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Families covered: Raleigh of Farnborough, Raleigh of Walpen

Sir Henry de Raleigh of Walpen in Chale, Hampshire (a 1302)
m. Mabel Pincherdon (dau/coheir of Sir John Pincherdon or Punchardon)
1. Sir John Raleigh of Walpen (a 1302, 1324)
  OWC identifies Sir John's wife as Joan, widow of Roger de Grey. Visitation identifies her as Joan, dau of John, Lord Grey of Rothefield. We are suspicious of that and follow VCH (Chale) in identifying her just as ...
m. Joan
  A. John Raleigh of Walpen & Farnborough (Hampshire) (a 1324)
  m. Rose Helion (dau/heir of Sir Peter Helion, sister/coheir of Walter)
  i. Thomas Raleigh of Walpen & Farnborough, Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire (d 1398)
  OWC identifies Thomas's wife as Elizabeth, dau of Robert de Evesham, but Visitation identifies her as ...
  m. Agnes Swinford (dau of Sir William Swinford)
  a. Thomas Raleigh of Walpen 'of Farnborough', Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire (d 1404)
  m. Joan Astley (d 1448, dau of Sir William Astley)
  OWC shows Thomas & Joan as parents of Thomas (m. Agnes Swinford, parents of William) & Joan (m. Gerard Braybrooke & Edward Bromflete). We follow Visitation & VCH.
  (1) Thomas Raleigh of Walpen (d unm 1419) mentioned by VCH but not by Visitation
  (2) Joan Raleigh
  m1. Gerard Braybrooke mentioned by VCH but not by Visitation
  m2. Edward Bromflete
  b. Sir Henry Raleigh
This generation is omitted by OWC who shows the 2nd son of Thomas & Agnes to be John who m. Idonea Cotesford. This may be true, VCH shows that the William who inherited (part of) Walpen (and was father of Sir Edward) was cousin of Joan which implies (but, given the flexibility with which "cousin" is sometimes interpreted) does not prove that he was of the same generation as Joan. However, VCH does not name William's father. Provisionally we follow Visitation which adds Sir Henry as an intervening generation between Thomas & John.
  m. _ Bennall (heir)
  (1) John Raleigh of Thornborow
  m. Idonea Cotesford (dau/heir of Sir Thomas Cotesford son of Sir Roger by Catharine, dau/coheir of Chief Justice Sir William Scarshull)
  (A) William Raleigh of Walpen & Farnborough (d 1460)
  m. Elizabeth Greene (dau of Sir Thomas Greene)
(i) Sir Edward Raleigh of Walpen 'of Farnborough', Sheriff of Warwickshire & Leicestershire (d 1512)
  m. (1467) Margaret Verney (dau of Sir Ralph Verney)
  VCH, which follows the succession of Walpen, next mentions George (and his sons Simon, Thomas & John) but no-one else of the next generation. The only sons which Visitation mentions are Edward and Anthony. There is some concern that there may be some confusion between Sir Edward and his son Edward but, provisionally, we follow Visitation but add George (and his sons).
  (a) Edward Raleigh of Farnborough
  Visitation identifies Edward's wife as Anne, dau of Sir William Chamberlyn alias Tankervill, but, provisionally, we follow OWC in identifying her as ...
  m. Anna Chamberlaine (dau of Richard Chamberlaine)
((1)) George Raleigh of Farnborough
  m1. Jane Coningsby (dau of Sir William (sb Humphrey) Coningsby of Aldenham)
  ((A)) Simon Raleigh of Farnborough (a 1593)
  m. Anne Docwra (dau of Martin Docwra of Bolson)
  ((i)) (Sir) George Raleigh of Farnborough
  m. Elizabeth Smith (dau of Christopher Smith)
((a)) Sir Edward Raleigh
  m. Katherine Poultney (dau of Gabrill Poultney)
  (((1))) Elizabeth Raleigh
  ((ii)) Margaret Raleigh who married ...
  m. (1580) Andrew Archer of Umberslade (d 23.04.1629)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Esay, Foulk, Edward, Maria, Elizabeth, Anna
  ((B)) Thomas Raleigh (a 1563)
  ((i)) William Raleigh
  ((C)) Frances Raleigh
  m. Sir Richard Verney
  ((D)) Sibilla Raleigh
  m. Albon Butler
  ((E))+ other issue (dsp) - George, Edward, Humphrey, Johanna
  m2. ?? (Widow of Fitz Gerrard)
  ((I)) Bridget Raleigh
m. William Kingsmill
  m3. Anne Erneley
  ((J)) John Raleigh (a 1563)
  ((2)) Thomas Raleigh (5th son)
  m. Maria
  ((A)) George Raleigh
  ((3)) Bridget Raleigh
  m. Sir John Cope
  ((4)) Margaret Raleigh
  m. Richard Musket
  ((5))+ other issue - Edward (dsp), Leonard, Anthony (dsp)
  (b) George Raleigh of Walpen (d 1546)
  ((1)) Simon Raleigh, last of Walpen
  ((2))+ other issue - Thomas, John
  (c) Emme Raleigh
  m. George Gainsford
  (d)+ other issue - Anthony, Anne, Alice
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas, Giles, William
  (B) Simon Raleigh of Elvington
  m. Joan (d 1475)
  ii. John Raleigh (rector of West Buckland)
  iii. Amice de Raleigh
  m. Jordan de Say
  a. Thomas de Say

Main source(s): Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Raleigh) with some support from VCH (Hampshire, vol 5, Parishes: Chale) and some support/input (placed in italics where it is relied on) from a schedule kindly provided by a contributor (OWC, 02.07.09), based at least in part on references in BHO (to VCH, etc.) and cross-references from elsewhere in the database
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