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Families covered: Weston of Chertsey, Weston of Effingham, Weston of Hendall, Weston of Horsham, Weston of Ockham, Weston of Send, Weston of Wernham, Weston of West Clandon, Weston of West Horsley, Weston of Weston

From their different coat of arms, it appears that the following family was not connected to the one shown on Weston01 and its continuations. BLG1886 mentions the following Adam then jumps to his great-grandson, Sir William. The intervening generations come from Visitation1.
Adam de Weston of Weston Manor, Surrey (a 1204)
m. Matilda
1. Henry de Weston (a 1223, judge)
  m. Johanna de Buckam (dau of William de Buckam of Wernham)
  A. Ordricus de Weston
  m. Matilda (dau/heir of Mannus (?) of Tangley)
  B. William de Weston (of Wernham, Sussex?) (a 1271)
  Visitation1 identifies William's wife as Alice, (dau/heir of Mathew de Bovill of West Clandon. BLG1952 shows her as wife of William's grandson.
  i. Sir William de Weston (a 1293) the first mentioned by BLG1952 & Visitation2, shown by Visitation1 as of West Clandon
  m. Joan de Pontisse (Ponteys)
  a. William Weston of West Clandon, Surrey (a 1293, escheator)
  Visitation1 identifies William's wives as (1) Isabella Burgeys (mother of William, John & Walter) & (2) Margaret (dau/coheir of Juliana de Romaine of Clapham, mother of Edmund, Richard & Maria). Visitation2 just shows Issabell Burgeys, mother of William. BLG1886 & BLG1952 show as follows (with a son called William by both marriages).
  m1. Alice de Boville (dau/coheir of Matthew de Boville of West Clandon)
  (1) William Weston of Weston & West Clandon
  m. Margery Romeyn (dau of Thomas Romeyn of Clapham)
  (A)+ issue - William (dsp), Edmund (dsp), Richard (dsp), Maria
  m2. Isabella Burgeis (dau/coheir of Walter Burgeis of Horsham)
  (2) William Weston of (West Clandon &) Send, Surrey (b 1307)
  Visitation1 identifies William's wife as Avicia, dau of Robert Norton of Iffeld. Visitation2 identifies her as Amice Norton. BLG1886 & BLG1952 identify her as follows with BLG1886 ading that Amy was cousin/heir of Sir Richard de Norton.
  m. Amy Norton (dau of Sir Jacob de Norton, m2. Edmund de Lenham of Slinfold)
  (A) William Weston of Send, West Clandon & Paperworth
  m. Agnes de Climsfield (dau/heir of Elie de Climsfield of Slinfold by Agnes, heir of John Dunstavell)
  As indicated below, Visitation2 differs from our other sources over the remaining generations so is hereinafter ignored.
  (i) William Weston, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (a 1418) generation omitted by Visitation2
  m. Joan Leghe (dau/heir of John Leghe of Cateshull (Gateshull or Cateshill) & Ertingdon)
  (a) William Weston of West Clandon & Horsham, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (a 1418)
  Visitation1 inserts an additional generation here, a William of Evere & Langley (Buckinghamshire) (a 1445, m. Margaret, dau/heir of John Skinner of Ockham). That is not mentioned by the other sources.
  m. Maud/Matilda Harberger (dau/coheir of Thomas Harberger of Sutton by Margery, dau/coheir of John Sutton)
  ((1)) William Weston of Ockham (Surrey) & Send (a 1448, escheator, MP)
m. Margaret Richking (dau/coheir of Edmund Richking of Iver & Langley Marsh)
  ((A)) John Weston of Ockham, Send, Horsham, etc. (d 14.06.1483)
  m. Margaret Mitford (d 30.01.1475/6?, dau of John Mitford, sister/heir of John of Molesden)
  ((i)) John Weston of Ockham & Send (MP)
  m. Alice Edsawe (dau of William Edsawe of Petworth)
  ((a)) John Weston of Ockham, Send, Horsham, etc. - continued below
  m1. Joan Only (dau of Thomas Only of Stammerham)
  m2. Juliana Sandes (dau of Oliver Sandes of Shere)
  ((ii)) Thomas Weston of Chipsted, Kent
  ((2)) Johanna Weston shown by Visitation1 as dau of William & Margaret Skinner
  m. John Gardiner of Langley Maris
  (b) John Weston of Weston (d 1430-1)
  m. Millecent Carthorpe (dau of William Carthorpe of Westwood)
  Visitation2 shows that it was William who married Mary Cathorpe and that his heir as the wife of John Slyfield of Bookham. We are following Visitation1.
