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This section first uploaded 03.10.06.
Sir John Peche (1st) of Lullingstone Castle (d 1380-1)
1. Sir William Peche
  A. Sir John Pech 'of Lullingston', Sheriff of Kent (a 1429)
  i. Sir William Peche of Lullingstone Castle, Sheriff of Kent (d 1487) who apparently married ...
  m. Beatrix Chichley (dau of John Chichley of Wimple)
  a. Sir John Peche of Lullingstone Castle (d unm)
  b. Elizabeth Peche
  m. John Hart of Westmill, Hertfordshire, later of Lullingstone Castle



This section first uploaded 06.06.09 (based on a section originally uploaded within TZmisc04 on 07.11.06).
Sir Stephen Thornhurst
m. Sibilla Crispe (dau of William Crispe, Lieutenant of Dover Castle)
We speculate (without any real evidence although we understand that some other web sites show Stephen & Sibilla in this family's pedigree) that Stephen & Sibillla were parents of the following Stephen. Stephen's marriages & sons are mentioned in www.kentarchaeology.org.uk (see here, with thanks to a contributor (DS, 06.06.09) for bringing this to our attention).
1. Sir Stephen Thornhurst ('Thornix')
  m1. Mary Gifford (d 05.1609, dau of John Gifford of Ichell & Weston, widow of Sir RIchard Baker)
  A. Sir William Thornhurst of Agney (not Agnes) Court, Kent the first mentioned by TCB
  Identified by the kentarchaeology site as 'of Ford' but assumed to be the William who was later of Agney Court. This is thought to be a reasonable assumption not least because he named his son after his mother's family.
  m. Anne Lyte-Howard (dau of Charles Lyte-Howard, son of Thomas Howard, 1st Viscount of Bindon)
  i. Sir Gifford Thornhurst, Bart of Agney Court (d 16.12.1627)
  m. Susan Temple (bur 20.11.1669, dau of Sir Alexander Temple, she m2. Sir Martin Lister of Thorpe Arnold)
  a. Frances Thornhurst
  m. Richard Jennings of Standridge (d 1668)
  b. Barbara Thornhurst
  ii. Frances Thornhurst apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Napier, 2nd Bart of Luton Hoo (d 1660)
  m2. (after 1611) Dorothy Drew (dau of Roger Drew of Densworth, widow of Hippocrate de Otten)
  B. Sir Thomas Thornhurst (d 1627, General)
  Thanks to a contributor (DS, 06.06.09) for bringing to our attention the entry within BHO (The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent: Volume 11, Monuments in the cathedral) which provides the following:
  m. Barbara (coheir of Thomas Shirley)
  i.+ issue - Anthony, Barbara, Cecilia



This section first uploaded 07.05.20.
Robert Braedine or Brodie of Calderhauch
m. (1704) Marjorie Buntine (dau of James Buntine of Treehorn & Glasgow)
1. Robert Brodie of Calderhauch then Hesilheid
  m. (1746) Marion Ewing (relict of William Ralstoun of that ilk)
  A. Marjory Caldwell
  m. _ Smith of Drougan
2. Elizabeth Brodie
  m. (1725) John Orr of Eisterhills
3. Barbara Brodie
  m. (1741) John Caldwell of Lochsyde
4. Mary Brodie (b 1721)
  m. (1751) Hugh Brodie in Calderhauch
  A. Janet Grodie (d 01.1837, youngest dau)
  m. Robert Caldwell (d 12.1837, writer)



This section first uploaded 07.05.20.
William Caldwell of Yardfute
1. ?? Caldwell
  A. ?? Caldwell, later of West St. Johnshill (d 1806, doctor)
  m. (1741) Agnes Buntine (b 1708, d 1800, dau of James Buntine of Treehorn & Glasgow)
  i. James Caldwell of Johnshill (surgeon)
m. Margaret Cochran (dau of William Cochran of Ladyland)
  a. Agnes Caldwell
  m. Robert Wilson of Bowfield
  (1) Patrick Wilson (a 1834, WS)
  b. Janet Caldwell
  m. James Henderson of Greenock
  (1) (Jessie Glasgow) Henderson
  m. (15.06.1841, spm) Alexander Shedden of Morrishill (b 1791)
  (2)+ other issue
  c. Margaret Caldwell
  m. Hugh Brown of Broadstone
  ii. Agnes Caldwell (b 1743)
  m. (1766) John Smith of Brownhill



