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Families covered: White of Aldershot, White of Christchurch, White of Farnham, White of Hutton, White of Swanborne

Robert White of Yeatley & Farnham, Hampshire (a 1461)
m. Allice
1. John White of Swanborne (d 1469-70)
  m. Alice Hungerford (dau of Robert, Lord Hungerford)
A. Robert White of Swanborne (Southwarborne) (b c1455)
  m. Margaret Gaynsford (dau of John Gaynsford (by _ Sydney), son of William)
  i. Richard White of Swanborne
  m. Elizabeth Inglefeld (dau of Sir Thomas Inglefeld 'the elder')
  a. Sir Thomas White of Swanborne
  m. Agneta White (dau of Robert White of Farnham, sister of Sir John) @1@ below
  (1) Richard White of Swanborne
  m. Helen Kirton (dau of Stephen Kirton)
  (A) Anne White
  m. George Phillpott 'of Compton'
(2) Thomas White
  m. Anne Kirton (dau of Stephen Kirton)
  (A) John White (a 1593)
  (3) Henry White 'of South Warnburn (Southwarnborough)'
  m. Bridget Bradshaw (dau/heir of Henry Bradshaw)
  (A) Agnes White
  m. Thomas Scudamore (d 1601-2)
  (B) Phillip(a) White
  m. (1579) Walter Giffard of Chillington (d 04.1632)
  (C) Jane White (b c1563, d 07.09.1586)
  m. (10.1582) Henry Ferrers of Badisley Clinton (b 01.1549, d 1633)
(4) Gabriel White 'of Charfford'
  m. (26.11.1571) (Anne) Wilford
  (5) Stephen White
  m. Lucie Wilkinson
(6) Mary White
  m1. _ Carell
  m2. _ Lonelace (Lovelace?) (Sergeant at law) ## see here ##
  (7) Elizabeth White
  m. Chideoke Pawlett
  (8) Frances White
  m. Francis Yate of Lyfford
  b. Henry White (dsp)
  c. Sibbell White
  m. Sir John White of Aldershot, Lord Mayor of London (a 1563) @2@ below
  d. (Joan) White
  m. (William) Webb of Salisbury
  e. daughter
  m. _ Yonge of Berkshire
  f. daughter
  m. _ Normanville of London
  ii. Henry White of Christchurch, Hampshire
  m. Elizabeth Fenrother (dau/coheir of Robert Fenrother, alderman of London)
a. Robert White of Christchurch
  m. Catherine Barrett
  (1) William White of Christchurch = William White of Moyle's Court
  Visitation (Hampshire, White) identifies William as of Christchurch and his daughter Allice as his sole heire, wife of William Beconsaw and mother of White Beconsaw. Visitation (Hampshire, Beconsaw) identifies the father of Allice (wife of William and mother of White), whose heir Allice was, as William of Moyle's Court.
  m. Margaret Hyde of Berkshire
  (A) Alice White (sole heir)
  m. William Beconsaw
(2) Patience White
  m. Robert Say of Ickenham
  (3)+ other issue - Charity, Catherine, Anne, Margaret, Mary, Gertrude
  b. Francis White
  iii. Margaret White
  m. John Kirton
  iv. daughter
  m. Peter Cowdrey of Hewett
  v. (Anne) White
  m. (Nicholas) Tichborne (a 1547)
B. Richard White of (Hampshire, later of) Hutton, Essex
  The following is supported by Visitation (Essex, 1612+1634, White).
  m. Maud Tirrell (dau of Sir William Tirrel of Heron)
  i. Richard White of Hutton
  m. Margaret Sherley (Shirley) of Nottinghamshire
  a. George White of Hutton
  m. Catherin Strowde (dau of William Strowde of Devon)
(1) Richard White of Hutton (d 09-19.08.1614)
  m. Mary Plowden (dau of Edmond Plowden (Ployden) of Plowden)
  (A) Richard White of Hutton (a 1634)
  m1. Anne Gray (dau/heir of Andrew Gray of the Inner Temple)
  (i) son (dvp?)
  (ii) Mary White
  m. Robert Brett of Whitstandon
  m2. Katherine Weston (dau of Richard Weston, Earl of Portland)
  (iii)+ other issue - George (b c1628), Elizabeth, Frances, Katherine
  (B) son (b 1608)
  (C) Mary White
  m. Phillip Walgrave or Waldegrave of Borley
  (2) Edward White of Nottley Hall, Essex had issue
  m. Ann Wright (dau of John Wright)
  (3) Susan White
  m. Sir George Knighton of Bayford
  (4)+ other issue - George (d unm 1609), Richard, Susan
  b. Elizabeth White
  m. _ Sheppard
  c. Dorothy White
  m. _ Staunton
  d. Anne White
  m. _ Setell or Setyll
  e.+ other issue - Humfrey, John, Mary, Thomazin, Catherine
  ii. Susan White
  m. Thomas Tong (Clarenceux King of Armes)
  iii. Mary White
  m1. _ Whithed
  m2. _ Spenser
  iv. Joane White
  m. _ Wilcocks



Thomas Whyte of Pervise, co, Southampton (Hampshire)
1. John White of Farnham, Hampshire
A. Robert White of Farnham
  i. John White, Bishop of Winchester
  ii. Sir John White of Aldershot, Lord Mayor of London (a 1563, 2nd John)
  m1. Sibbel White (dau of Robert White of South Warnborow) @2@ above
  a. Robert White of Aldershot (d 23.04.1599)
  m1. Mary Forster (dau/heir of William Forster of London by dau/heir of Bradley)
  (1) Robert White (dsp)
  (2) Helen White (d 18.05.1606)
  m. Sir Richard Tichborne of Tichborne (d 04.1657, brother of Sir Walter)
  (3) Mary White (d 31.01.1620)
  m. (07.05.1597) Sir Walter Tichborne of Aldershot (d 1640), brother of Sir Richard)
m2. Catherine Vaughan (dau of Watkin Vaughan of Herefordshire, widow of Sir Henry Gates, m3. James Boyle of Hereford)
  b. Mary White
  m. Henry Offley (d 1613-4, son/heir of Sir Thomas)
  c. Margaret White
  m. _ Hussey
  d.+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, William, Benjamin
  m2. Catherin Soday (dau of John Soday of London, m2. Rafe Greenway)
  g. Catherine White who apparently married ...
  m1. William Harding of Wyke
  m2. Sir David Woodroffe of Poyle (d 02.1603-4)
  m3. Sir George Wrottesley
  h.+ other issue - John (dsp), Thomas
  iii. Agnes White
  m. Sir Thomas White of Swanborne @1@ above
2. Jenkin or John Whyte of Basingstoke
  A. Thomas Whyte
  i. Thomas Whyte (d 1544)
  m. Agnes Capelyn (dau of Richard Capelyn)
  a. Richard Whyte (a 1578, doctor)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, White)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, Whyte)
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