  ((1)) Agnes Weston
  m. John Atthall (Attehall) of Horsham
  ((2)) Johanna Weston
  m. John Skynner
  ((3)) Anne Weston
  m. Thomas Slyffeld of Bockham (Slyfield of Bookham)
  (a) Nichholas Weston
  (ii) Robert Weston of Clapham
  (3)+ other issue - Walter, John (vicar of Shullington)
  b. Walter Weston of Wernham, Sussex (vicar of Wernham (Warham))
  c. Thomas Weston of Aldbury and/or Weston Manor in Shire, Surrey
  m. Matilda (Maylyn) Westcott (dau of William Westcott of the Valley)
  (1) Thomas Weston of Weston Manor
  m1/2. Joane (dau/heir of John de Dewdeswell or Bewdiswell of Send)
  (A) Thomas Weston of Seynd (Send), Surrey
  m. Margaret Newdigate (dau of William Newdigate of Newdigate)
  (i) William Weston of Hendall or Hynedale, Sussex (a 1403)
  Visitation2 identifies William's wife as Matilda, dau of "Herberger of Sutton nere Petworth" whom we show above. Accordingly, we follow Visitation1 which identifies William's wife as ...
  m. Joan Hendall (dau/heir of John Hendall of Hendall)
  (a) William Weston of Hendall (a 1420)
  m. Johanna (dau/coheir of Thomas de Wentsull (Wintershull) of Pattenham, m2. William Cotton)
  ((1)) William Weston of Hendall (dsp c1485)
  ((2)) Johanna Weston
  m. Thomas Pope of Horsted
  ((3)) Margaret Weston
  m1. William Wells of Bucksted
  m2. John Appesley of Sussex
  (b) John Weston of Farnham, Surrey (a 1455)
  m. Johanna
  m2/1. Alice de Bucksted
  d. John Weston (in Shere?)
  (1) John Weston (in London?)
  (A) John Weston of London (a temp Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
  ii. Bartholomew de Weston (cleric)
  C. Thomas de Weston of Aldbury, Surrey
  m. Margery Hansard (dau of John Hansard of Chalvedon & Bocham)
  i. Nicholas de Weston of Aldbury (a 1275)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1303?) - Thomas (cleric), John (cleric)
  D. Walter de Weston (a 1249)



John Weston of Ockham, Send, Horsham, etc. - continued above
Visitation1 shows John's wives as (1) Juliana, dau of Oliver Sandes (mother of John, Richard, Henry & Juliana) and (2) Agnes, dau of William Hunt (mother of William & Bartholomew). [Visitation2 mentions only one wife for John, identifying her as Julian, dau of William Sandes of Littell Patensham, mother of John.] We largely follow BLG1886 & BLG1952 which report that there were 3 sons by each marriage though the only child they name is John. However, because that is supported by the Sandes source, we follow Visitation2's identification of the 2nd wife.
m1. Joan Only (dau of Thomas Only of Stammerham by Clemence)
1.+ issue - William, Bartholomew of Sutton (dsp), son
m2. Juliana Sandes (dau of William Sandes of Littel Patensham (brother of Oliver of Shere))
4. John Weston of Ockham & Send
  m. Juliana Freeland (dau/heir of John Freeland of Ockham)
  A. John Weston of Ockham
  m. May Vaulx (dau of John Vaulx of Lambeth)
i. Henry Weston of Ockham House & Send (dsp 1638)
  m. Sarah Stoughton (dau of Sir Lawrence Stoughton of Stoughton)
  ii. Edward Weston of Speldhurst (Kent), later of Ockham (rector of Speldhurst)
  m. Elizabeth Tylden (d 1646, dau of John Tylden of Milstead, relict of George Elliot)
  a. Henry Weston, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (d 1666)
  m. (1639) Katherine Ford (dau of Sir William Ford of Harting)
  (1) John Weston, last of Ockham, Sheriff (d 1712, MP)
  m. Frances Hall (dau/coheir of H. Hall of Gretford)
  (A) Henry Weston of Chertsey & West Horsley (d 1759)
  m. Anne Copperthwaite ("an heiress")
  (i) Henry Perkins Weston of West Horsley (d 04.03.1826)
  m1. Marianne (d 11.03.1789, dau of Sebastien Berger de Rovereaz of Lausanne)
  (a) Ferdinand Fullerton Weston of West Horsley (d 06.1835) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Harriet Eliza Babington (dau of William Babington of Oporto)
  (b) Charles Henry Samuel Weston of West Horsley Place (b 1780, dsp 20.04.1849, Rev.)
