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Families covered: Plessetis (Plescy or Plessis) of Kidlington, Plessis (Plessitis) of Missenden

'Plessetis' is the Latin version of this family's original name, which appears to have been de Plessis, but appears to have become commonly adopted. It is possible that the following was connected to the family of Plessis of Plessis, Northumberland [which is reported on in 'Pedigree of Plessis, of Plessis' in 'A History of Northumberland in Three Parts' by John Hodhson (Part II, Vol II, p295)] but we have yet to find a connection to that family from any family in our database, let alone this one. We start with a Sir John and a Sir Hugh whom we show as brothers but who may have been cousins. Lipscomb reports that John was "a Norman by birth, and a domestic servant of the King's Court".
?? de Plessis
1. Sir John du/de Plessis of Musewell (Oxfordshire)& Missenden (Buckinghamshire), Sheriff of Oxfordshire, later 'Earl of Warwick' (d 25.02.1262/3)
  m1. (1234) Christian de Sandford (d before 25.12.1242?, dau/coheir of Hugh de Sandford of North Moreton (by Joan, dau of Hugh de Noers of Great Missenden), widow of Sir William de Sidenham of Titchmarsh)
  A. Sir Hugh de Plessis of Missenden 'of Hooknorton & Kidlington' (b c1237, d before 07.07.1292)
  m1. (before 1249) Isabel Biset (dau/coheir of John Biset by Alice, dau/coheir of Thomas Basset of Headington)
  i. John de Plessis or Plessetis (dvp 1729) who appears to have married ...
  m. Annabel de Segrave (dau of Nicholas de Segrave, 1st Lord)
  ii. Hugh de Plescy of Kidlington & Missenden, 1st Lord (b c1267, d before 23.08.1301 (1299?), 4th son)
  m. Margaret (d before 03.11.1311 (c1304?))
  a. Hugh de Plescy, 2nd Lord (b 25.04.1295, d before 26.04.1337)
  m. Millicent (d 10.06.1361, m2. Richard de Stonelegh)
  (1) Hugh de Plescy, 3rd Lord (b 1319-20, dsp 02.09.1349)
  m. Elizabeth de la Beche (dau of William de la Beche (d c1378, by Eupheme, dau/coheir of Edmund Comyn of Kilbride), m2. Sir Roger de Elmerugge of Elmbridge)
  (2) John de Plescy, 4th Lord (b c1332, dsp befoer 26.10.1354)
  (3) Eleanor de Plescy (d by 1360)
  m. John Lenveysey (d 15.09.1360)
  (A) John Lenveysey, later Plescy (b c1352, dsp)
  m. (1359) Joan de Missenden (dau of Thomas de Missenden by Isabel)
  b. Robert de Plescy (de Plessetis) (d 1301-2)
  This line comes from Lipscomb who identifies Robert as "brother or son of Hugh" and shows him as of this generation. However, we think it not unlikely that he was a generation earlier.
  m. Ela
  (1) John de Plessetis (d 1314-5)
  m. Ida (a 1365)
  (A) Edmund de Plesey (d 1327-8)
  (i) Nicholas de Plesey (d 1362-3)
  (a) Joane de Plesey (dsp 1398-9)
  m. Sir John Hamelyn
  (ii) Peter de Plesey in Northamptonshire (a 1398)
  (a) John Plessey
((1)) John Plessey
  ((A)) John Plessey (dsp 1416-7)
  (b) Joane de Plesey
  m. J. Cranwell
  iii. Christiane de Plessis or Plessetis
  m. (1269-70) John de Segrave, 2nd Lord (b c1256, d before 04.10.1325)
  iv.+ other issue - Thomas (dvp 1283), Philip (a 1286, dvp)
  m2. (by 01.1278/9) Joan de Hoyvill (dau of Hugh de Hoyvill, widow of John de Soleham or Suleham of Hempton)
m2. (before 14.09.1243, sp) Margery, Countess of Warwick (d 03.06.1253, dau of Henry de Newburgh, 5th Earl of Warwick)
2. Sir Hugh du Plessis or Plessetis
  Mentioned in BE1883 (Plessetts or Plessetis of Warwick) was Hugh's son ...
  A. Robert de Plecy or Plessets of Upwinborne Placy, Dorset had issue
  The following connection to Richard is shown on various web sites which, insofar as they identify a source, indicate that it was the IGI.
  B. Hugh de Plessis or Plessetis
  m. Muriel de Wrotham
  i. Richard de Wrotham
m. Gladys (dau of Berenger le Romeyn)
  Visitation (Rutland, 1618-9, Durant) shows that son of a Plesetis who married a Wrotham was the following William whom we presume fits here.
  ii. William Plessetis (d 1273-4)
  a. Richard Plessetis (dsp)
  b. Avelina Plessetis
  m. John Durant
  c. Emme Plessetis
  m. John Hearne (d 1326-7)
  d. Sabina Plessetis
  m. Nicholas Peach
  (1)+ issue - Nicholas, Richard

Main source(s): TCP (Plescy (de Plecy, du Plessis)) with input/support from Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Missenden, or Nowers, with their Alliances', p365+) and as reported above
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