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Families covered: Rebow of Colchester, Rebow of Wivenhoe (Wyvenhoe)

HoP ("Isaac Rebow"), referred to below as HoP, mentions that Sir Isaac's family "was of Flemish extraction. His ancestors probably settled in Colchester as clothiers early in the 17th century."
John Rebow of Colchester, Essex (d 13.04.1699) named John by Crisp, HoP & BLG1886 but Isaac by Berry
Crisp reported that John died 13.04.1699 aged 71. Berry reports that Isaac died 13.04.1699 aged 72.
m. Sarah Tayspill (dau of Francis Tayspill or Tayspill of Colchester)
1. Sir Isaac Rebow of Colchester (b 1645-6, d 06.09.1726, Recorder & MP for Colchester)
  Berry shows that Sir Isaac's children were by the only wife shown, Elizabeth Wiseman, but adds a note to report that Elizabeth was his 2nd wife and that his 1st wife, Mary Lemyng, was mother of his children. This is supported by BLG1886. Crisp shows another wife, Mary Macro, which is supported by HoP.
  m1. Mary Lemyng (d 17.06.1681, dau of James Lemyng of Colchester by Mary, dau/coheir of Sir William Batten)
  A. Lemyng Rebow (dvp 06.09.1717) this generation omitted by Berry
  m. Abigail Chamberlain (dau of Charles Chamberlain (alderman of London) by Rachel, dau of Sir John Lawrence (Lord Mayor of London)
i. Charles Chamberlain Rebow of Smallfield Place, Surrey (d 25.03.1753)
  m. Mary Neville (dau of Capt. Edward Neville (by Hannah Thorpe), sister of William, 16th Baron Abergavenny)
  a. Mary Rebow
  m. Thomas Adams (General)
  (1) Mary Adams (dso 19.02.1804)
  ii. Isaac Lemyng Rebow of Colchester (d 03.03.1734/5, MP)
  m. Mary Martin (dau of Captain Mathew Martin of Wivenhoe & Alresford Hall)
  a. Isaac Martin Rebow, later Rebow-Martin of Wivenhoe Park, Essex (b 28.11.1731, d 03.10.1781, Recorder & MP for Colchester, Colonel)
  m. (1772) Mary Martin (d 22.12.1804, dau/coheir of Thomas Martin of Alresford Hall (by Dorothy) son of Capthain Mathew)
  (1) Mary Hester Rebow
  m. (29.03.1796) Francis Slater, later Rebow of Wivenhoe Park, Essex (b 22.04.1770, d 07.10.1845, Lt. General)
(2) Sarah Emma Rebow (dsp 24.05.1798)
  m. Henry Hitchens of Penzance
  (3) Frances Mary Rebow (dsp)
  B. Mary Rebow (b 1676-7, d 14.07.1736)
  m. Joseph Thurston of Colchester then Little Wenham (b c1672, d 16.10.1714)
  C.+ other issue (dsp) mentioned by Berry
  m2. (12.1685) Mary or Sarah Macro (dau of Thomas Macro of Bury by Mary)
  D. Susan Rebow (b 09.1687, d 1769) not mentioned by Berry
  m. (07.11.1724) Sir Edmund Bacon of Gillingham, Bart (bpt 14.08.1693, d 04.10.1738)
  E. Sarah Rebow (a 04.1698)
  m3. (c11.1694) Elizabeth Wiseman (b c1664, d 29.12.1722, dau of Sir William Wiseman of Rivenhall, Bart, (by Elizabeth Mansel), widow of John Lamotte Honeywood of Marks Hall)

Main source(s): Visitation (Frederick Arthur Crisp, England & Wales, Notes vol 9, 1911, 'Pedigree of Rebow') with some support from Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1838, Rebow, in the Appendix), BLG1886 (Rebow of Wyvenhoe Park)
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