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Families covered: Stoughton of Stoughton

According to BEB1841, this family "derived its name from Stoche or Stoke in Surrey, and 'Tun', the Saxon word for inclosure."
Goodwin or Godwin de Stoctun (a temp Stephen who r. 1135-1154)
1. Radulphus de Stoctun
  m. Anasatia
  A. Hugo de Stoctun
  i. Peter de Stoctun
  a. Henry de Stoctun
  (1) Richard de Stoctun
  m. Annastia
  (A) John de Stoctun
(i) John de Stoctun (a 1300)
  (a) Henry de Stoctun or Stoughton
  m. Joane
  ((1)) Richard de Stoughton
  ((A)) Walter de Stoughton of Stoughton
  ((i)) Thomas Stoughton (youngest?)
  ((a)) Robert Stoughton (a 1437)
  (((1))) Henry Stoughton of Stoughton (a 1490)
  (((A))) Thomas Stoughton - continued below
  ((ii))+ other issue - John, Richard, Allice
  ((B)) William de Stoctun
  ((2))+ other issue - Thomas, Bartholomew, Henry, Mary, Alice
  (b) Issabell de Stocton
  m. Walter Atchurch
  ((1))+ issue - Joane, Alice
  b. Richard
  (1) John
  c.+ other issue - John, Robert
  B.+ other issue - John, Issabell



