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Families covered: Heath of Brasted Hall, Heath of East Clandon, Heath of Hatchlands, Heath of Limpsfield, Heath of Peddinghoe, Heath of Tandridge

(1) For the following family, Visitation (Kent) identifies the arms as follows: "Argent, a cross engrailed, in each quarter three billets, two and one, all gules", Berry as "Ar. a cross, engr. betw. twelve billets. gu.".
(2) We fear that there may have been some confusion as to the early generations of this family and how the various branches connected. The key person to note is Chief Justice Robert. The Kent Visitation shows him as son of Robert son of John (by Thomasina Seylard) son of John of Linffeld (Surrey, probably should be Limpsfield). This appears to be supported by BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of Kent, vol 3, 'The parish and ville of Brasted') which identifies the Chief Justice as "born in the adjoining parish of Eatonbridge, descended out of Surry (sic) from John Heath, who was of Limpsfield, in that county". However, the Sussex Visitation (supported by Berry) shows him as son of Robert of Tanridge (sb Tandridge) son of Robert (of Tandrige) brother of John of Tanridge (m. _ Dodd) & son of Robert of Lyndsfeild/Linffeld (Surrey, probably an error for Limpsfield as Lindfield is in Sussex). Provisionally, we follow Visitation (Kent) and insert the additional branch provided by Visitation (Sussex) & Berry somewhat artificially, showing the speculative connection in italics.
John Heath of Limpsfield, Surrey
1. John Heath 'of Limpsfield'
  m. Thomasina Seylard (dau of _ Seylard (Selyard) of Brasted Court, m2. Richard Tichborne of Eaton Bridge)
  A. John Heath
  m. Elizabeth Casinghurst (dau of Robert Casinghurst)
  i. Robert Heath of Dertford
  m. Alice Brett (dau of Robert Brett)
  a. Elizabeth Heath
  m. _ Spencer (judge)
  b.+ other issue (a 1619) - Robert of the Inner Temple (b c1597), Thomas, Francis, Alice, Mabilla
  ii. William Heath of London
  B. Robert Heath of Eaton Bridge
  Visitation (Kent) identifies Robert's wife as Joanna, dau of Nicholas Poster of Guildford. HoP ("Robert Heath") identifies her as ...
m. Anne Posyer (dau/coheir of Nicholas Posyer of Bletchingley)
  i. Sir Robert Heath of Brasted Hall (b 20.05.1575, d 20.08.1649, Chief Justice, MP)
  m. (10.12.1600) Margaret Miller (d 02.12.1647, dau/heir of John Miller of Tunbridge)
  Visitation ends with the names of their children. HoP ("Robert Heath") provides his dates. HoP ("John Heath") confirms that John was his 3rd but 2nd-surviving son. Commoners (vol 1, 'Croke of Studley', p358) suggests Sir Robert m. ?? Croke but we have seen no other support for that.
  a. Edward Heath of Brasted (b c1612, dsp?)
BHO (identified above) suggests that Edward "took possession" of Brasted.
  b. Sir John Heath of Brasted Hall (b 02.05.1614, bur 03.11.1691, MP, 3rd son)
  m. (24.04.1664) Margaret Mennes (b 1635, d 1676, dau of Sir Matthew (not John) Mennes of Sandwich Priory (by Margaret, dau of John Stewart, Earl of Carrick), widow of John Pretyman of Lodington)
  (1) son (dvp)
  (2) Margaret Heath (d 18.10.1729)
  m. (02.12.1683/8) George Verney, 12th Lord Willoughby de Broke (b 10.03.1660/1, d 26.12.1728)
  c. Mary Heath probably the Mary who married ...
  m. Sir William Morley of Halfnaked (b 1606)
  d.+ 4 sons (including George (a 1619), 3 sons dvp) and 2 daughters (dvp)
  C. Joanna Heath (d 1616)
  m1. William Freeston (d 09.07.1551)
  m2. (Sir) Martin Calthorp, Lord Mayor of London (a 1588)
m3. Edward (probably not William) Boys of Fridvile in Nonington
As reported above, there is uncertainty as to how the following connect to the above. The dates make it seem likely (but by no means certain) that the below-mentioned William of Peddinghoe was of the same generation as Chief Justice Robert. We speculate that the father of his father Roger was not John of Tanridge as reported by Berry but ...
2. Roger Heath of Tandridge, Sussex
  m. _ Dodd of Hedge mother of George, possibly wife of Roger rather than a John
A. Roger Heath of Godstone, Sussex
  m. Urslua Alfrey (dau of John Alfrey of East Grinstead)
  i. William Heath of Peddinghoe (not Pedingham), Sussex
  m. Ellinor Comber (dau/coheir of William Comber by Martha, dau/coheir of Henry Brockhull of Alington)
  a. Robert Heath (b c1624?) possibly father of ...
  (1) Robert Heath of Piddinghoe & Lewes
  m. (c05.1681) Frances Byne (bpt 16.09.1660, bur 17.04.1704, dau of John Byne of Rowdell, m2. Henry Prelham)
  b. Martha Heath
  m. Henry Shelley of Packham (sb Patcham?)
  c. Mary Heath
  d. Susan Heath possibly the Susanna who marred ...
  m. Edward Bray of Shere (bpt 10.09.1609)



Possibly connected to the above family shown was ...
Roger Heath of Shalford
1. Sir Richard Heath of Hatchlands in East Clandon, later of East Clandon Manor (d 07.1702, Baron of the Exchequer, judge)
  m1. Katherine Weston (dau of Henry Weston of Ockham)
  m2. Lettice Woodroffe (dau of Sir George Woodroffe of Poyle, sister of George)
  A. Sir Thomas Heath of Hatchlands, East Clandon, Surrey (bpt 01.03.1680, d c1717)
  m. Dorothy Hubert (dau of _ Hubert of Boys Court)
  i. Richard Heath of Hatchlands & Westminster (b c1706, d 04.02.1752, MP)
  The following is supported by 'Wilts' (vol 5 (1837), 'Pedigree of Nicholas', p96/107).
m. Bridget Nicholas (dau of John Nicholas of West Horsley, brother of Edward (son of Sir John by Penelope, dau of Spencer Compton, 2nd Earl of Northampton))
  a. Nicholas Heath of Boy's Court, later Nicholas 'of Bowbridge Field'
  m. Mary Mundy (dau of Wrightson Mundy of Markeaton)
  (1) Georgiana Nicholas
  m. (1797) Philip Gell of Hopton Hall
  (2)+ other issue - Mary, Lucy
  b. Bridget Heath (d infant)
  ii. son
  Presumed of this family & probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, were ...
  B. Elizabeth Heath
  m. Stynt Duncomb (d 1690)
  C. Anne Heath
  m. George Duncomb (d 1743, rector of Shere)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 20.10.06, reviewed/expanded 24.10.13) : Visitation (Kent, 1619, Heath), Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4. Head), CountyGen (Sussex, Berry, p256)
(2) For lower section (uploaded 24.10.13) : HoP ("Richard Heath") with cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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