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Families covered: Kincaid of Auchinreoch, Kincaid in Dalgreen, Kincaid in Edinburgh, Kincaid of Gogar, Kincaid in Grange, Kincaid of Hillhousefield, Kincaid of Hucks, Kincaid of Saltcoats, Kincaid of Warriston

John Kincaid of Warriston (d by 1550)
This John is thought to have acquired Warriston in the 1530s. A possible but unproven connection for him to the early Kincaids of Kincaid is mentioned here.
1. John Kincaid of Warriston (d by 1579)
  m. Margaret Bellenden (d 08.1569, dau of Patrick Bellenden of Auchnoule, sister of Christian (prioress))
  A. John Kincaid of Warriston (d by 1591)
  m. (mcrt 28.01.1571-2) Jean Ramsay (dau of George Ramsay of Dalhousie)
  i. John Kincaid of Warriston (d 1600)
  m. Jean Livingstone (dau of (Sir John) Livingstone of Dunipace)
  a. John Kincaid of Warriston (d 1619)
  Possibly illegitimate was ...
  b. Alexander Kincaid
  ii. Thomas Kincaid of Warriston (4th son)
  m. Isobel Burrell (d 1619)
  a. Thomas Kincaid of Warriston (d by 1655)
  m. Elizabeth Byres
  (1) Thomas Kincaid of Warriston (d 1672)
  m1. Margaret Dalmahoy
  m2. Elizabeth Burrell
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (A) Thomas Kincaid (dvp 1664)
m. Margaret Crawford
  (B) Mary Kincaid, last of Warriston (a 1672)
  (C) Margaret Kincaid
  (2) John Kincaid
  m. Barbara Inglis
  (A) Archibald Kincaid
  (3) James Kincaid
  b. John Kincaid possibly the same person as John Kincaid of Hucks & Saltcoats (d before 1683) - see below
c.+ 2 other sons
  iii. Archibald Kincaid of Hillhousefield (d 1641)
  a. Archibald Kincaid of Hillhousefield (d(sp) 1667)
  m. Janet Jameson
  b. Margaret Kincaid
  m. William Ornock
  v. Elizabeth (Elspeth) Kincaid
  m. (03.05.1596) William Cockburn of that ilk
  v+ other issue - William, Patrick (d 1607), Alexander, Adam, Agnes
  B. Henry Kincaid of Auchinreoch, Carriber, etc.
m. Marion Touris
  i. John Kincaid of Auchinreoch, Carriber, etc. (d before 1628)
  m1. (1600) Helen Carriber (d c1626) 
  a. John Kincaid of Auchinreoch (d by 1663)
  m. (mcrt 01.07.1623) Agnes Buchanan (dau of William Buchanan of Drummikill)
  (1) William Kincaid of Auchinreoch
  (A) Margaret Kincaid
  m. James Kincaid of Auchinreoch @@ just below
  (2) Thomas Kincaid of Auchinreoch (b 1619, d 13.02.1691, surgeon) probably son (or nephew) of John
m. Mary Young
  (A) James Kincaid of Auchinreoch
  m. Margaret Kincaid (cousin) @@ just above
  (i) James Kincaid of Auchinreoch (d(sp) before 1761)
  (ii) Margaret Kincaid of Auchinreoch (d 1767, 'eldest dau')
  m. (1717) William Buchanan of Carbeth (b 1668, d 1724)
  The family book (p65) reports that "Their heirs inherited and took the name Buchanan-Kincaid."
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1661, d unm 11.08.1726, diarist), Michael, Agnes, Mary, Jean, Margaret
  (3) Jean Kincaid (d 1646)
  m. John Bogle
  (4)+ other issue - James, Walter, Robert (b 1638, d 1691, cleric)
  b. Edward Kincaid (b c1585?)
  m2. Isobel Forsyth
  ii. Thomas Kincaid of Gogar
a. ?? Kincaid father or grandfather of ...
  (1) ?? Kincaid of Gogar
  (A) Thomas Kincaid of Gogar (a 1723)
  m. Elizabeth Murray (d 1723)
  iii.+ other issue - Ninian, Andrew, Robert
  C. Margaret Kincaid possibly of this generation
  m. Andrew Menteith of Coalheughburn
  D. Helen Kincaid possibly of this generation
  m1. Robert Crauford of Beircrofts
  m2. (before 1562) Gilbert Graham of Beircrofts & Gartavertane (d 24.04.1573)
  m3. (before 07.1578) Gavin Hamilton of Hill
  E.+ other issue - Alexander, Agnes, Isobel



