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Families covered: Pinckard of Caldicote, Plumpton of Plumpton (Northamptonshire), Payton of Suffolk, Prichard of Campston
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(1) We have seen this family's name spelt as Pincard and Pinkard. We follow the spelling used by BLG1894.
(2) BLG1894 reports that "The Pinckards held land in northamtonshire as early as 1346, and became possessors of Ascote, in Patteshall, and Grimscote, in Cold Higham, co.Northampton, in 1570. They retained these estates till 1809. A branch of the same family has held land at Caldicote from 1748."

(3) BLG1894 starts with John & Henry without identifying their relationship. We speculate that they were uncle & nephew, both descended from ...
?? Pinckard
1. John Pinckard of Caldicote (a 1748)
  BLG1894 identifies John's wfie as Elizabeth Bloxham. This appears to be ...
  m. Elizabeth Hopcraft (widow of Edward Bloxham)
  A. Phoebe Pinckard who d 1788 having married ...
  m. (14.02.1744) Thomas Grant of Banbury (b 1718, d 1758)
  B.+. other issue - John (dsp), Jane, Elizabeth
2. ?? Pinckard
  A. Henry Pinckard of Caldicote
  m1. (26.06.1756) Anne Flesher (dau of John Flesher of Duncot)
  i.+ "a numerous family"
  m2.Rachel Wilkins (dau of Thomas Wilkins of Towcester)
  ii. Joseph Pinckard of Combe Barton in Winkleigh, North Devon (b 12.09.1766, 2nd son of this marriage)
  m. (1793) Jane Tidboald (dau of Walter Tidboald of Anstey Barton)
  a. Henry Pinckard (dsp 1866)
  m. (1848) Agnes Wemyss Adamson
  b. George Henry Pinckard of Combe Court (Surrey) & London (b 25.05.1805, dsp 1892, 3rd son)
  m. (17.08.1865) Rosa Hodson (dau of Robert Hodson of South Mimms)
  c. Caroline Pinckard
m. John Letheren of Seckington
  d. Ann Pinckard
  m. J.S. Pidgeon of Warley Elms
  e. Jane Pinckard
  m. Frederick Lermitte of Brighton
  f.+ other issue - Richard (d 1846, MD), Joseph (d young)
  iii. Ann Pinckard
  m. _ Holley (of family of Oaklands)
  iv. Rachel Pinckard
  m. _ Arden (of family of Longcroft) ## see here ##
  v.+ other issue (dsp) - Richard (b 30.05.1765), George of London (b 1768, d 1835, physician), William (b 1769)



Robert de Plumpton of Plumpton, Northamptonshire
1. William de Plumpton of Plumpton (dsp)
2. Robert de Plumpton of Plumpton (a 1205, 1218)
m. Emma
  A. Sir Robert de Plumpton of Plumpton (a 1242)
  m1. Alice Wandard (dau of Robert Wandard of Mollington)
  i. Emma Plumpton (dvp)
  m. William de Cauz of Duston (a 1256)
  a. Robert de Cauz (a 1284)
  ii. Sarah Plumpton (a 1285)
  m. William de St. John of Hamelton (d by 1288)
  iii. Alice Plumpton
  m. Robert de Burcot
  iv. Agnes Plumpton (a 1256)
  m. Richard de la Hay of Blakesley
  v. Sibilla Plumpton (a 1256)
  m. Adam de Bosco or Bois
  m2. Emma (a 1242)
3.+ other issue - Walter, Anketill



William Payton of Risby, Suffolk (d before 06.10.1556, brother of Thomas (who a 1556))
m. Joan (d 1587, m2. Robert Jervis of Brockley)
1. Thomas Payton 'of Debden' (d before 1558)
  m. Anne
  A. Anne Payton
  m. (c02.1587) Thomas Hammond of Hawkedon
2. Rose Payton
  m. Simon Langham of Bury St. Edmunds
3. Margery Payton (d before 10.03.1589/90)
  m. Richard Wilson of Rattlesden (clerk)
4. Margaret Payton
  m. Thomas Bright of Bury St. Edmunds
5. Alice Payton
  m. Adam Macro
6. Elizabeth Payton (a 1588)
  m. Clement Hindes of Ely
7. Sibill Payton (d by 1599)
  m. Richard Hancock of Ely
8.+ other issue - Robert (d 1588), Adam of Bury St. Edmunds (a 1588, had issue), John, Ralph, George, Joan (d unm before 1588)



James Prichard of Glantrothy & Campston, Monmouthshire \9a 02.1675)
m1. Jane (bur 25.09.1631)
1. Mary Prichard
  m. Thomas Springett of Grosmont
2. Elizabeth Prichard (bpt 06.06.1626)
  m. (c1644) David Morgan of Llanwenarth
3. Alice Prichard (b c1237, d 1701)
  m. William Watkis of Pen-y-worlod
4. Jane Prichard (bpt 24.08.1631)
  m. _ Wintle
m2. Joane Milborne (dau of George Milborne of Wonastow by Christian Herbert)
5. Rowland Prichard of Campston (bur 08.11.1705)
  m. (1659) Dorothy Scudamore (dau of John Scudamore of Kentchurch)
  A. John Prichard of Campston (d by 1763)
  m. Ann (sold Campston in 1765)
  B. James Prichard (3rd son) possibly the James of Rowlseton who married ...
  m. Magdalen
  C.+ other issue - Ambrose, Elizabeth (bpt 02.04.1663)
6. Rachel Prichard
  m. Thomas Prosser of Trevetka

Main source(s):
(1) For Pinckard (uploaded 11.10.19) : BLG1894 ('Pinckard of Combe Court')
(2) For Plumpton (uploaded 14.10.19) : 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 2, 1841, 'Plumpton, St. Johm, Harwedon, Skenard of Skinnerton, Knightley of Plumpton, &c.', p96)
(3) For Payton (uploaded 28.10.20) : 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Edited with extensive additions', vol 1, 1900, 'Payton. Hammond. Langham of London', p262)
(4) For Prichard (uploaded 07.01.22) : MGH (NS5 vol 4 (1922), 'The Family of Milborne of Somerset and Monmouthshire', p46+)
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