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Families covered: Molony of Ballynahinch, Molony of Cragg, Molony of Kiltanon

John O'Molony (d 01.05.1610)
1. James O'Molony
  A. James Molony of Kiltanon & Ballynahinch, co. Clare (d before 04.07.1733, 3rd son)
  m1. Joan Molony
  i. John Molony (dvp 1724)
  m. (c05.1713) Anstace McNemara (d 1726, dau of William McNemara of Rathanny)
  a. James Molony of Cragg (dsp c11.1759)
m. Anne O'Dwyer
  b. John Molony of Tulla (3rd son)
  (1) John Molony (dsp)
  c. Patrick Molony of Cragg (d 19.04.1799)
  m. (c02.1746) Elizabeth Cusack (dau of Thomas Cusack of Fortanemore, niece of John Cusack of Kilkishen)
  (1) John Molony of Cragg (d 11.05.1805)
  m. (c07.1771) Dilliana Brady (d 21.06.1806, dau of Henry Brady of Kilcorney, cousin)
  (A) Patrick Molony of Cragg (b 1772, d 09.10.1832) had issue
  m. (02.101808) Alice Brew (d 17.03.1847, dau of Charles Brew of Appleville)
  (B) Mary Molony
  m. (c02.1812) James Barry of Rockstown (d 25.07.1828)
  (C)+ other issue (dsp) - James (d 01.02.1843), William (d 1822), Henry (d 1823), Hugh (d 1836)
  (2) James Molony of Fortanemore (d 02.1841)
  m. (16.02.1789) Marcella O'Connell (dau of Bartholomew O'Connell of Kilgory)
  (A) Bartholomew Molony of Woodbine Cottage, co. Clare (d 03.02.1835) had issue
  m. (25.02.1829) Ellen Grene (dau of Patrick Grene of Grene Abbey)
  (B) John Molony (dsp)
  (C) William Molony of Garruagh
  m1. Mary Sampson
  m2. Katherine Arthur
  (D) Maria Molony (dsp)
  m. Edmund McGrath (Dr.)
  (E) Ellen Molony
  m1. Thomas Arthur of Castle Conell
  m2. (1833) Michael Gavin of Springfield (Captain)
  (F) Anne Molony (dsp)
  m. (1831) Robert FitzGerald (Dr)
  (3) Margery Molony (d 06.07.1793)
  m. Thomas O'Grady
  d. Andrew Molony
  m. Anabella Massy
  (1) James Massy Molony of Rathluba, co. Clare
  m. Susanalva Molony
(A) daughter 
  (2)+ other issue - Hugh, MacNamara (d 06.1837), Elinor, Anstace
  e.+ other issue - William (d unm before 03.1760), Joan, Bridget, Mary
  m2. Mary Lambert (dau of James Lambert of Carnagh)
  ii. James Molony of Kiltanon (a 1733)
  m. (11.1720) Elizabeth Crossdaile (dau/coheir of Thomas Crossdaile of Cloghstoken, widow of Major Morgan Ryan of Silvergroce)
  a. James Molony of Kiltanon (b 1723)
m. (c08.1751) Mary Weldon (d before 21.08.1794, dau of Arthur Weldon of Raheenderry)
  (1) James Molony of Kiltanon, Sheriff of co. Clare (b 1752, d 12.10.1823)
  m. (1780) Selina Mills (d 1825, dau of Rev. John Mills of Barford)
  (A) James Molony of Kiltanon, Sheriff of co. Clare (b 18.08.1785, d 07.07.1874) had issue
  m1. (17.02.1820) Harriet Harding (d 08.10.1826, dau of William Harding of Baroset)
  m2. (15.04.1828) Lucy Wheler (d 14.05.1855, dau of Sir Trevor Wheeler, 8th Bart)
  (B) Edmund Molony (b 1794, d 1830 in India, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1815) Frances Rosina Greighton (dau of Henry Greighton of Goarmalty)
  (C) Anne Molony (b 1786, dsp 1844)
  m. (1827) Rev. W. Butler of Down
(D)+ other issue (d unm) - Charles Arthur (b 1790, d 1824 in India), Selina (b 1781), Mary (b 1782, d 1826), Harriet (b 1784, d infant), Lucy (b 1787, d 1835)
  (2) Walter Weldon Molony (d 1819, 3rd son)
  m. (1795) Mary Spellissy (dau of Dr. _ Spellissy)
  (A) Walter Molony (b 1795) had issue
  m. (1819) Mary Frances Kelly (dau of William Kelly of Strokestown & Dublin)
  (B) Arthur Molony (b 1800, Rector of Tandragee) had issue
  m. Esther Croker (d 1837, dau of Edward Croker)
  (C) Elizabeth Molony
  m. (1836) John Croker
  (D)+ other issue - James (d unm in India), Anne
  (3) Lambert Molony (judge) had issue
  m. _ King of Corrard
  (4) Weldon John Molony (d 1824, Rector of Dunleckney) had issue
  m. (20.03.1804) Mary Preston (dau of Rev. Samuel Preston of Ballbracken & Monasterevan)
  (5) Charles Molony
  m. Elizabeth Hartley
(6)+ other issue (d unm) - Arthur, Edmund, Elizabeth
  b. Croasdaile Molony (b 1719, d 1799)
  The following is supported by Commoners (vol 4, 'Molony of Granahan', p768).