John Kincaid of Hucks & Saltcoats (d before 1683) - see above
1. Alexander Kincaid of Hucks (d 1710)
  A. James Kincaid in Dalgreen (dvp)
  m. Jean Watt
  i. James Kincaid in Dalgreen (b 1670, a 1722)
  m. Helen Scott
  a. James Kincaid in Dalgreen possibly the James who had the following family
  m. Janet Simpson
  (1) Thomas Kincaid (b 1731, d 1812)
  m. Elizabeth Chiesley
  (A) John Kincaid of Dalheath (b 1762, dvp 1794)
  m. Margaret Gaff (dau of John Gaff)
  (i) Sir John Kincaid (b 01.1787, d 22.04.1862, 2nd son)
  Some details on Sir John come from Wikisource ("John Kincaid") although that suggests that he did not marry whereas the family book suggests that he (d 1865) married ...
  m. Louisa Frisbee
  (ii) Margaret Kincaid (b 1792, d 1863)
  m. Peter Hardie
  (iii)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1785, d 1848), Alexander (b 1789, d 1806), Cjarles (b 1793, d 1866)
  (B) Alexander Kincaid (b 1764, d 1854)
  m. Jean Clark
  (i) James Kincaid (b 1794, d 1855, 2nd son)
  m1. Janet Hill
  m2. Agnes Wilson
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (a)+ issue - Agnes, Jane, Mary, Margaret
  (ii) Thomas Kincaid (b 1796, d 1849) had issue
  m. Ann Henderson
  (iii) Alexander Kincaid (b 1798, d 1849) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Smith
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1790, d 1794), John (n 1801, d 1808), Jane, Elizabeth
  (C) Elizabeth Kincaid (b 1767, d 1787)
  m. James Hardie
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1766, d 1767), James (b 1769)
  (2)+ other issue - James (b 1735), John (b 1737), Robert (b 1742), William (b 1750)
  b. Katherine Kincaid
  m. John Wyse
  c.+ other issue - John. William, Alexander (b 1705), Margaret
  ii. Jean Kincaid
  m. John Smith
  iii.+ other issue - John, William, Alexander (b 1672), Archibald (b 1685), Thomas, Robert, Isobel, Katherine
2. John Kincaid of Saltcoats
m. Margaret Lorne
  A. Alexander Kincaid
  B. John Kincaid in Grange (d 1722) possibly fits here
  m. Jean Livingstone
  i. John Kincaid in Grange (b 1668, 2nd son)
  a. John Kincaid in Grange (d 1779)
  (1) John Kincaid in Grange
  ii. Alexander Kincaid in Edinburgh (b 1676, writer)
  a. Alexander Kincaid, Lord Provost of Edinburgh (b 17.03.10/11, d 21.01.1777, printer & bookseller)
Wikipedia ("Alexander Kincaid"), and connected pages, supports the following but suggests that Alexander's parents were James of Bantakine House & Isabell Russall. The family book reports that he married Lady Caroline Kerr, dau of Lord Charles Ker, and indicates that she was mother of Alexander. However, Wikipedia suggests that he had the following family.
  m1. ??
  (1)+ issue - Alexander (b 1752, a 1784, d unm, printer & author), 3 sons, others?
  m2. Caroline Kerr (dau of Sir Charles Kerr)
  p1. ?? (Mary Buley, mother of William Creech)
  p2. ?? (Mrs Mackenzie) by whom Alexander may have been father of ...
  (5) Alexander Kincaid Mackenzie, Lord Provost of Edinburgh (b 1768, d 02.06.1830) had issue
  m. Catherine Hall (b 1782, d 1857)
  iii.+ other issue - James (b 1667), Archibald (b 1685)
3. Alexander Kincaid in Edinburgh (goldsmith) who appears to have married ...
  m. Anne Lockhart (dau of James Lockhart of Cleghorn)

Main source(s): 'This I'll Defend - The Story of the Kincaids' (Bill Kincaid, 2003, ISBN 0-9540444-2-8) which was kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (AMF, 11.06.20); references above to "family book" refer to this book
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