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Families covered: Woodrouffe of Barstable, Woodroffe of London, Woodroffe of Poyle

Visitation (Devon, 1620, 'Woodrouffe'), referred to below, says of James Woodrouffe of Barstable that his father "came out of Yorksh. & lived at Ufcolme in co. Devon". The dates indicate that his father may have been the following John who may therefore have been a younger son (or grandson, etc.) of the family shown on Woodrove01.
John Woodroffe or Woodrove of Ufcombe, Devon shown by Visitation (Surrey) as father of David with no mention of Mary or James
m. Mary Tilley (dau of Thomas Tilley of Cannington, m2. John Champneys) shown by Vivian as mother of James with husband as "... Woodrouffe of Uffculme" and no mention of David
1. David Woodroffe, Sheriff of London (d 25.09.1572)
  m. Elizabeth Hill (dau of John Hill of London, "whose ancestors are said ... to have been of the North")
A. Sir Nicholas Woodroffe of Poyle in Surrey, Lord Mayor of London (d 18.05.1598)
  m. Grissell Kyrton (d 15.07.1607, au of Stephen Kyrton of London, alderman)
  i. Sir David Wooderoff or Woodroffe of Poyle (d 13.02.1603-4)
  m. Catherine White (dau of Sir John White of Aldershot (Lord Mayor of London), widow of William Harding of Wyke, m3. Sir George Wrottesley)
  a. Robert Woodroffe of Poyle (b 1600, d 20.07.1639)
m. Letice Duncombe (dau of George Duncombe of Weston)
  (1) Thomas Woodroffe of Poyle (b 24.07.1622, a 1658, dsp)
  (2) Sir George Woodroffe of Poyle, Sheriff of Surrey (b c1632, d 26.12.1688, MP)
  m. (10.10.1650) Frances Smith (d 27.01.1687/8, dau of John Smith of Riehill in Pepperharrow)
  (A) George Woodroffe (b c1660, d 03.1713, MP for Godalming, 2nd son)
m. Dorothy Tylney (dau of Francis Tylney, widow of John Glynne of Henley Park)
  (B) Robert Woodroffe (b c1660, bur 10.02.1710)
  m. (1699) Hester Duncomb (b c1677, d 11.01.1767, dau of George Duncomb of Weston & Shalford)
  (i) George Woodroffe (bpt 1707, dsp 30.11.1779)
  m1. (27.11.1725) Ann Vernon (b c1713, d 11.01.1762, dau/heir of George Vernon of Farnham)
  m2. Ann Childe (d 05.1774, dau of William Lacon Childe of Kinlet)
  (ii) Hester Woodroffe (bpt 09.06.1702, bur 28.05.1784)
  m. Rev. Thomas Yeale Caverley of Tylehurst (bur 26.01.1770)
  (iii) Lettice Woodroffe (bpt 27.06.1705, bur 29.07.1746)
  m. William Billinghurst of Mychen Hall, Godalming (d 29.06.17553)
  Poyle passed in turn to 3 grandsons each of whom assumed the name Woodroffe.