This section first uploaded 19.05.20, reviewed (using HJHeraldry) on 20.12.20.
Paterson (vol 1, p443) reports that the Campbells of Skeldon were "a direct branch of the Loudoun Campbells" and mentions that "Robertson says they must have branched off from Sir George Campbell of Loudoun, who was alive in 1465." However, Paterson continues with "We do not comprehend how this necessity arises." Paterson then adds "The first of the Campbells we notice is" George Campbell (a 1570). However, on 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p22), Paterson mentions the marriage of Janet Fullarton to ...
John Campbell of Skeldon
m. (15.02.1505) Janet Fullarton (dau of James Fullarton)
Possibly of the next generation was ...
1. William Campbell, younger of Skeldon
  m. Marion Kennedy (dau of Gilbert Kennedy, 2nd Earl of Cassillis, widow of Thomas MacLellan of Bombie (who d 1547))
  Starting with George (a 1570), Paterson lists several men who are numbered as though they may have been successive lairds but, with just a few exceptions, without narrative to confirm that. The dates given for the documents that identify them indicate that several could have been of the same generation. The following should therefore be viewed as speculative. Possibly of the next generation were ...
  A. George Campbell of Skeldon (a 1570)
  B. Charles Campbell of Skeldon (a 1571-2)
  HJHeraldry (Campbell, vol 2, 'Skeldon', p86) starts with a Charles of Skeldon, whose will was recorded 08.02.1576-7, and shows him as father (with a younger son, William (a 1620)), of David of Skeldon (will recorded 30.05.1622) father of William of Skeldon (d 03.1699) father of George of Skeldon (a 07.1712). Unfortunately, except to confirm that this Charles's successor David was his son, this appears not to support what is given by Paterson.
  i. David Campbell of Skeldon (a 1577, 1588) possibly father (or uncle/brother/cousin) of ...
  a. Charles Campbell of Skeldon (a 1604) apparently succeeded by ...
  (1) David Campbell of Skeldon (d 01.1621)
  m. Jean Nesbitt
  (A) Charles Campbell, younger of Skeldon (dvp 1614)
  m. Isobell Muir (possibly dau of William Muir of Rowallan)
  (i) issue (a 1614) - William, John, Charles, Agnes
  (B)+ other issue - David, James
  (2) John Campbell of Skeldon (a 1638) possibly father (or uncle) of ...
  (A) David Campbell (a 1648)
  (B) John Campbell of Skeldon apparently succeeded by ...
  (i) George Campbell of Skeldon (a 1711)
  m. Helen Campbell
  (a)+ issue - William (b 1717), Jean (b 1713), Elizabeth (b 1715)
  (C) Margaret Campbell (probably sister of John)
  m. (1680) David Blair of Goldring
  ii. George Campbell (a 1588, brother of David)



This section first uploaded 19.05.20.
Alexander Williamson of Balgray (b 1722, d 1804)
m. Christian Robertson
1. David Williamson, later Robertson Williamson of Balgray (b 1761, d 1837, Senator of the College of Justice as Lord Balgray)
  m. _ Robertson of Lawers (cousin)
2. Charles Williamson of Westwater Cottage, Devonshire probably of this generation
  A. Anne Williamson ("niece of Lord Balgray of Lawers")
  m. (1810) David Snodgrass, later Buchanan of Cuninghamehead, Craigievarn & Arnshearn

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(1) For Peche : BP1870 (Dyke)
(2) For Thornhurst : TCB (vol i, Thornhurst of Agnes Court) with input as noted above
(3) For Brodie : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p294)
(4) For Caldwell : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p294)
(5) For Campbell : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 1, 1847, p443+)
(6) For Williamson : Wikipedia ("David Williamson, Lord Balgray")
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