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Families covered: Price in Anglesey, Price of Cadnant, Price of Cors yr Eira, Price of Wern, Pownall of Barnton, Pownall of Morley, Pownall of Witton, Prestwich of Hulme

Hugh Price, heir of Cors yr Eira (bur 01.08.1699)
m. Elin (dau/heir of Rowland Jones
1. Rice Hughes or Price 'of Cors yr Eira'
  m. Ann (or Margaret) (dau of Robert ap Richard, of Bryn Croes)
A. Hugh Price of Wern, Sheriff of Anglesey (a 1792)
  m. (27.02.1746) Mary (dau/heir of William Humphrey of Braint)
  i. John Price of Mona Lodge (Amlwch), Sheriff of Anglesey (b 1757-8, d 26.05.1804, 2nd son)
  m. (1779) Elinor (b 1756-7, d 11.08.1831, dau/heir of Owen Griffith of Tryfan)
  a. John Price 'of Cadnant', Sheriff of Anglesey (b 01.1780, d 02.02.1855) had issue
  m1. (21.01.1809) Frances Lloyd (d 1816, dau of William Lloyd of Llwydiarth)
  m2. (11.03.1824, sp) Anne Sparrow (dau of John Bodychen Sparrow of Red Hill, relict of Rev. Evan Lloyd)
  b. Bulkeley Price of Withington (b 1783, d 1843, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Mary a contributor (MF, 12.03.11) identified her surname as Softley
  c. Hugh Price (b 1793, d 08.10.1867, RN) had issue
  m1. (15.08.1826) Ann Waite Peall (d 15.08.1826, dau of Richard Peall of Clifton)
  m2. (sp) Jane Maclaren (b c1805, d 27.11.1875)
  d. Mary Price
  m. Theophilus Jones
e. Elizabeth Price (bpt 19.12.1790)
  m. John Jones (rector of Llangynafal)
  f.+ other issue - Henry (b 11.03.1782, d 25.07.1816), James (bpt 15.02.1799, d 1829), Margaret (bpt 18.02.1781)
  ii. William Price 'of Wern' (bpt 15.09.1762, d 11.05.1831)
  m1. (15.03.1799) Elizabeth Hughes (bur 30.11.1804, dau of Henry Hughes of Penmynydd)
  a. William Price (rector of Llangelynin then Derwen, 2nd son)
m. _ Williams (dau of William Williams of Carnarvon)
  b. Ann Price (b 1799, d 02.01.1830)
  m. Owen Griffith of Tryfan
  c.+ other issue - Hugh Price of Hirael (bpt 05.04.1801), Mary (bpt 20.12.1804)
  m2. (26.01.1811) Margaret (Mrs. Hughes of Carnarvon)
  iii. Catherine Price (bpt 10.03.1758, d 22.04.1851)
  m. John Griffith of Tryfan
  iv. Elizabeth Price (bpt 21.12.1759)
  m. Thomas Rathbone (a 1808, vicar of Llanbadrig)
  v.+ other issue - Hugh (bpt 22.12.1747, dsp 18.06.1799), Ellen (bpt 02.10.1750, dsp), Ann (bur 01.12.1752), Mary (bpt 13.09.1761)
  B.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 25.02.1723), Jane (bpt 30.05.1731)
2. Mary (bpt 02.11.1690)



Thomas Pownall of Morley in Wilmslow, Cheshire
1. Humphrey Pownall of Morley, later of Witton
  A. Ralph Pownall of Witton
  i. Humphrey Pownall of Witton (d 1615)
  m. Jane Tue (dau/heir of Thomas Tue of Lostook Graham)
  a. Thomas Pownall of Barnton, Cheshire (b c1597, a 09.1663)
m. Katharine Littler (dau/heir of William Littler of Barnton)
  (1) William Pownall (b c1629, a 09.1663)
  m. Mary Grantham (dau/coheir of James Grantham of Wareham)
  (A) Thomas Pownall of Barnton, Lincoln & Saltfleetby (bpt 18.07.1650, d 1706)
  m. Mary Browne (bpt 25.01.1665-6, d 1756, dau/heir of Richard Browne by Mary Johnson)
  (i) William Pownall (bur 25.02.1735-6)
  m1. Elizabeth Scrope (b c1695, dsp 09.1717, dau of Robert Scrope of Cockerington)
  m2. (10.05.1720) Sarah Burneston (bur 09.01.1762)
  (a) John Pownall, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 1720, d 1795)
  m. Mary Lillingston (dau of (Lillingston) Bowden Lillingston)
  ((1)) Sir George Pownall (b 1755, d unm 17.10.1834, Secretary of Lower Canada, Provost Marshal General of the Leeward Islands)
  ((2))+ other issue - John Lillingston (b 1757, dsp), Mary (d unm
  (b) Thomas Pownall, Governor of Massachussetts (b 1722, dsp 1805)
  m. Harriet Churchill (b 1725-6, d 06.02.1777, dau of General Churchill, widow of Sir Everard Fawkener)
  (c)+ other issue (dsp) - Richard (bpt 10.01.1726-7), Edward (bpt 15.04.1727), William (bur 29.07.1730)
  (ii) Amy Pownall
  m. John Hutchinson of Louth
  (a) Mary Hutchinson
  m. Jephtha Foster of Lincoln
  ((1)) Frances Foster (bpt 13.02.1774)
  m. Charles Beaty of Lincoln
  Their son assumed the name Beaty-Pownall.
  ((2))+ other issue - Thomas Pownall (bpt 30.08.1771), Maria (bur 10.06.1776)
  (iii)+ other issue - Mary (b c1688, d 05.12.1772), Jane (a 1736)
  (B)+ other issue - William, Mary, Hannah, Catherine, Elizabeth mentioned in the Visitation
(2) Mary Pownall
  m. Thomas Massey of Nether Walton
  (3) Elizabeth Pownall
  m. John Martinscroft of Thelwall
  Mentioned in Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Pownall of Barnton) were ...
  b. George Pownall
  m. (c08.1617) Elizabeth Hewit (dau of Richard Hewit)
  c. Robert Pownall 'of Witton'
  m. (c03.1621) Mary Harcourt (b 1599, dau of William Harcourt of Winsham)
  d. Raphe Pownall
  m. Katherine Simcox (dau of George Simcox of Leftwich)
  ii. Elizabeth Pownall
  m. Richard Hewitt
  iii. Mary Pownall
  m. _ Harcourt of Wincham
  iv. Mary Pownall
  m. Richard Brown of Saltfleetby
  v.+ other issue - George, Robert