m. (c1756) Catherine Gonnne (dau of Henry Gonne)
  (1) Croasdaile Fitzgerald Molony (d 08.1777)
  (2) Henry Gonne Molony (b 1759, d 1821)
  m. (1786) Caroline Walker (dau of Thomas Walker (Master in Chancery) by Caroline, dau of Hon. Bysse Molesworth)
  (A) Croasdaile Molony of Granahan, co. Limerick (b 18.07.1788, d 1867) had issue
  m. (1816) Charlotte Halcott (dau of Colonel Thomas Halcott)
  (B) Henry Gonne Molony (b 1801, d 31.07.1888) had issue
  m. (13.12.1823) Hannah Knox (d 18.11.18412, dau of Rev. Arthur Knoz of Dublin & Bray)
  (C) Caroline Molony
m. William Richards (Captain)
  (D) Catherine Molony
  m. John Richards (Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland)
  c. Lambert Mohony (d 14.01.1771)
  m. (18.11.1768) Jane Browne (dau of Rev. _ Browne of Waterford)
  (1) Elizabeth Croasdaile Molony
  m. James Ledwith of Ledwithstown
  d. John Molony
  e. Jane Molony
  m. (06.10.1750) Ringrose Drew of Drewsborough
  m3. (sp) Mary O'Brien (dau of Kennedy O'Brien of Killernan, widow of Daniel Ryan of Moanegienagh then Richard Butler of Knocktopher)
  m4. Christian Martin (sister of Peter Martin)
iii. Richard Molony of Loughboro' (Clancool & Oughterush) ancestor of Molony of Loughborough
  iv. Thomas Burke Molony, later in Jamaica (d 1729)
  m. Sibella (Mrs. Blake)
  a. Christian Molony
  v. Andrew Molony of Clonbrick
  a.+ issue - James, John, Andrew
  vi. Stephen Molony of Ballynahinch (d 1792)
  m. Anne Butler
  a. Francis Molony of Ballynahinch (d before 21.06.1810, 2nd son)
  m. (c10.1773) Catherine Kelly (d 01.1831)
  (1)+ issue - James, daughters?, Maria (d unm 07.1845)
  b. William Molony
  m. (c02.1771) Anne Donohoe of Nenagh
  c. Mary Molony
  m. John Powell
  d. Julian Molony
  m. (1779) Denis Molony of Lacheroo
  e. Cheistian Molony (d 13.02.1803)
m. (c01.1767) Charles Cantrell of Melick
  f.+ other issue - James (d before 07.12.1763), John, Stephen, Richard, Butler, Elizabeth
  vii. Mary Molony
  m. Henry Brady of Kilcorney & Bernskea
  viii.+ other issue (dsp) - Margaret, Catherine
  B. Eleanor Molony
  m. Edmond Nihell
  C. Honora Molony
  m. Florence MacNemara of Ardeloony
  D.+ other issue - Daniel of Ballysheen (d Limerick), Denis (b 1650, d unm 11.12.1726, of Gray's Inn), John Baptist (cleric)
2. John O'Molony, Bishop of Killaloe then Limerick, later in France (b 21617, d 03.09.1702)
3. daughter
  m. John MacNemara of Ranna
4. daughter
  m. _ Duryer
5. Vai O'Molony
  m. _ Blake

Main source(s): BIFR1976 ("Molony') with support from MGH (NS4 vol 5 (1914), 'Molony of Cragg. co. Clare', p85+)
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