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Families covered: Price of The Priory of Brecknock, Price of Wistaston Court

Rhys (ap Einion Sais) of Porthgogof, Ystradfellte, Brecon
m. Gladys or Elen (dau of Llwellyn ap Hywel Felyn) named Elen by Jones but Gladys by CV
1. Adam of Porthgogof
  m. Ellen (dau of Llewellyn (or Cwmwd) ap Hywel Hen)
  A. Rhys Llwyd
  m1. Goleubrydd (dau of David Owen Fychan ap Owen ap Cynharwy)
  i. Gwilym this generation deliberately omitted by CV
  m. Margaret (dau of John Jeuan)
  a. Llewelyn of Brecon
  m. Joan (dau of Rees Jenkin)
  (1) Gwilym Gam
  m. Cicisl (dau of D. Jenkin Awbrey)
  (A) Llewelyn ancestor of Gwilym of Garregcawr
  (B) John Ychan ancestor of Williams of Gwernyvet
  (C) Philip had issue
  (D) Rhys of Brecon
m1. ??
  (i) Griffith Price
  (a) John Price
  ((1)) David Price
  ((A)) Howel 'Pencerdd' Price
  m2. Gwenllian (dau of Hywel Madoc)
  (ii) Sir John Price of Porteham & The Priory , Sheriff (b c1502, d 15.10.1555, MP) - continued below
  m. (11.10.1534) Joan (b c1516, d by 1592, dau of John Williams alias Cromwell of Southwark by Johan Wykes)
  (E) Thomas had issue
  (F) Jenkin had issue
  (G) Morgan had issue
  (2) Griffith had issue
(3) Jenkin had issue
  (4) Rees ancestor of Hughes of Maes y pandy, Merionethshire
  (5) Jennet
  m. John Gwilym Fychan
  (6) Jennet (2nd)
  m1. Rhys ap Ho(wel?)
  m2. Howel Morgan
  (7) Margaret
  m. Morgan (ap) David Gam
  b. Philip
  m. ?? (dau of Philip Vaughan)
  c. daughter
  m. Richard ap Evan du
  d. Margaret
  m. Jenkin Gunter hen
  e. Ellis(abeth)
  m. Watkin David Llotd
  f. Nest
  m. Roger David Llwyd
  g. daughter
  m. Rees Lewis Leiz
  h. daughter
  m. Trahaern Llwyd
  ii. Adam had issue
  iii. Meredith had issue
  iv. daughter
  m. Evan ap Evan Gethin
  v. Isabel
  m. Griffith ap Cadwgan
  vi. Jennet
  m. David ap Evan Goch
  m2. Lleic (dau of Howel Gwalter Rhys ap Rhosser Goch)
  vii. David
  a. Evan
  (1) Howel (or Rhys Llwyd)
  (A) Llewelyn Brecheinlaw
  m. Gwenllian (dau of Llewelyn ddu)
  (i) Leici (Lucy?)
  (2) daughter
  m. ?? ap Morgan (ap) David Gam
  b. daughter
  m. Griffith ap Trahaern
  viii. Llewlyn had issue
  B. Evan had issue
2. David
  David is identified by Jones as the ancestor of Aprice of Washingley. As shown on Wales77, we show that family as springing from Matthew, David's uncle.
3. Maud
  m. Griffith ap Rhys Fongam



Sir John Price of Porteham & The Priory at Brecknock (Herefordshire), Sheriff (b c1502, d 15.10.1555, MP) - continued above
m. (11.10.1534) Joan (b c1516, d by 1592, dau of John Williams alias Cromwell of Southwark by Johan Wykes)
1. Gregory Price of Hereford & The Priory, Sheriff, Mayor of Hereford (b 06.08.1535, d 19.03.1600, MP)
  Siddons, who has been recommended to us as being very reliable, shows that Gregory married twice (as shown) but identifies only one child, the daughter "and sole heire" Mary. However, Jones shows Gregory & Mary Coningsby as parents of the Thomas who m. Anne Rudhall whilst Visitation (1569) shows in italics, thereby indicating that it was added by the Harleian Editor (who identifies Duncomb's work on Herefordshire (vol 2, p131) as the source), Gregory & Mary as father of the John who m. Ann Chute. We follow Siddons in showing that Thomas and that John below.
  m1. (by 11.1559) Mary Coningsby (dau of Humphrey Coningsby of Hampton Court)
  m2. (by 1598) Grissel Roberts (dau of Walter Roberts of Glassenbury, widow of Gervase Gebons, m3. Sir John Poyntz)
  A. Mary Price
m. John Price of The Priory @1@ below
  partner(s) unknown
  B.+ 2 sons + 1 daughter
2. Richard Price of The Priory, Brecknock (Brecon) (b c1538, dsp before 04.02.1586/7)
  m. Elizabeth Wightman (dau/coheir of William Wightman of Harrow-on-the-Hill)
3. John Price of The Priory, Brecknock
m. Elizabeth Games (dau of John Games of Aberbrayn)
  Jones shows just one child for John & Elizabeth, a Thomas who married (no children shown). Siddons suggests that Jones confused the Thomases and shows as follows. HoP ("John Prise") supports this inasmuch that it identifies the 1st wife of the undermentioned John as daughter of his great-uncle Gregory.