Thomas Stoughton - continued above
1. Gilbert Stoughton of Stoughton (a 1516)
  m. Maria (Mariana) Beardsley (dau of Richard Beardsley or Beardsey or Badesler of London)
A. Lawrence Stoughton of Stoughton
  m. _ Combes
  i. Thomas Stoughton of Stoughton
  m1. Elizabeth Lewknor of Sussex
  a. Sir Lawrence Stoughton of Stoughton
  m. Rose Ive (dau of Richard Ive of Kentish Town, Middlesex)
(1) Thomas Stoughton of Stoughton (b c1578, dsps 22.03.1610-1)
  m. Katherine Evelyn (bpt 1584, d 15.11.1610, dau of George Evelyn of Wotton)
  (A)+ 5 children (dvm)
  (2) Sir George Stoughton (a 1623)
  m. Jane Emery (dau of _ Emery of Cranley)
  (3) Nicholas Stoughton (b c1592) presumably the Nicholas of Stoughton who was father of ...
  (A) Rose Stoughton (d 11.03.1647, only surviving dau/heir)
  m. (sp) Sir Arthur Onslow, Bart of West Clandon (d 21.07.1688)
  (4) Anthony Stoughton (b c1600)
  The Visitations end with this generation. This is presumably the Anthony, son of Sir Laurence, reported by BEB1841 to have been father of ...
  (A) Sir Nicholas Stoughton, 1st Bart of Stoughton (d 30.06.1686)
  m. (02.06.1662) Elizabeth Massingberd (bpt 01.10.1640, bur 15.09.1682, dau of Sir Henry Massingberd, Bart of Braytoft)
  (i) Sir Lawrence Stoughton, 2nd Bart of Stoughton (dsp 01.1692)
m. Mary Burnaby (dau of John Burnaby of London)
  (ii) Frances Stoughton
  m. Charles Ventris
  (iii) Henrietta Stoughton
  m. Philip Neve (serjeant-at-law)
  (iv)+ other daughters
  (5) Elizabeth Stoughton
  m. John Knight of St. Dennes
(6) Sara Stoughton
  m1. Henry Weston of Ockham (dsp 1638)
  m2. Ayliffe White
  (7)+ other issue - Lawrence (dsp), Adrian, John (dsp), Richard (dsp), Anne, Mary, Catherin, Rose (dsp)
  b. Adrian Stoughton
  m. Mary Jordan (sister of Sir William Jordan)
  (1) Thomas Stoughton 'of West Stoke'
  m. Jane Garton (dau of Sir Peter Garton of Sussex)
  (2) Adrian Stoughton
  m. Galathea Cholmondeley (dau of Nicholas Cholmondeley of Inner Temple)
  (3) Anne Stoughton
  m. Sir Thomas Bowyer of Letham
  (4) Mary Stoughton
  m. George Gunter of Racton
  (5) Sara Stoughton
  m. William Stiant of Chichester
  (6)+ other issue - Anne, Elizabeth, Ellianor
  c. Mary Stoughton
  m. _ Dawtrey of Sussex
  d. Katherin Stoughton
  m2. ?? (dsp, dau of Francis Freming or Fleming) shown by Visitation (Surrey) as 2nd wife but by Visitation (Warwickshire) as 1st wife
  ii. Anthony Stoughton (3rd son)
  a. William Stoughton
  m. _ Titley
  (1) Thomas Stoughton (dsp)
  (2) William Stoughton
  m. _ Betes or Betts of Southamptonshire
  (A) Mary Stoughton
  m. Jacob Johnson of Kingston
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (a 1623), William (dsp), Anne Elizabeth (dsp)
  b. Thomas Stoughton
  iii. Francis Stoughton of Crayford
  m. Mary Malar (dau of Anthony Malar of London)
  a.+ issue - Francis, George, George, Edward, Elizabeth, Blanch, Mary
  iv. Edward Stoughton of Slivellgreen, nr. Guildford, Surrey
  m. Catherine Heneage (Henadge) of Milton
  a. John Stoughton of Callan, co. Kildare (d 16.02.1635)
  The following comes from BLGI1912 (Stoughton of Owlpen).
  (1) Laurence Stoughton (dvp unm)
  (2) John Stoughton
  m. Mary Jones (dau of George Jones, alderman of Dublin)
  (3) Katherine Stoughton
  m. Walter Bennett of Kilkenny
  (4) Mary Stoughton
  m. Laurence Warter of Culekile
  b. Edward Stoughton
  m. Mary Abington
(1)+ issue - William, Abdiris(?), Thomas, George, Millecent, Catherin
  c.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Anne, Jane, Mary
  v. William Stoughton (8th son)
  a. Benjamin Stoughton of Stoke, Surrey (2nd son)
  m. Sibbell Raymond (dau of Ambrose Raymond of Dunmo)
  (1)+ issue - Benjamin, John
  b.+ other issue - Albany, Nathaniell, Susan, Mary, Sarah, Lodra
  vi. Henry Stoughton
  a.+ issue - John, Daniell
  vii.+ other issue - John (dsp), Richard, George
  B. Anthony Stoughton (groom to chamber of Henry VIII)
  m. Jane Jones (dau of _ Jones of Whitley)
  C. John Stoughton
  m. _ Reedes
  D. George Stoughton (dsp)
2. Richard Stoughton
  A. Richard Stoughton
  m. Anne Barnard (dau of John Barnard of Sussex)
  i. John Stoughton of Nutbrowne S. Cleres (a 1584)
  ii. George Stoughton
  m. Honor Snelgrave
  iii. Jane Stoughton
  m. William Cheeke of Hampshire
  a.+ issue - William, Robert, Dowsabell, Joane
  iv. Elizabeth Stoughton
  m. Nicholas Crofte of London
  a. Elizabeth Crofte
  B. George Stoughton
  m1/2. Elizabeth Lewknor
  m2/1. Cicely
  C. Elizabeth Stoughton
  m. _ Gregory of Sussex
  i. Elizabeth Gregory
  m. John Dingley of the Isle of Wight
  a.+ issue - Richard, Elizabeth
  D. Cicely Stoughton
  m. John Clifton of Stoke, Surrey
  E. Dorothy Stoughton
  m. Thomas Bennet of Sussex
  i.+ issue - George, Lawrence, Thomas, Benedict

Main source(s): Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1663-4, Stoughton), Visitation (Surrey, 1531+1572+1623, Stoughton), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Stoughton) with a little input from BEB1841 (Stoughton of Stoughton)
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