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Families covered: Macfarlane of Duillator, Macfarlane of Gartartan (Gartvertane), Macfarlane of Glenralloch, Macfarlane of Lettyr

Walter Macfarlane of Ardleish, 1st of Gartartan or Gartvertane (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
m. (c1525) Janet Galbraith (dau of James Galbraith of that ilk, 7th of Culcreuch)
1. Andrew Dubh Macfarlane, 2nd of Gartartan of Gartvertane (b 1546, d 1622)
  A. Malcolm Macfarlane, 3rd of Gartartan
  m1. (c1590) Elizabeth Macfarlane (b 1572, dau of Andrew Macfarlane, 14th of Arrochar)
  i. Walter Macfarlane, 4th of Gartartan (d 1687)
  m1. (1622) Janet Campbell (dau of Sir Duncan Campbell, 1st Bart of Glenorchy)
  a. Malcolm Macfarlane, 5th of Gartartan (b c1625, d 1702)
  m1. (1658) Margaret Murray (d before 1698, dau of Donald Murray)
(1) Andrew Macfarlane, 6th of Gartartan (d c1736)
  m. Marion Baillie (dau of John Baillie of Shirrell)
  (A) Alexander Macfarlane, 7th of Gartartan (d after 1748)
  m. (1711) Anna Graham (dau of John Graham of Killearn)
  (i) daughter (b c1719)
  m. James Macfarlane, 4th of Muckroy
  (B) John Macfarlane of Auchentroig, 8th of Gartartan
  m. Helen Campbell (dau of Robert Campbell of Borland)
  (i) Robert Macfarlane, 9th of Gartartan (b c1725, d after 1805, Captain)
  m. (1770) Sarah Howard (d 1773)
  (a) Sir Robert Henry Macfarlane, 10th of Gartartan (b 1771, d 1843, General) had issue
  m. (1815) Gertrude van Kampen (d after 1870)
  (b) Joseph S. Macfarlane (b c1773, d 1775)
(ii) Andrew Macfarlane (d after 1817)
  (a) Lilias Macfarlane (a 1817)
  m. Richard Baxter (d before 1807)
  (iii) Dugald Macfarlane
  m. Henrietta Macfarlane (dau of George Macfarlane of Glenralloch)
  (a) Duncan Macfarlane of Glenralloch (d after 1827)
  ((1)) Dugald Macfarlane of Glenralloch (b c1790)
  (iv) Duncan Macfarlane, 1st of Moulin had issue
  (v) Margaret Macfarlane
  m. Donald Mackenzie of Achility (d 1807)
(vi) Lilias Macfarlane (d 1783)
  m. (1753) Patrick Campbell, 6th of Ardchattan (b 1722, d 1801)
  (vii) Jean Macfarlane
  m. William Butter of Braehouse
  (viii) Mary Macfarlane
  m. John Campbell
  (2) Catherine Macfarlane (d c1695)
  m. James Macfarlane, 1st of Erins and Muckroy
  (3) John Macfarlane
  (4) Anne Macfarlane
  m. John Macfarlane of Gorton
(5) Janet Macfarlane
  m. John MacGregor of Bracklie
  (6) daughter
  m. George Stirling (b 1670, dsp, son of Sir John of Keir)
  (7) daughter
  m. Laurence Dundas
  (8) daughter
  m. Rev. James Donaldson
  (9) Mary Macfarlane
  m. John Macfarlane
m2. (1698) Christian Colquhoun (dau of Alexander Colquhoun, 11th of Camstradden)
  (10) Malcolm Macfarlane (b 1701)
  m. Agnes Macfarlane
  (A) Margaret Macfarlane
  m. John Millar
  (B) John Macfarlane (b c1735)
  m1. (c1754) Janet MacPhun (d before 1759)
  (i) Daniel Macfarlane (b 1755)
  m2. (1759) Janet Macfarlane (dau of Dugald Macfarlane, 1st of Kilmun and Acharossan)
  (ii) Malcolm Macfarlane (b 1760, d 1832) had issue (descendants in USA and Australia)
  m. Marjory MacNab (b 1792, dau of Donald MacNab)
(iii) Hugh Macfarlane (b 1762)
  (a) John Macfarlane
  (iv)+ other issue - Agnes (b 1764), Elizabeth (b 1768)
  (C)+ other issue - Katherine (b 1738), William (b 1741)
  (11) Elizabeth Macfarlane (b 1699)
  m. John Macfarlane
  b. Robert Macfarlane (d after 1686)
  m. Mary Graham (dau of John Graham, 3rd of Duchray, 1st of Polder and Gallingad)
m2. (1640) Elizabeth Preston ('Lady Drumquhassil')
  m3. (c1660) Helen Cunninghame (b c1640, d 1687)
  ii. Margaret Macfarlane
  m. (1603) Duncan MacGregor of Glenstrae
  iii. Catherine Macfarlane
  m. (1618) Thomas Graham of Bogton and Rednock
  iv. Agnes Macfarlane
  m. (1618) Patrick Macfarlane, 5th of Inversnaid
  v.+ other issue (a 1635) - Robert, Malcolm
  m2. ??
  vii. Dougall Macfarlane (b c1600, a 1636)
2. Allaster Macfarlane, 1st of Duillator
  A. Walter Macfarlane, 2nd of Duillator
3. Malcolm Beg Macfarlane of Lettyr (d after 1591)
  A. Walter Macfarlane of Lettyr (d after 1591)
  i. Andrew Macfarlane of Lettyr (a 1619)
  ii.+ other issue - Duncan Malcolm (a 1619)
4. Christine McFarlane possibly of this generation
  m. William Graham, 2nd of Duchray (d before 1618)

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