon)
  m. Rebecca Garth (sister of Charles Garth & General George & General Thomas)
  (1) John Fullerton of Thribergh & Brinsworth, Yorkshire (b 1788, d 19.01.1847, Colonel) had issue
  m. (10.12.1801) Louisa Townsend (d 04.05.1818, dau of Gore Townsend of Honington Hall by Elizabeth, dau of Other Lewis Windsor, 4th Earl of Plymouth)
  (2) Judith Fullarton (d 1787)
  b. Weston Fullerton (d unm)
  c. Judith Fullerton (d 1803)
m. Savile Finch of Thribergh (dsp c1780, son of Hon. John by Elizabeth Savile)
  ii. William Fullerton of Carstairs, Lanarkshire (3rd son)
  The following comes from various web sites.
  m. Isobella Johnston
  a. George Fullerton of Carstairs
  (1) Sarah Fullerton
  m. (20.12.1826, sp) Henry Monteith, Provost of Glasgow (b c1764, d 14.12.1848, MP, m1. Christian Cameron)
  b. John Fullerton (b c1774, d 02.12.1853, judge as 'Lord Fullerton') had issue
  m. Georgina Hay McDowall (dau of James MacDowall , son of William of Garthland by Elizabeth Graham)
  c. Elizabeth Fullarton (d 03.05.1834)
  m. (24.06.1774) William Elphinstone, later Fullerton-Elphinstone (b 13.09.1740, d 03.05.1834)
  d.+ other issue
  iii.+ other issue - Robert, Adam, George, Barbara, Isabel
  B.+ other issue - John (to India), 3 daughters
2. daughter
  m. _ Cleland of that ilk
3.+ other issue

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p22+)
(2) For lower section : BLG1858 ('Fullerton of Thrybergh Place'), BLG1952 ('Fullerton formerly of Thribergh') with input/contradiction as reported above
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