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Families covered: Molesworth of Helpeston, Molesworth of Swords

Descended from Sir Walter Molesworth, Sheriff of Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire in 1300, was ...
Sir Roger Molesworth of Huntingdonshire
1. John Molesworth of Helpeston, Northamptonshire (d 14.05.1542) the first mentioned by Vivian
  A. John Molesworth of Helpeston (b 1516)
  m. Margaret Westcott (dau of William Westcott of Hansacre)
  i. Anthony Molesworth of Fotheringay, Northamptonshire
  m. Cicely Hurland (dau of Thomas Hurland of Fotheringay)
  a. William Molesworth
  m. Mary Palmes (dau of Sir Francis Palmes of Ashwell)
(1) Guy Molesworth (Colonel)
  (2) Edward Molesworth (a 1642, Major General)
  m. _ Hatbean
  (A)+ issue - Mary, Jane, Frances
(3) Robert Molesworth (d 03.09.1656)
  m. Judith Bysse (dau of John Bysse, Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland, she m2. Sir William Tichborne of Beaulieu)
  (A) Robert Molesworth of Brackanstown, 1st Viscount Molesworth of Swords (b 07.09.1656, d 22.05.1725)
  m. (16.08.1676) Letitia Coote (d 17.03.1729/30, dau of Richard Coote, Lord Colooney, by Mary St. George)
(i) John Molesworth, 2nd Viscount Molesworth of Swords (bpt 04.12.1679, d 18.02.1726)
  m. (09.1718) Mary Middleton (d 12.08.1766, dau of Thomas Middleton of Stansted Montfichet)
  (a) Mary Molesworth (b 08.05.1726)
  m. (1751) Frederick Gore (dsp 1764)
  (ii) Richard Molesworth, 3rd Viscount Molesworth, Field Marshall (d 12.10.1758)
  m1. Jane Lucas of Dublin (d 01.04.1742)
  (a) Mary Molesworth
  m. (01.08.1736) Robert Rochford, Earl of Belvedere (b 26.03.1708, d 13.11.1774)
  (b) Letitia Molesworth (d 1787)
m. (02.10.1753) James Molesworth (Lt. Colonel)
  (c) Amelia Molesworth (d unm 30.01.1758)
  m2. (07.02.1743) Mary Usher (d 06.05.1763, dau of William Usher, archdeacon of Clonfert, by Mary Jenney)
  (d) Richard Nassau Molesworth, 4th Viscount Molesworth (b 04.11.1748, d unm 23.06.1793)
(e) Henrietta Molesworth
  m. (10.10.1774) John Staples
  (f) Louisa Molesworth (d 01.09.1824)
  m1. (26.12.1769) William Ponsonby, 1st Lord (d 05.11.1806)
  m2. (21.07.1823) William Fitzwilliam, 4th Earl Fitzwilliam (d 08.02.1833)
  (g) Elizabeth Molesworth (d 30.04.1835)
  m. James Stewart of Killymoon
  (h)+ other issue - Melosina (d 06.05.1763), Mary (d 06.05.1763), Charlotte
  (iii) William Molesworth (d 06.03.1770, Captain, MP)
m. (1726) Anne Adair (dau of Robert Adair of Holybrook)
  (a) Robert Molesworth, 5th Viscount Molesworth (bpt 22.12.1729, d 29.01.1813)
  m. (18.08.1761) Mary Anne Alleyne (b c1730, d 02.08.1819, dau of Israel Alleyne of Cork)
  ((1)) William John Molesworth, 6th Viscount Molesworth (b 18.08.1763, dsp 30.05.1815, Major General)
  m. ?? (d 30.05.1815)
  ((2)) Robert Molesworth (b 16.04.1768, d 04.1814, 3rd son)
  m. (27.09.1793) Mary Jones (d 25.02.1814, dau of Charles Jones, 4th Viscount Ranelagh)
