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Families covered: Napier of Auchendonarie, Napier of Blackyards, Napier of Bonhill, Napier of Kilmahew, Napier of Napierston, Napier of Milton
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'History of Dumbartonshire' reports that "it seems not improbable" that this family arose separately from the Napiers of Merchiston. It suggests that the name Napier may have derived from "an office in the royal household known as the "Napery", which existed as early as the middle of the twelth century".
John Napier of Kylmathew or Kilmahew (a 1305)
1. William Napier of Kilmahew
  William was succeeded by his brother Duncan who was succeeded by the following Dugald "heir of his father, William". It is a presumption (supported by the numbering system used by Irving) that the following Dugald was son of this William rather than of a William, son of Duncan.
  A. Dugald Napier of Kilmahew
  i. John Napier of Kilmahew (a 1407) either father or grandfather (through an intermediary John) of ...
  a. Duncan Napier of Kilmahew, Bonhill & Milton (a 1462, d by 1478)
  Irving noted that Elizabeth Menteith, Lady of Rusky (presumably this Elizabeth), was a cousin of Duncan's sons so (noting that Elizabeth's mother was a Murray) it is likely that his wife was either a Menteith or a Murray.
  (1) Sir John Napier (chaplain, eldest son?)
  (2) Duncan Napier of Kilmahew, Bonhill & Milton (a 1496)
  (3) Robert Napier of Kilmahew, Bonhill & Milton
  m. (1497) Agnes Maxwell
(A) John Napier of Kilmahew & Napierston
  m. Margaret Sempill (probably of family of Fulwood)
  (i) Robert Napier of Kilmahew
  m. Margaret Houston
(a) Robert Napier (dvp)
  (b) Patrick Napier of Kilmahew & Bonhill (a 1569)
  m. Elizabeth or Margaret Cunningham (dau of ?? Cunningham of Drumquhassil)
  ((1)) John Napier of Kilmahew, Napierston & Milton (a 1603, d before 22.10.1644)
  m. Susannah Cunningham (dau of William, 6th Earl of Glencairn)
((A)) Robert Napier of Kilmahew (d 1659)
  m. (mcrt 24.04.1626) Katherine Haldane
  ((i)) John Napier of Kilmahew, Walton & Wallacetorwn
  m. (1649) Lilias Colquhoun (dau of Alexander Colquhoun of Tilliquhoun)
  ((a)) Margaret Napier
  m1. Patrick Maxwell of Newark
  Their son inherited Kilmahew and took the name Napier.
  m2. (sp) John Cunningham, 11th Earl of Glencairn (d 14.12.1703)
  ((b)) Catherine Napier
  m. Robert Campbell of Netherwoodside
  ((ii)) James Napier of Auchendonarie (d unm by 1669)
  ((iii)) Robert Napier of Auchendonarie (a 1669)
  ((iv)) Peter Napier
  ((a)) John Napier in Glasgow
  partner unknown
  (((1))) Peter Napier of Napierston & Auchendonarie
  (((A))) John Napier of Napierston
  ((v)) Anne Napier
  m. John Maxwell of Blackstone
  ((B)) Helen Napier
  m. John Marshall of Clathedarick
  ((2)) Eleanor Napier
  m. (1609) John McAuslan (son of Patrick McAuslan of Calderoth)
  ((3)) Janet Napier
  m1. Robert Cunningham
  m2. Cuthbert Jameson
  ((4))+ other issue - James, Patrick
  (c) Janet Napier
  m. (1579) Robert Cunningham (son of Humphrey of Aikenbar)
(ii) Patrick Napier of Blackyards
  m. Katherine Noble
  (a) Robert Napier of Blackyards & Auchindennan (d before 1621)
  m. Margaret Hamilton
  ((1)) John Napier (a 1621)
  (iii) Charles Napier of Milndovan (dsp)
  m1. Margaret Noble (relict of William Sempill of Cathcart)
  m2. Elizabeth Watson
  (iv) Agnes Napier
  m. William Buchanan (son of _ Buchanan of Drumakill)
  (v)+ other issue - Robert, Walter, Agnes (d young)
  (4) Janet Napier possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Douglas of Ferguston (a 1502, 1522)
2. Duncan Napier of Kilmahew

Main source(s): extract from 'History of Dumbartonshire' (1860, by Joseph Irving) kindly provided by a contributor (CV, 11.06.08)
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