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Families covered: Ranken of Ardgrene, Rankine of Beoch, Ranken of Burnhead, Rankine of Drumdow, Ranken of Sheill, Ranken of Whitehill

Paterson (vol 1, p370) reports that "The family trace themselves to a Flemish origin."
Peter Ranken of Sheill (a 1508)
1. William Ranken of Sheill
  A. Lawrence Ranken of Sheill (a 1544)
i. William Ranken of Sheill (a 1585)
  m. Agnes Craufurd (of the family of Lochnorris)
  a. William Ranken of Sheill (2nd son)
m. Helen Craufurd (dau of John Craufurd of Craufurdland)
  (1) William Ranken of Bankhead
  m. Abigail Cathcart (dau/heir of Robert Cathcart of Drumjoan)
  (A) Abigail Ranken
  m. (c1700) John Campbell of Horsecleugh or Skerrington
  (2) Agnes Mitchell
  b. James Ranken in Fardenreoch & Carniven (a 1619)
  m. _ Douglas (dau of George Douglas of Glenshamrock then Pennyland)
  (1) George Ranken of Ardgrene
m. Elizabeth Blackwood (dau/heir of John Blackwood of Ardgrene)
  (A) George Ranken of Ardgrene, later of Whitehill (d 1740)
  m. Agnes Farquhar (dau of William Farquhar of Lochingerroch)
  (i) James Ranken of Whitehill (d 1779) the first mentioned in vol 1
  m. (1750) Jean Hutchison (d 1790, dau of William Hutchison in Dalgig by a dau of Mitchel of Dalgain)
(a) George Ranken of Whitehill & Burnhead (d 02.12.1844)
  m. Janet Logan (dau of James Logan of Knockshinnoch by Margaret, dau of John Beg of Dornal by Sarah, dau of Ronald Chalmers of Polquhairn)
  ((1)) James Ranken of Whitehill & Glenlogan (d unm 30.05.1848)
  ((2)) Thomas Ranken in Ayr (d 1831, writer)
  m. Jane Campbell Logan (dau of John Logan of Knockshinnoch)
  ((A))+ issue - George, John, Thomas, Wilhelmina, Agnes
  ((3)) George Ranken in New South Wales
  m. Janet Hutchison (dau of William Hutchison of Killoside)
  ((A))+ issue - William, James, Thomas, Andrew
  ((4)) William Ranken, "formerly in Demerara, now in this country"
  m. Marianne Campbell (d 12.07.1846, dau of John Campbell of Edinburgh, son of Sir James of Aberuchiil, Bart)
  ((A))+ issue - William, Regina, Janet
  ((5)) Andrew Ranken, "formerly in Demerara, now in this country" (MD, 6th son)
  m. Agnes Koert (dau of John Koert of New South Wales)
  ((6)) Aruthr Ranken in Australia (8th son) had issue
  m. Annabella Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Lochend)
  ((7))+ other issue - Hugh of Burnhead (d 1831, MD), John (b c1804, d 16.11.1825), Jane, Margaret b 27.06.1785), Agnes (d 13.02.1825)
  (b) Agnes Ranken
  m. James Paterson in Glentagart (brother of John of Carmacoup, Lanarkshire)
  ((1))+ issue - James of Carmacoup, John (Captain), Jean, Mary, Grace (d 1824)
  (ii) Jean Ranken
  m. George Craufurd of Rig
  (iii) Ann Ranken
  m. James McRierick of Cairn
  (B William Ranken
  (i) ?? Ranken
  (a) John Ranken of Adamhill
  (2) James Ranken
  c.+ other issue - John (dvp unm), Agnes



Paterson reports that "The Rankines are a younger branch of the family of Rankine of Orchardhead, in Stirlingshire, the elder branch of which, about the middle of the last century, took the name of Little, on succeeding to the estate of Over Liberton, in Mid-Lothian."
John Rankine (d c1730 "at a very advanced age")
m1. _ Macquorn (dau of Rev. David Macquorn, of the family of Ballyreagh)
1. William Rankine of Knockgray (b c1668, d 08.11.1728)
  m. Jean Montgomerie (dau of John Montgomerie of Brigend)
  A. John Rankine of Beoch (b 1708-9, d 04.09.1788)
  m1. Grizel Cochrane (dau of John Cochrane of Watersyde (son of Sir John of Ochlitree) by Hannah de Worth)
  i. Macquorn Rankine of Beoch, Drumdow, etc. (b c1733, d 01.11.1813, Captain)
  m. Jane MacAdam (b c1765, d 18.11.1838, dau of David MacAdam (brother of John of Craigengillan) by Sarah Hare)
  a. John Rankine of Drumdow, later in New York State
  m1. (sp?) Eleanora Ross
  m2. Margaret Reid
  (1)+ issue - William Macquorn, Margaret, Jane, Grace Barbara
  b. David Rankine
  m. Barbara Grahame (dau of Archibald Grahame in Glasgow)
  (1) William John Macquorn Rankine
  c. Grace Rankine
  m. James Hall (Captain)
  d. Sarah Rankine (d 10.11.1812)
  m. James Hunter
  e. Hannah Rankine
  m. James MacHaffie of Fulfolk (Lt. Colonel)
  f. Jane Rankine (b 1786-7, d unm 12.07.1802)
  ii. Hannah Rankine
m. George Anderson of Glasgow
  m2. Elizabeth Dalrymple of Langlands
  m3. Helen Shaw of Dawton
  iii. daughter (d infant)
  B. Adam Rankine (b c1718, dsp 16.12.1745)
  C. Margaret Rankine
  m. James Marshall
  D. Jean Rankine 'of Drumdow'
  m. Ludovick Houstoun of Johnston
m2. ??
m3. Janet Galloway
2. Rachel Rankine
  m. D'Oyly Broomfield
m4. ??

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