Descended from Adam de Prestwych of Prestwych (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272) was the following Elias who is described as "cousin and heir of Ralph Prestwyche".
Elias de Prestwich of Hulme, Lancashire
m. Isabella Tyldesley (dau of Thurstan Tyldesley)
1. ?? Prestwich possibly Ralph of Hulme, father of Anne
  A. Edmund Prestwich of Hulme (a temp Elizabeth who r. 1558-1603)
  m. Isabell Rigmayden (dau of Thomas Rigmayden)
  i. Edmund Prestwich of Hulme (bur 17.02.1628/9)
  m. Margaret Brereton (dau of Edward Brereton)
  a. son (dvp)
  b. Sir Thomas Prestwich of Hulme, 1st Bart (bpt 06.12.1604, bur 03.01.1673/4)
m. Elizabeth
  TCB reports claims to the baronetcy by a descendant of Elias, an alleged son of the 1st Bart (and younger brother of John who d unm), as set out in a pedigree which ignores the son Thomas who, according to TCB, "undoubtedly was the first surviving son (and successor) of Sir Thomas, the 1st Bart."
  (1) Sir Thomas Prestwich of Hulme, 2nd Bart (b c1625, bur 20.09.1676)
  m. (29.11.1649) Mary Hunt (b c1636, dau of Edward Hunt 'of Mortlake', granddau of Elizabeth Child)
  BEB1841 notes that "some uncertainty exists" concerning the descendants of the 2nd Bart.
  (A) Arabella (not Isabella) Prestwich (b c1659, d 14.03.1749/50)
  m. Matthew Ducie Moreton, 1st Lord Ducie of Moreton (b c1663, d 02.05.1735)
  (B) Penelope (probably not Priscilla) Prestwich (dsp)
m. (after 06.1692) ?? of London
  (C) Margaret Prestwich the existence of whom (as of this family) "seems doubtful"
  m. Richard Ringrose of (Barraboy near) Moynoe (Minoe), co. Clare (Colonel)
  (i) John Ringrose 'of Moynoe House'
  TCB does not identify John's wife and daughter but they are named in BLGI1912 (Drew of Drewscourt).
  m. Avarina Purdon (dau/coheir of Capt. Gilbert Purdon of Ballycahill)
  (a) Margaret Ringrose (2nd dau, coheir)
  m. Francis Drew of Drew's Court
  (2) Elias Prestwich, later of Ballaculioe, co. Limerick
m. Anne Parker (dau of George Parker of Dunkip)
  (A) Richard Prestwich
  m. Elizabeth Lombard (dau of John Lombard of White Church)
  (i) Elias Prestwich
  m. Catherine Lander (dau of John Lander of Cork)
  (a) ('Sir') John Prestwich of London (b 29-30.01.1744/5)
  m. (04.1776) Margaret Hall (dau of Joseph Hall, alderman of Dublin, by Ruth, dau of Francis Drew of Drew's Court)
  c. Elizabeth Prestwich probably of this generation
  m. John Booth (bur 01.08.1644)
  d. Ellen Prestwich probably of this generation
  m. Adam Byrom of Salford (bpt 01.01.1585-6, d 31.01.1644)
  B. Anne Prestwich possibly of this generation
  m. (before 08.1549) Edmund Ashton of Chadderton (b by 1521, d 08.1584)
2. Margery Prestwich possibly of this generation
  m. (1487) John Chetham of Nuthurst (b c1469, d 1515

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(1) For Price (uploaded 03.03.11) : Griffith's Pedigrees (Plas Cadnant, p155)
(2) For Pownall (uploaded 03.03.11) : Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903-6, Pownall) with input as reported above and a little support from Commoners (vol 4, Pownall of Pownall)
(3) For Prestwich (uploaded 20.10.11) : BEB1841 (Prestwich of Hulme, in the Supplement), TCB (vol 2, Prestwichof Hulme)
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