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Families covered: MacDougall of Dunollie, MacDougall of MacDougall

John MacDougall of MacDougall, 14th of Dunollie (a 1547)
1. Dougall MacDougall, 15th of Dunollie (a 1567)
  A. Duncan MacDougall, 16th of Dunollie (d 1618)
  m1. Margaret Maclean (sister of Sir Lauclan Maclean of Dowart)
  i. Sir John MacDougall, 17th of Dunollie (d 1634)
  m. (1610) Catharine Maclean (dau of Hector Maclean, 11th of Dowart)
  a. Alexander MacDougall, 18th of Dunollie
  m. (04.1628) Katharine Campbell (dau of Sir Duncan Campbell, 1st Bart of Glenorchy)
  (1) Ian MacDougall, 19th of Dunollie (dsp 1669)
  m. Mary MacLeod (dau of Sir Roderick MacLeod, 16th Chief)
(2) Duncan MacDougall, 20th of Dunollie (d 1686)
  (A) Isabel MacDougall
  m. (1707) Ian Maclean, 14th of Lochbuie
  (3) Allan MacDougall, 21st of Dunollie (d 1695)
  m. Mary MacLachlan (dau of Ian MacLachlan of Kilbride)
  (A) John MacDougall, 22nd of Dunollie (d 1737)
  m. (1712) Mary MacDonald (d 1776, dau of William MacDonald of Sleat family)
  (i) Alexander MacDougall, 23rd of Dunollie (d 1801)
  m. (1737) Mary Campbell (dau of Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine)
(a) John MacDougall (b 1737, dvpsp 27.04.1775)
  m. Isabel Ruthven (b 02.11.1738, d 04.09.1775, dau of James, Lord Ruthven)
  (b) Patrick MacDougall, 24th of Dunollie (b 1742, d 10.1825)
  m. (08.04.1782) Louisa Maxwell Campbell (d 1841, dau of John Campbell, 2nd of Achalader)
  ((1)) Sir John MacDougall, 25th of Dunollie (b 12.06.1789, d 12.07.1865) had issue
  m. (22.08.1826) Elizabeth Sophia Timins (d 08.06.1881, dau of Charles S. Timins of Oriel Lodge)
  ((2)) Isabella MacDougall (b 1783, d 16.10.1867)
  m. Neill MacDougall (d Castella 13.04.1813, Captain) @@ below
  ((3)) Louisa Maxwell (b 1795, d unm 1843)
  ((4)) Anne Colina MacDougall (d 1856)
  m1. Patrick Campbell of Baeliveolan
  m2. George Loch
((5)) Mary Jane MacDougall (d 1858)
  m. Charles Hale Munro of Ingsdon
  ((6)) Colina Catherine MacDougall (d unm 1872)
  ((7))+ other issue - Alexander (b 22.06.1785, dsp Cuidad Rodrigo 10.01.1810), Patrick (b 1791, d unm 1851, Major), Allan Duncan (b 1798, d unm 1876, WS), Elizabeth Sutherland (b 06.01.1783, d young), Mary (b 1783, d young), Mary (b 1793, d young)
  (c) Duncan MacDougall of Ardentrive (b 1744)
  m. Jean Campbell (dau of Capt. Neil Campbell of Duntroon)
  ((1)) Neill MacDougall (d Castella 13.04.1813, Captain, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Isabella MacDougall (d 16.10.1867, dau of Patrick MacDougall, 24th of Dunollie) @@ above
((2)) James Patrick MacDougall (b 26.07.1797, dsp 15.07.1867)
  m. (14.01.1825) Eliza Jackson
  ((3)) Duncan MacDougall (b 02.05.1800, d 04.10.1837) had issue
  m. (27.09.1823) Helen Anne Duncan (d 15.09.1881, dau of William MacMurdo Duncan)
  ((4)) Matilda MacDougall
  m. Neil Malcolm Campbell (of Duntroon family)
  ((5)) Louisa Ann MacDougall (d 11.05.1858)
  m. (29.11.1803) Archibald Campbell, 12th of Lochnell (b 02.1777, d 1855)
  ((6)) Jane Hester MacDougall (b 03.03.1790, d 1880)
  m1. (21.04.1814) Sir John Hope (General)
  m2. William Knight (rector of Steventon, Hants)
  ((7)) Maxwell Margaret MacDougall
  m. John Bowie (WS)
  ((8)) Catherine MacDougall
  m. Lachlan MacKinnon of Letterfern
  ((9)) Beatrice Rishton MacDougall
  m. William MacTurk of Bradford
((10))+ other issue - Alexander (b 1783, d 1856), John Houstoun (d infant), John (RN), Mary, Anne
  (d) Alexander MacDougall (d 1794)
  m. Anne Hay (dau of John Hay of Edinburgh)
  ((1)) Mary Campbell MacDougall (d 09.09.1814)
  m1. Major William Brown
  m2. (1812) Charles John Gardiner, Earl of Blessington (b 19.07.1782, d 25.05.1829)
  (e) Lucy MacDougall (b 1738, d 1765)
  m. James MacDowall of Cononmills, Edinburgh
  (f) Mary MacDougall (b 1741)
  m. Alexander MacNeill of Oransay
  (g)+ other issue - Allan (b 1743, d young), Allan (b 1747), Alexander (b 1747, d young), James (b 1756), Jean (b 1745, d young), Anne (b 1748), Jean (b 1750), Elizabeth (b 1751), Colina (b 1753)
  (ii) Catherine MacDougall
  m. Lachlan Maclean of Lochbuie
  (iii) Anne MacDougall
  m. _ Harris
  (iv)+ other issue - Allan, Duncan, John
(B) Duncan MacDougall
  (4) daughter
  m. John Maclean (of Lochbuie family)
  b.+ other isuse - Duncan (d 1683), Hew (d 1683)
  ii. Allan MacDougall of Torsay
  m. (1615) Katherine Campbell (dau of Alexander Campbell, 7th of Dunstaffnage)
  a. John MacDougall ancestor of MacDougalls of Gallanach
  iii. Duncan MacDougall of Ardlarach
  iv Margaret MacDougall
  m. (1617) MacDougall of Raray
  v. Janet MacDougall
  m. Archibald Campbell, 2nd of Lochnell
  m2. Sibylla Drummond (dau of Drummond of Cochle)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (MacDougall of MacDougall and Dunollie)
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