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Families covered: Longridge of Gateshead, Longridge of Newcastle, Longridge of Newburn, Longridge of Sunderland, Longridge of Walbottle

Michael Longridge of Newburn-on-Tyne (bur 10.03.1716)
m. Elizabeth (a 1716)
1. Michael Longridge of Newburn & Newcastle (bpt 29.07.1688, d 11.06.1726, 3rd son)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Longridge of Newburn and Bingfield', p233).
  m. (29.08.1710) Catherine Bowrey (dau of John Bowrey of Ryton, m2. John Wallace of Newburn)
  A. Robert Longridge of Newburn (bpt 14.08.1716, d 1768-9)
  m. (30.12.1737) Dorothy Kelly (bur 03.09.1764, dau of William Kelly of Whorlton, sister/coheir of John of Whorlton Moor)
  i. Robert Longridge of Newburn (a 1815, 3rd son?)
  ii. William Longridge of Newcastle
  m1. Deborah (bur 03.05.1771)
  m2. Ann Mason (a 09.1830, sister/heir of Thomas Mason of Fenwick South Shield & Bingfield)
  a. Robert Longridge of Newcastle & Painshaw
  b. Mason Longridge of Fenwick South Shield
  c. William Longridge of Newcastle (d before 31.01.1816)
  d. Dorothy Longridge
  m. Thomas Teasdale of Gateshead
e. Elizabeth Longridge
  m. Robert Weatherlet of Newcastle
  iii.+ other issue - Michael (d 1744), William (b 1743, d infant), Deborah (bpt 1740), Catherine (bpt 1741), Elizabeth (a 1768)
2. Thomas Longridge of Walbottle in Newburn (bpt 30.05.1692, d 18.12.1725)
  m. Jane (d 28.08.1742)
  A. Michael Longridge of Walbottle in Newburn (bpt 20.05.1718, d 21.06.1769)
  m. Mary Dorman (b c1720, d 19.12.1788, dau/heir of Taylor Dorman of Newcastle-on-Tyne)
  i. Thomas Longridge (b 31.01.1743) had issue
  m1. Anna (a 1765)
  m2. Elizabeth (a 1782)
  ii. Michael Longridge (bpt 19.01.1748, bur 04.02.1748)
  iii. Anne Longridge (b 13.08.1742, d 26.10.1814)
  m. Daniel Luckhurst (a 1816)
  iv. Barbara Longridge (b 14.08.1746, d 18.06.1818)
  m. John Gooch of Beccles (b 11.08.1746, d 24.02.1818)
  B. George Longridge of Sunderland (bpt 15.09.1728, d 02.03.1759, 3rd son)
  m. (17.04.1750) Jane Fletcher (bpt 16.05.1717, bur 24.02.1782, dau/coheir of Thomas Fletcher of Rothbury Hall)
  i. Thomas Longridge of Gateshead (bpt 21.09.1751, d 04.10.1803)
  m1. (06.08.1776) Jane Moss (bpt 09.06.1752, d 28.02.1788, dau of Gilbert Moss of Sunderland)
  a. George Henry Longridge of Gateshead (bpt 22.11.1780, d unm 31.07.1839)
  b. Thomas Longridge (bur 12.07.1782)
  c. Jane Longridge (bpt 10.08.1777, d 03.02.1841)
  m. (25.11.1798) John Hawks of Gateshead-oin-Tyne (bpt 26.03.1790, d 24.02.1830)
  d. Frances Longridge (bpt 10.05.1779)
  m. William Leaviss (Major)
  e. Anna Longridge (bpt 28.08.1783, d 24.11.1863)
  m. John Gooch (d 28.08.1834)
  m2. Jane Fletcher (bpt 28.05.1750, dsp 05.08.1799, dau/coheir of Richard Fletcher of Rothbury Hall)
  ii. Michael Longridge of Hunter's Hall in Sunderland (bpt 03.08.1757, d 17.04.1815) had issue in Bedlington
  iii.+ other issue - George of Sunderland (bpt 25.04.1753, dsp 1786), William (d unm bur 05.10.1779)
  C.+ other issue (d unm) - William (b 21.10.1719, d 12.02.1744), Elizabeth (b 17.07.1722, d young)
3. Susanna Longridge (bpt 11.12.1683)
  m. (26.11.1702) William Barker
4. Anna Longridge
  m. (29.09.1707) Robert Wales of Dalton
5.+ other issue - William (bpt 07.05.1682, bur 12.07.1683), Cuthbert (bpt 28.02.1685-6, bur 18.08.1687), Elizabeth (bpt 24.10.1690, bur 26.10.1690)

Main source(s): 'The Herald and Genealogist' (vol 7, 1873, John Gough Nichols, p141+) with input as reported above
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