  A. Thomas Price of The Priory (d 1654)
  m. Anne Rudhall (dau of William Rudhall of Rudhall, sister/coheir of John of Rudhall)
  i. John Price (Prise) of The Priory & Wistaston Coutt (Herefordshire) (b c1603, d 10.166, MP)
  m1. (by 1617) Mary Price (dau/heir of Gregory Price of Hereford) @1@ above
  a.+ issue (a 1634) - Anne (b c1621), Gresill (b c1623)
  m2. (1631) Anne Chute (b 1613, dau/heir of Sir George Chute of Stockwell & Wistaston by Margaret, dau/heir of Thomas Welford of Wistaston)
c. Thomas Price of Wistaston Court (Herefordshire) & Westminster (b c1633, d c1699)
  Siddons ends with Thomas "not a yeare old". The following comes from Jones, supported by data added by the Harleian Editor to Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, 'Welford of Wistaston'), identifying Duncomb's work on Herefordshire (vol 2, p133) as the source, and by input from HoP ("John Price of Wistaston Court"). Jones shows both marriages but appears to indicate that both Diana & John were by Diana Wray. Visitation ('Welford') shows just one wife for Thomas, Diana Wray, shown as mother of John. However, HoP (which does not name Thomas's 1st wife) shows John as Thomas's son by his 2nd wife, Mary Carne.
  m1. Diana Wray (dau of Sir Christopher Wray of Lincolnshire)
  (1) Diana Price
  m. _ Button of Cotterell
  m2. Mary Carne (dau of Colonel Thomas Carne of Nash)
  (2) John Price of Wistaston Court (b c1674, d 27.02.1738, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Price (dau/heir of Herbert Price of Benchesham in Surrey, 2nd cousin) @2@ below
  (A) Mary Price
m. Thomas Hayton
  (B)+ 2 or 3 sons (dvpsp)
  d. other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth
  ii. Sir Herbert Price 'of Park Hall' (sewer)
  m. Goditha Arden (dau of Sir Henry Arden of Park Hall)
  a. Sir Thomas Arden Price
  m. Elizabeth Denham (dau of Sir John Denham)
b. Sir Basil Price
  m. Jane Vaughan (dau of Henry Vaughan of Cilcennin)
  c. Herbert Price 'of Benchesham in Surrey'
  m. Jane Head (dau of Sir Richard Head)
  (1) Elizabeth Price
  m. John Price of Winestone (Wistaston) @2@ above
  d. son
  iii. Margaret Price mentioned by Siddons but not Jones
  m. Jeffrey Jeffreys (Geoffrey Geoffrey) of Abercunrick
  iv. Alice Price mentioned by Siddons but not Jones
  m. Brian Crowther (Crowder) of Knighton
  v. Elinor Price mentioned by Jones but not Siddons
m1. Edmund Morgan of Llanspyddid
  m2. John Jeffreys
  vi. Elizabeth Price mentioned by Jones but not Siddons
  m. Humphrey Berrington of Bishopstone
  vii.+ other issue - Thomas, Richard, Bartholomew (of Cashel?), Mary, Ann, Elianor
  B. Joane Price
  C. Ursula Price
  m. John Seaborne of Stton
  D. Margaret Price dau of John 'of Wistaston', fits here?
  m. Nicholas Walwyn of Longworth (b 1561, d 1642, cousin)
4. William Price mentioned by Jones & Visitation (1569) but not Siddons
A. Thomas Price
5. Bartholomew Price (dsp) mentioned by Siddons, Visitation (1569) & Jones
6. Elynor Price mentioned by Siddons & Visitation (1569) but not Jones
  m. Thomas Walwin of Longford (d 1580)
7. Mary Price mentioned by Siddons, Visitation (1569) & Jones
  m. Thomas Morgan of Lanver
8. Joan Price mentioned by Siddons, Visitation (1569) & Jones
  Siddons & Visitation (1569) show just one husband for Joan, Thomas Williams of Estradfyn. Jones shows that she married 3 times as follows.
  m1. Thomas ap Rhys ap William Thomas Goch of Ystrady
  m2/3. Sir George Devereux of Lamphey (brother of the Earl of Essex?)
  m3/2. Thomas Jones alias 'Twm Sion' Catty (of) Fountain Gate
9.+ other issue - John (d infant?), Ursula, daughter
partner unknown
12. Katherine Price mentioned by Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Hererfordshire, 1634, 'Gomond of Byford', p100) where she is shown as the 1st wife of ...
  m. James Gomond of Byford (m2. Margaret , dau of Nicholas Walwyn of Longford)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of Brecknockshire' by Theophilus Jones (vol 2 part 1 (1809), p112) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 25.02.16) whose schedule on this family (based on 'History of Brecknockshire' plus other sources we have yet to research) helped us with the above
(2) For lower section : 'History of Brecknockshire' by Theophilus Jones (vol 2 part 1 (1809), p113), Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, 'Pryce of Porteham'), Visitation (Michael Powell Siddons (2002), Herefordshire, 1634, 'Price of Brecon and Hereford', p102+), HoP ("John Price" and connected pages) and as reported above
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