  (c) Frederick Alexander Weston (d 1837, Lt. Colonel)
  (d) Mary Augusta Weston (d 1828)
  m. Chaeles Sigismund Cerjat of Lausane & Moudon (Lt. Colonel)
  m2. (02.04.1790) Jeanne Marie (d 1904, dau of Joseph Samuel Bergier du Mont of Lausanne)
  (e) John Samuel Henry Weston of West Horsley (d 08.10.1850, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m1. Sarah McGregor (d 1826, dau of Maj. Gen. _ McGregor)
m2. Margaret Nicolson (d 1838, dau of Rev. Patrick Nicolson of Thurso)
  m3. (04.1840) Jessie Macdonald Playfair (dau of George Playfair in Bengal)
  (f) William Frances Weston in New South Wales (d 1826) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Crouch
  (g) George Edward Nicholas Weston in New South Wales (4th son) had issue
  m. Blanche Johnston (dau of Lt. Col. George Johnston)
  (h)+ other issue - George Horace (d 1826), John Finch (b 1799, d 1815), Augustine Charles (d 1811)
(ii) Anne Weston (b 1746-7, d 05.08.1838)
  m. (02.1774) Horace St. Paul of Ewart Park (d 16.04.1812, Colonel, Count of the Holy Roman Empire, son of Robert of Ewart Park)
  (B) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. John Fullarton or Fullerton of Craighall (b 1716)
  (C)+ "numerous issue"
  (2) Rev. William Weston of Chobham possibly of this generation
  (A) Elizabeth Weston (heir)
  m1. Gainsford Christmas
  m2. Richard Skrine of Warleigh (b 1691, d 1737)
  (3) Katherine Weston
  m. Sir Richard Heath (Baron of the Exchequer, judge)
  (4) Anne Weston
  m. Sir Thomas Vernon (MP for London)
  (5)+ "numerous other children"
  b.+ other issue - John, Elizabeth
  iii. Elizabeth Weston
m. Edward Price of Radnorshire
  iv. Jane Weston
  m. Henry Smyth of Kingston-on-Thames
  v. Mary Weston
  m. Robert Stone of Shere
  vi. Elizabeth Weston
  m. Alan Caldecott of Kingston
  vii. Anna Weston
  m. Andrew Norman of Kingston
  B. Edward Weston of Chertsey, Surrey
  m. Anna Baynham (dau of William Baynham of Westbury)
  i. George Weston of Chertsey
  m. Anna Bacon (dau of Richard Bacon of London by Lettice, dau/heir of James/Jacob Gardner)
  a.+ issue - Anna, Francisca
  ii.+ other issue (dsp) - Francis, John, Elizabeth, Margaret, Maria, Anna
  BLG1886 & BLG1952 suggest that John & Juliana had 3 (unnamed) daughters (as well as John & Edward). Visitation1 names the following 4 daughters.
  C. Elizabeth Weston
  m. Thomas Austen
  D. Johanna Weston
  m. _ Marlow
  E. Margaret Weston
  m. William Rodfford
  F. Agnes Weston
  m. Ralph Osborne
5. Richard Weston of Effingham, Surrey (d 27.03.1589)
  m. Bridget Lea of Effingham (relict of _ Plaxted)
  A. John Weston of Wernham
  m. Bridget Foster (dau of Robert Foster of Crowhurst)
  B. Edward Weston of Effingham (dsp)
6.+ other issue - Henry of Ockham (dsp 1605-6), Juliana

Main source(s):
(1) BLG1886 (Weston of West Horsley), BLG1952 (Weston formerly of West Horsley)
(2) 2 different sections in Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623), both headed 'Weston', referred to above as "Visitation1" & "Visitation2"
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