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Families covered: Macdonald of Balranald, Macdonald of Drimindarroch, Macdonald of Griminish, Macdonald of Kilmalen, Macdonald of Kingsburgh

James Macdonald of Kingsburgh
m. ?? MacLeod (dau of Alasdair Crottach ('the Humpbacked') MacLeod, 8th Chief)
1. John Macdonald of Kingsburgh (d c1585)
  m. _ Macondald (dau of _ Macdonald of Knoydart)
  A. Donald (Mac Ian Mhic Sheumais) Macdonald of Kingsburgh
  m. _ Macondald (dau of _ Macdonald of Keppoch)
  i. Alexander Macdonald of Kingsburgh
m. ?? (niece of Sir Donald Macdonald, 1st Bart of Sleat)
  a. Donald Macdonald of Kingsburgh
  m. Margaret Nicolson (dau of Donald Nicolson of Scorribreck)
  (1) Alexander Macdonald of Kingsburgh (b c1689, d 13.02.1772)
m. Florence Macdonald (dau of John Macdonald of Castleton)
  (A) Allan Macdonald of Kingsburgh (d 10.09.1795, Captain)
  m. (06.11.1750) Flora Macdonald (b 1722, d 04/5.03.1790, dau of Ranald MacDonald of Milton by Marion, dau of Angus MacDonald)
  This was "the celebrated Flora Macdonald of history" who assisted the Young Pretender, Charles Stuart. Some details on her come from Wikipedia ("Flora MacDonald").
  (i) Charles Macdonald (dsp, Captain)
  m. Isabella Macdonald (dau of Captain James Macdonald of Aird, son of William (Tutor of Sleat))
  (ii) James Macdonald of Flodigarry (4th son)
  m. Emily Macdonald (dau of James Macdonald of Skaeboat)
  (a) Allan Ranald Macdonald (Captain, 2nd son) had issue
  m. _ Smith (dau of General Smith)
  (b) Jessie Macdonald
m. Ninian Jeffrey of New Kelso, Lochcarron
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - James Somerled (d 01.1842, Lt. Colonel), Flora (d young), Charlotte (d young)
  (iii) John Macdonald (b 1758-9, d 16.08.1831, Lt. Colonel)
  m1. _ Salmon (dau of General _ Salmon, widow of _ Bogle)
  (a)+ 2 children (d young)
  m2. Frances Maria Chambers (dau of Sir Robert Chambers (Chief Justice in Bengal))
  (c) Reginald Macdonald (youngest son) had issue
  m. _ Morris
  (d) Flora Frances Macdonald
m. Edward Wylde (RN)
  (e) Henrietta Louisa Macdonald
  m. Benjamin Cuff Greenhill of Knowle Hall
  (f)+ other issue - Robert (Major, had issue)John (Captain, had issue), Allan (d young), William Pitt (Major General, had issue), Charles Edward (had issue), James (Captain, had issue)
  (iv) Anne Macdonald (d 1834)
  m. Alexander Macleod of Lochbay, later in USA (Major-General)
  (v) Frances (Fanny) Macdonald
  m. Donald Macdonald of Cuidrach
  (vi)+ other issue (d unm) - Alexander, Ranald (Captain), boy (d yoiung), girl (d yoiung)
  (B) James Macdonald of Knockow
  m. _ Macleod (sister of Major _ Macleof of Balmeanach)
  (i) Anne Macdonald
  m. _ Mackenzie (joiner)
(ii)+ other issue (d unm) - Margaret, Flora
  (C) Anne Macdonald
  m1. Ronald MacAlister (of the family of Loup)
  m2. (sp) Lauchlan Mackenzie of Corry
  (2) John Macdonald of Ardnacross possibly of this generation
  m. Grace Macalaster (dau of Alexander (not Godfrey) Macalaster of Loup)
  (A) Jane Macdonald
  m1. John Dun
  m2 (1764) Angus Macalaster of Loup.
  ii. Mary Macdonald probably of this generation
  m. John Macleod of Gesto
  iii.+ "several others, some of whom died young"
2. Donald Macdonald
3. Catherine Macdonald probably of this generation
  m. Tormod MacLeod of Kingsburgh



