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Families covered: Chideock of Chideock, Cockshead of Chumleigh (Chimley), Cranford of Ashby Ledgers, Cropley of Clerkenwell, Cropley of Sohan, Cusack of Fortanemore, Cusack of Snaty

John de Gerveys (d 1260)
1. Sir John de Gerveys (d 1281)
  m. Christina
  A. Sir John de Chideock (d 1344)
  m. Lucy
i. John de Chideock of Chideock
  m. Elizabeth or Isabel Grey (dau of Robert de Grey, later FitzPayn, by Elizabeth de Briene)
  a. Sir John de Chideock of Chideock (b c1348, d 1390)
  m. Joan St. Loe (dau of Sir John St. Loe)
(1) Sir John Chideock of Chideock (b c1375, d 1449/50)
  m. Alianore FitzWarin (dau of Sir Ivo FitzWarin by Maud de Argentine)
  (A) Sir John Chideock of Chideock (b 1423, d 10.04.1479)
  m. Catherine Lumley (dau of Ralph Lumley, 1st Lord)
  (i) Catherine Chideock
  m1. William Stafford
  There is confusion as to William's identity. We follow TCP (Devon) which identifies him as of Hook & Southwick with them being parents of Humphrey, Earl of Devon. However, BE1883 (FitzPayne) and BP1934 (Arundel) identify him as 'of Frome', BE1883 showing them as having "an only child" who was Humphrey, Earl of Devon.
  m2. (c1451) Sir John Arundell of Lanherne
  m3. Sir Roger Lewknor
  (ii) Margaret Chideock (d 12.03.1502/3)
  m1. William Stourton, 2nd Lord (b c1432, d 18.02.1477-8)
  m2. (after 1478) Sir John Cheney, Lord of Shurland (dsp 30.05.1496)
  (B) Elizabeth Chideock (d 14.06.1464)
  m1. William Massy (a 16.05.1425)
  m2. Walter FitzWalter, 7th Lord (b c1400, d 25.11.1431)
  m3. (before 05.11.1438) Sir Thomas Cobham of Sterborough (d 26.04.1471)



Willam Cockshead of Chimley, Devon
m. Thomasine Pollard (dau of (Anthony) Pollard of Horwood)
1. Anthony Cockshead of Chimley (Chumleigh)
  m. Elizabeth Harvey (dau of Anthony Harvey of Devon)
  A. Anthony Cockshead of Chimley (Chumleigh) (d before 28.07.1611)
  m. Jane Estcott of Devon
  i. Anthony Cockshead of Chimley (Chumleigh) (d c05.1623)
  m1. Joan Westcomb (dau of John Westcomb of Chimley)
  a.+ issue (a 1623) - John (b c1595, d before 18.02.1631-2), Francis, Anthony, Thomas (a 1631), Robert, Hugh, Elizabeth, Thomasine, Jane, Susan, Christian
  m2. (by 1623) Frances
  ii. Hugh Cockshead of Pitford (d before 24.11.1629)
  m. Anne Pearse (a 1629, m2. _ Comer)
  iii. Thomazine Cockshead
  m. John Cooke of Southmolton
  iv. Suzan Cockshead
  m. Humphry Skinner of Chimley
2. William Cockshead



William Cranford of Ashby Ledgers (d by 1214)
m. Juliana Cazon (dau/heir of Henry Cazon)
1. John Cranford of Ashby Ledger (a 1255)
  m. Petronilla Stanford (dau of William Stanford)
  A. Nicholas Cranford of Ashby Ledger (a 1315)
  m. Catherine
  i. Robert Cranford of Ashby Ledger (d by 1374)
  m. Margaret de Watford (a 1374, dau of Edmund de Watford, sister/heir of Roger)
  a. Emma Cranford (a 1411)
  m. John Catesby of Ladbroke (d by 1405)



John Cropley of Soham, Cambridgeshire
1. Edward Cropley of Soham & London
  m. Priscilla Mooor (dau/heir of Thomas Moor or More of London)
  A. Sir John Cropley of Clerkenwell (Middlesex), 1st Bart (bur 05.11.1676)
  m. (by 1634) Elizabeth Hollingworth (bur 17.12.1680, dau/heir of Daniel Hollingworth of Clerkenwell)
  i. Sir Edward Cropley of Clerkenwell (b c1637, dvp bur 10.03.1664/5)
  m. Martha Wilson (dau of Robert Wilson of London, m2. Sir Edmund Bowyer of Camberwell)
  a. Sir John Cropley of Clerkenwell, 2nd Bart (b 15.07.1663, d unm 22.10.1713)
  b. Martha Cropley
  m. Thomas Marsh of Coulfoot
  ii. Anne Cropley (b c1649, a 1664) who married ...
  m. (c06.1675) Sir John Holt of Redgrave Manor, Lord Chief Justice (b 1642, dsp 1710)
  iii.+ other issue - John (b c1652, a 1664), Benjamin (b c1654, a 1664), Sarah (b c1647, a 1664)



Teige Cusack of Snaty in Kilselly
1. Loghlen Cusack of Snaty in Kilselly (a 1641, 1664)
  A. John Cusack of Kilkishen, Derrymore, etc., Sheriff of co. Clare (d 20.11.1717)
m. Elizabeth Jones (dau of ?? Jones, Bishop of Meath, m2. Thomas Studdert)
  i. Catherine Cusack (d 1718)
  m. (1701) Michael Cole of Derry (brother of Sir Arthur, Lord Ranelagh)
  ii. Mabella Cusack
  m. Arthur Gore of Clonroad (d by 1730)
  B. Thomas Cusack of Fortanemore (a 1745)
  i. John Cusack of Firtane & Rosslara (a 1745)
  m. ?? (d 24.06.1811)
  a. Ellen Cusack (dsp)
  m1. (04.05.1790) Eyre Massy Evans (Captain)
  m2. (28.10.1818) Luke Bernard of Limerick
  ii. James Cusack of Fortanemore (a 1745, d unm)
  iii. Elizabeth Cusack (d 1786)
  m. (c02.1746) Patrick Molony of Cragg (d 19.04.1799)
  C. Peter Cusack of Rosslara

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