  ((A))+ issue - Henrietta Sarah (d 09.02.1834), Mary Annette (d 27.02.1831)
  ((3)) Anne Molesworth
  m1. (27.12.1792) John Foster Hill
  m2. (1807) Baron de Mallet
  ((4)) Jane Molesworth
  m. John Stephenson
((5))+ other issue - Walter (d 1783), Richard (d 19.09.1793)
  (b) Richard Molesworth (b 1737, d 29.09.1799, 3rd son)
  m. Catherine Cobb (dau of Francis Thomas Cobb of Twickenham)
  ((1)) Richard Pigott Molesworth, 7th Viscount Molesworth (b 23.07.1786, d unm 20.06.1875)
  ((2)) John Molesworth (d 14.08.1858, Captain RN, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (06.02.1828) Louisa Tomkyns (d 11.08.1873, dau of Rev. _ Tomkyns)
  ((3)) Anthony Oliver Molesworth (b 23.10.1793, d 09.07.1848, Captain) had issue
  m1. (26.04.1827, sp) Jane Potter (dau of John Potter)
  m2. (07.07.1835) Grace Jane Crofton (dau of Morgan Crofton)
  ((4)) Wilhelmina Molesworth (d 07.05.1866)
  m. (04.05.1804) Bartholomew Jeffery (d 1842)
  ((5)) Salome Letitia Molesworth (d 1829)
  m. Rev. John Boucher
  ((6))+ other issue - Francis (dsp 23.05.1812, RN), James Thomas (d 13.07.1872), St. George Catherine (d 04.05.1858)
  (c) Letitia Molesworth (d 1829)
m. George Johnstone (Captain)
  (d) Elizabeth Molesworth
  m. Richard Holmes
  (e) Amelia Charlotte Molesworth (d 12.11.1819)
  m. (20.08.1770) Knight Mitchell (d 1797)
  (f) Isabella Molesworth (d 1786)
  m. J. Clootwyk
  (g)+ other issue - John (d unm), Juliana, Jane
  (iv) Edward Molesworth (d 29.11.1768, Major)
  m1. (09.1718) Catherine (or Constance?) Middleton (dsp 01.1731, dau of Thomas Middleton of Stansted)
  m2. Catherine (dsp 15.02.1748)
  m3. (26.03.1750) Mary Renouard
  (a) John Molesworth (bpt 14.02.1751,d 24.04.1791)
  m. (13.06.1786) Frances Hill (d 17.01.1848, dau of Matthew Hill)
  ((1)) John Edward Molesworth (b 05.02.1790, d 21.04.1877, vicar of Rochdale) had issue
  m1. (28.11.1815) Harriet Mackinnon (d 07.12.1850, dau of William Mackinnon)
m2. (31.10.1854, sp) Harriet Elizabeth Affleck (dau of Sir R. Affleck, Bart, widow of John Thomas Bridges)
  (b) Robert Molesworth
  m. (17.11.1773) Elizabeth Tuke (dau of John Tuke)
  ((1)) Edward Molesworth (b 07.07.1775, d 14.06.1842, Major) had issue
  m1. Elizabeth Dorothea Morres (d 08.10.1812, dau of Redmond Morres, brother of 1st Viscount Frankfort de Montmorency)
  m2. Mary Crane (dau of F. Crane, relict of Gen. Joseph Trueman)
  ((2)) Arthur Molesworth (b 24.03.1786, d 30.01.1850, Captain) had issue
  m. (21.08.1809) Eleanor Roberts (d 03.01.1869, dau of Lazarus Steele Roberts)
  ((3)) Richard Carr Molesworth (b 23.04.1789, d 11.02.1859, Major General) had issue
m. (24.05.1810) Marianne Tuke (d 24.03.1858, dau of Thomas Tuke)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Molesworth (d unm)
  ((5)) Letitia Molesworth
  m. Sackville Hamilton Eaton
  (v) Hamilton Walter Molesworth (dsp) who apparently married ...
