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Families covered: Loraine (Lorraine) of Kirkharle

BP1934 reports that the folowing Edward was "descended, it is stated, from Robert de Lorraine, one of the companions in arms of the Conqueror, which Robert obtained considerable grants of lands in the co. Durham, from the victorious prince".
Edward Lorraine
m. (c1416) Johanna (coheir of William del Strother of Krikharle, lord of Lyham)
1. Edward Lorraine (d by 1485)
  m. Elizabeth Harding (dau of John Harding of Hallinside)
  A. Robert Lorraine (d(vp?) 1483)
  i. Robert Lorraine (d c1560)
  m. Margaret Bowes (dau of Robert Bowes of Durham)
  a. Robert Lorraine (d 24.09.1581)
  m. Margaret
(1) William Lorraine (b 1561, d 28.03.1592)
  m. Agnes Water (dau of Sir William Waters)
  (A) Robert Lorraine (b 1590, d 15.02.1618)
  m. Thomasine Warture (dau of John Warture of Whitwell)
  (i) Thomas Loraine of Offerton (b 1615, d 24.10.1649)
  m. Elizabeth Maddison (dau of Henry Maddison of Sutwell Side, relict of William Bewick of Close House)
(a) Sir Thomas Loraine of Kirkharle (Northumberland), 1st Bart (b 1637, d 10.01.1718)
  m. Grace Fenwick (d 02.12.1706, dau of Sir William Fenwick, Bart of Wallington, sister/heir of Sir John)
  ((1)) Sir William Loraine of Lincoln's Inn, 2nd Bart of Kirkharle (b 1658, d 22.01.1743)
  m1. Elizabeth Lawrence (dsp, dau of Sir John Lawrence, Lord Mayor of London)
  m2. Anne Smith (dau of Richard Smith of Preston)
((A)) Sir Charles Loraine, 3rd Bart of Kirkharle (b 1701, d 29.04.1755)
  m1. Margaret Lambton (d 30.06.1746, dau of Ralph Lambton of Lambton Hall)
  ((i)) Dorothy Loraine (d infant)
  m2. Dorothy Mylott (dau/heir of Ralph Mylott of Whitehill)
  ((ii)) Sir William Loraine, 4th Bart of Kirkharle (b 17.06.1749, d 19.12.1809)
  m1. (19.10.1776) Hannah Allgood (d 05.06.1797, dau of Sir Launcelot Allgood of Nunwick)
  ((a)) Sir Charles Loraine, 5th Bart (b 19.04.1779, d 18.01.1833) had issue
  m. (26.06.1800) Elizabeth Campart (d 05.08.1829, dau of Vincent Campart of Turnham Green)
  ((b)) Sir William Loraine, 9th Bart (b 10.10.1780, d unm 01.03.1851)
  ((c)) Sir John Lambton Loraine, 10th Bart (b 30.07.1784, d 11.07.1852) had issue
  m. (24.02.1835) Caroline Isabella Ekins (d 1847, dau of Rev. Frederick Ekins of Morpeth)
  ((d)) Isabella Loraine (d 14.05.1858)
  m. (29.11.1811) Thomas Emerson Headlam of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
((e))+ other issue - Edward Fenwick (d young), Jane (d 26.07.1789), Anne Eliza (d 05.11.1868), Henrietta (b c1794, d 17.02.1883)
  m2. (05.11.1799) Frances Campart (d 21.10.1811, dau/heir of Francis Campart of Kensington)
  ((i)) Frances Vere Loraine (d 28.05.1874)
  m1. (08.11.1829) William Henry Ord (dsp 11.1838, son of William of Whitfield Hall)
  m2. (16.10.1851) Sir Edward Blackett, Bart (b 1805)
  ((j)) Emily Loraine (d 06.01.1878)
  m. (15.01.1833) Charles Bacon Grey of Styford (d 01.09.1855)
  ((k))+ other issue - Henry James (b 1801, d 1821), Edward (b 09.11.1803, d unm 16.02.1882), Vincent (d young), Caroline (b c1802, d unm 24.09.1888)
  ((iii)) Charles Loraine, later Loraine-Smith (b 01.04.1751, d 23.08.1835)
m. (01.05.1781) Elizabeth Ann Skrine (dau of William Skrine of Westminster)
  ((a)) Charles Crayle Loraine-Smith (d young)
  ((b)) Loraine Loraine-Smith (b 20.02.1784, d 20.05.1857, rector of Passenham) had issue (2 daus)
  m. (17.12.1818) Isabella Charlotte Loraince (d 22.03.1870, dau of Rev. Lambton Loraine) @@ just below
  ((iv)) Lambton Loraine (b 21.05.1752, d 03.07.1821, Rev.)
  m. Isabella Allgood (dau of Sir Launcelot Allgood)
((a)) son
  ((b)) Dorothea Jane Loraine
  m. (1821) _ Baldwin (Captain RN)
  ((c)) Eliza Loraine
  m. John Baldwin (Lt. Colonel)
((d)) Isabella Charlotte Loraine (d 22.03.1870)
  m. (17.12.1818) Rev. Lorain Loraine-Smith @@ just above
  ((e)) Georgiana Loraine (d 07.02.1882)
  m. (31.08.1819) George Lucas
  ((v)) James Thomas Loraine (b 01.12.1753, d 18.02.1808)
  m. (151.05.1777) Margaret Haigh (d 31.10.1781, dau of John Haigh)
  ((a))+ 3 daughters (d unm)
  ((B))+ 4 sons (dvp)
  ((2))+ 13 sons and 5 daughters
  (b) Grace Loraine possiby of this generation
  m. (by 1621) Sir John Fenwicke of Fenwicke & Wallington, 1st Bart (b c1578, d 1658, MP)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Ursula, Dorothy



Possiby of the above family was the following unnamed father of the undermentioned siblings.
?? Loraine
1. William Loraine of Durham & Whickham (d before 27.03.1697)
  A. Mary Loraine
  m. (c1697) Robert Tatham of Durham
2. Rebecca Loraine (bur 20.03.1676-7)
  m1. Henry Lewen of Whickham (bur 06.02.1671-2)
  m2. (c02.1673-4) Henry Liddell of Farnacres (m1. Mary Tunstall)
3. Elizabeth Loraine (bur 08.07.1687)
  m. (22.04.1650) Ambrose Myres (bur 18.03.1666-7, Alderman of Durham)
  A. Elizabeth Myres (bpt 13.02.1656-7, bur 19.08.1696)
  m. (09.10.1681) Thomas Crosby
  B. Eleanor Myres (bpt 23.05.1659, bur 11.05.1697)
  m. (1685) ohn Lewen of London
  C.+ other issue - Ambrose of London (bpt 19.08.1651, a 1685), Stephen (b 30.05.1653, dvm?), John (bpt 27.03.1662, a 1685), Rebecca (bpt 13.08.1660, dvm?)

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 07.10.21) : MGH (NS4 vol 4 (1912), p145+)
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