  (C) Lettice Woodroffe
  m. Sir Richard Heath of East Clandon (d 07.1702)
  (D) Frances Woodroffe
  m. _ Warburton
  (E) Mary Woodroffe
  m1. John Langley of Hayles
  m2. _ Boyce of Nutfield
  (F) Jane Woodroffe
  m. George Heath of Redstone
  (G) Richarda Woodroffe
  m. Rev. Peter Thompson of Fonthill
  (H) Grissell Woodroffe (a 1666)
  m. Rev. _ Markland
  (I)+ other issue - Robert (b c1656, d 16.10.1668), Francis, Charitas (d infant)
  (3) Robert Woodroffe (4th son)
  m. Jane Briggs (dau of _ Briggs of Theobalds)
  (4) Catherine Woodroffe
m. Richard Coldham of Waverley
  (5) Lettice Woodroffe (bpt 13.02.1626-7)
  m. John Woodroffe of London
  (6) Judith Woodroffe (bpt 06.1628, d 1658) 
  m. (John) Goldsmith of London
  (7) Mary Woodroffe (bpt 29.04.1632)
  m. John Payne (of the Middle Temple)
  (8) Grissell Woodroffe (bpt 21.07.1633)
  m. Henry Muschamp
  (9) Charity Woodroffe
  m. William Fitzgerald
  (10)+ other issue - David, Nicholas (bpt 31.08.1634), White
  b. Grizell Woodroffe
m1. Sir Francis Clerke of Hitcham (d 18.03.1631)
  m2. Sir Arthur Mainwaring
  c. Elizabeth Woodroffe
  m. Thomas White of Soiuth Warnborough
  d. Catherine Woodroffe
  m. _ St. John
  e.+ other issue - Nicholas, William (bpt 22.06.1595), Eleanor
  ii. (Sir) Robert Woodroffe of Anington/Alvington, Gloucestershire (dsp 1609)
m. Mary Fox (dau of Charles Fox of Micheldean)
  iii. Stephen Woodruff of Tongham in Seale, Surrey (a 1623)
  iv. Mary Woodroffe
  m1. Robert Cotton
  m2. Sir Thomas White of Farnham and/or South Warnborough
  v. Jane Woodroffe
m. John Machell of Buckinghamshire
  B. Stephen Wooderoff or Woodroffe 'of London'
  m. Bridget Draper (dau of Sir Christopher Draper of London)
  i. Christopher Wooderoff or Woodroffe (dsp)
  C. Robert Woodroffe 'of London'
  The following is supported by Visitation (London, 1633-4, Woodrofe).
  m. Diones Calthrop (dau of Edmond Calthrop of London)
  i. David Woodroffe of London (a 1634, 4th/5th son)
  m. Ann West (dau of George West of London)
  a.+ issue - David, Anne, Sarah
  ii. Elizabeth Woodroffe 
  m. Sampson Sheffield of Seyton (d 1619)
  iii. Ursula Woodroffe
  m. John Elcock of London
  iv. Bridget Woodroffe
  m. Philip Wilkes
  v. Grissell Woodroffe
  m. Thomas of Hackney
  vi. Judith Woodroffe
  m. Nicholas Elcock of London
  vii.+ other issue - Nicholas, Edward, William, Stephen
  D. Grace Woodroffe
  m. Richard Baynes of London
  E. Anthonia Woodroffe
  m1. Anthony Pargetor or Pargiter of London (haberdasher)
  m2. Edward Greves
  F. Elizabeth Woodroffe
  m1/2. George Stonehouse(s) of London (cleric)
  m/12. Walter Lewson or Leveson
  m3. (Sir) Richard Kingsmill
  G.+ other issue - Andrew (dsp), Margaret
Probably of this generation was the following James who, together with the following, is shown by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Woodrouffe of Barnstaple', p802) & Visitation (Devon, 1620 , 'Woodrouffe').
2. James Woodrouffe, Mayor of Barstable, Devon
  m1. (28.11.1566) Jone Worth (dau of Paul Worth of Barstable)
  A. Charles Woodrouffe of Barstable (bpt 12.01.1576-7)
  m. Mary Page of Plymouth (bur 16.06.1642)
  i.+ issue (a 1620) - Robert (b 1605), James (bpt 16.10.1606), Charles (b c1616, bur 13.07.1621), George (b c1618), Mary (b c1611)
  B. Mary Woodrouffe (bpt 20.04.1567)
  m. Richard Knell of Huntshaw
  C. Grace Woodrouffe
  m. Lewis Wellington in Torrington
  D.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Ann (bpt 10.09.1575)
  m2. _ Pollard of Langley
  F.+ other issue - George (dsp), Jone (b c1600, a 1620)

Main source(s): MGH (NS1, vol 1 (1874), 'Pedigree of Woodroffe of Poyle Park, Surrey', p411+), Visitation (Surrey, 1572+1623 & 1662-8, 'Woodroffe') with input/support as shown above
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