  m. Sarah Maria Skrine (dau of John Skrine of Warleigh & Forde)
  (vi) Coote Molesworth (b c1697, dsp 29.11.1782)
  m. Mary Palmer (dau of William Palmer)
(vii) Bysse Molesworth (d 1779, MP for Swords)
  m. (07.12.1731) Elizabeth Cole (d 01.1770, sister of John, 1st Lord Mount Florence, widow of Edward Archdall of Castle Archdall)
  (a) Arthur Molesworth of Fairlawn, co. Armagh (d 20.08.1803, Major)
  m1. (09.1764) Catherine Vane (dau of Sir Walter Fletcher Vane, Bart)
  ((1)) Elizabeth Molesworth
  m. (1789) Richard Reynell of Reynlella
  m2. Henrietta (dsp, widow of _ Blackett)
  m3. Elizabeth Ledgingham (d 14.12.1816)
((2)) Arthur Nepean Molesworth of Fairlawn (b 27.08.1799, d 25.05.1877) had issue
  m. (18.01.1820) Harriet Hawkins (d 06.10.1880, dau of Capt. Charles Hawkins)
  ((3)) Thomas William Ponsonby Molesworth (b 10.12.1800, d 11.01.1881) had issue
  m. (16.04.1827) Anne Fawcett (dau of Rev. Thomas Fawcett of Greens Norton)
  (b) Robert Molesworth (Captain)
  m. (1770) Elizabeth Rose (dau of Hickman Rose by Elizabeth, dau of Jonah Pratt of Castlemartyr)
  ((1)) Arthur Molesworth (d 07.01.1843, Major General) had issue
  m. Mary Kearney (d 03.02.1860, dau of Matthew Kearney)
  ((2)) Hickman Blayney Molesworth (d 03.05.1844) had issue
  m1. Wilhelmina Dorothea Hone (dau of Brindley Hone)
  m2. Maria Studdert (dsp 18.01.1861, dau of George Studdert)
  ((3)) Bysse Cole Molesworth (d 04.12.1819, Major, 4th son) had issue
  m. Jane Smyth (dau of William Smyth)
  ((4)) Caroline Molesworth
  m. _ Gurnell (Colonel)
((5))+ other isuse - Theophilus (d 1851), Bourchier (b 1778, d unm 1855, Captain RN)
  (c) St. George Molesworth
  ((1)) William St. George Molesworth
  (d) Ponsonby Molesworth (5th son)
  m. Susannah Sheaffe (sister of Sir R.H. Sheaffe, Bart)
  (e) Caroline Molesworth
  m. Charles Walker
  (f) Florence Molesworth
m. Rev. Thomas Colclough
  (g)+ other issue - Richard, William, John Cole, Alice, Caroline Amelia
  (viii) Juliana Molesworth (d unm 1759)
  (ix) Mary Molesworth
  m. George Monck of Dublin
  (x) Charlotte Amelia Molesworth
  m. William Tichburne (Captain)
  (xi) (Wilhelmina) Letitia Molesworth
m. Edward Bolton of Brazeel
  ii. Robert Molesworth
  iii. Bevile Molesworth (d before 09.05.1636)
  m. Martha (d before 28.10.1644, widow of _ Pryn & Thomas Thorowgood)
  a. Bevile Molesworth (dvp)
  b. Grace Molesworth
  m. Thomas Hill of Lewisham
  c. Elizabeth Molesworth
  m. Francis Lucy
  iv. John Molesworth of Pencarrow (bur 26.01.1634)
  m1. Catherine Hender (dau of John Hender of Botreaux Castle)
  m2. Phillipa Rolle (dau of Henry Rolle of Heanton)
  v. Winckfield Molesworth of London (d c10.1613, haberdasher)
  m. Mary Sampson of London
  a.+ issue (a 10.1613) - Parr, John, Winckfield, William, Mary
  The following comes from Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Molesworth).
  iii.+ other issue - Robert, Bevile, son
  B.+ other issue - William (dsp), Mary (d unm)

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Molesworth') with a little input for earlier generations from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Molesworth of Pencarrow', p327)
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