Donald (Gullach or Gallach or Herrach) Macdonald of Balranald (North Uist), 1st of Griminish
1. Ranald McDhoil Herraich Macdonald, 2nd of Griminish
  A. Angus Macdonald, 3rd of Griminish
  i. Hugh Macdonald, 4th of Griminish
a. Ian (John) Macdonald, 5th of Griminish
  (1) Archibald Macdonald, 6th of Griminish
  (2) Donald Macdonald of Balranald & Knocknantoeran
  (A) Alastair (Alexander) Macdonald of Kirkihost & Balranald
m1. Jessie Macdonald (dau of John Macdonald, son of Sir Donald Gorm Org, 1st Bart of Sleat)
  (i) Donald Macdonald of Balranald (b 05.03.1733)
  m. (1762) Catherine MacDonald (dau of Capt. James MacDonald of Aird by dau of Macdonald of Kinlochmoidart)
  (a) Alexander Macdonald of Balranald & Lyndale in Skye (b 05.12.1764, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Jane Craigdallie (of Perthshire family formerly known as Macgregor)
  ((1)) James Thomas Macdonald of Balranald (2nd son) had issue
  m. Jane Mackenzie (dau of Capt. Donald Mackenzie, son of Thomas (6th of Applecross & 4th of Highfield) by Elizabeth, dau of Donald Mackenzie, 5th of Kilcoy)
  ((2)) John Robertson Macdonald (4th son) had issue (1 dau)
  m. Mary Macrae (dau of Capt. _ Macrae "of the Inverinate family")
  ((3)) Alexandrina Catherine Macdonald
  m. Andrew Cornfute of Perth
  ((4)) Isabella Maria Macdonald (d 15.09.1882)
m. (16.07.1824) Finlay Macrae (minister of North Uist)
  ((5))+ other issue (d unm) - Donald, Alexander (Captain), Elizabeth Anne, Caroline (d young)
  (b) James Macdonald (a 1775, Major)
  m. Elizabeth Owen of Tiverton
  ((1))+ issue (d unm) - 9 sons, daughter (d infant)
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - Margaret (b 11.01.1769, d 22.12.1786), Jane (Jessie?) (b 01.08.1771), Catherine (b 17.04.1776)
  m2. Catherine Macleod (dau of Rev. Donald Macleod of Grishonish)
  (ii) Mary Macdonald (d 05.12.1830)
  m. (03.09.1771) John Macaulay (d 29.07.1776, minister of South Uist, to America)
  (iii)+ "several sons" "from whom are descended the Macdonalds of Peniniurein and Grishonish, Ske"
  m3. Margaret Maclean (dau of Neil Bane Maclean, 10th of Boreray)
2. Nicholas Macdonald or Budge of Toftingall (d c1515?) possibly fits here



Eachan (Eachainn or Hector) Macdonald of Kilmalen in Morven, Argyllshire
Mackenzie jumps from Eachan (Hector) to Charles, a 1745, having reported that "The great majority of those descended from Eachainn and called themselves after him, have, in later times, adopted the more general name of Macdonald. We still, however, meet with the original name in carious forms, principally in Argyllshire, such as MacEachan, MacEachren, MacEacharn, MacEachin, Macichan, MacEchern, MacKechnie, and others - all corruptions of the orginal MacEachainn, or son of Hector."
1. Ewen Macdonald of Kilmalen (a 1509)
  A. Donald Macdonald of Kilmalen
  i. Ewen Macdonald of Kilmalen (d by 1615?)
  a. Hector Macdonald of Kilmalen (a 1615)
  (1) Ewen Macdonald in Drimindarroch
  (A) Alexander Macdonald of Drimindarroch
  (i) John Macdonald of Drimindarroch
  (a) Alexander Macdonald of Drimindarroch
  ((1)) Charles Macdonald of Drimindarroch (a 1745)
  m. Marcella Macdonald (dau of Alexander Macdonald of Dalelea in Glenshiel, "a cousin of Alexander Macdonald the poet")
  ((A)) Alexander Macdonald of Gillin in Sleat (a 1798, doctor, 2nd son)
m. Margaret MacAlister (dau of Ranald MacAlister of Strathaird by Ann, dau of Alexander Macdonald of Kingsburgh)
  ((i)) Keith Macdonald, later MacAlister of Innisbrinch (4th son) had issue (2 daus)
  m. Flora MacAlister (dau of Col. Norman MacAlister)
  ((ii)) Charles Macdonald of Orde, Isle of Skye (b 1779, d 1867) had issue
  m. (1828) Anne MacLeod (d 1866, dau of Capt. Neil MacLeod of Gesto)
  ((iii)) Isabhella Macdonald
  m. Allan MacLellan (Captain "of the Glengarry Fencibles")
  ((iv)) Ann Macdonald
  m. Andrew Macdonald (Captain, "Black Watch")
  ((v)) Elizabeth Macdonald
  m. _ Lochead of Glasgow
  ((vi)) Flora Macdonald
  m. _ Mackintosh of Inverness then Australia
  ((vii))+ other issue - John (Captain), Ranald (Captain), Alexander, Catheirne (d unm), Susan (d young)
  ((B))+ other issue - John (b 1751-2, d 07.07.1834, priest), 5 daughters
  ((2)) Alexander Macdonald of Glengarry Fencibles, later of Drimindarroch (a 1745)
  m. _ Maceachen (dau of Charles Maceachen of Peninwren, widow of _ Maclean of Borera)
  ((A)) John Macdonald (to America in 1824)
  ((3)) Angus Macdonald (a 1745)
  m. Catherine Macdonald (dau of Angus Macdonald of Borrodale)
  (b)+ other issue - Donald, Angus
  (ii)+ other issue - Alexander (surgeon), Hector
  (B) John Macdonald of Duchamis had issue
  (2)+ other issue - Ranald of Howbeg in Uist, Donald of Ormiclare in Uist
2. Neil Macdonald (3rd son)
  m. Marion macKintosh (dau of Colin MacKintosh)
3. Alexander Macdonald (5th son)
  m. Margaret Fraser (dau of 1st Baron Lovat)
4.+ other issue - Farquhar, Charles

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