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Families covered: Savage of Ardkeen, Savage of Ards, Savage of Ballygalget, Savage of Ballyspurge, Savage of Glastry, Savage of Kirkistone Castle, Savage of Lecale, Savage of Lissize, Savage of Rock Savage House

Sir Robert Savage, Sheriff of Arde in Ulster (a 1389, 1433)
m. (c1391/1389) Christiana Macdonnell (dau of John Macdonnell, Lord of the Isles, by Margaret of Robert Stewart, King Robert II of Scotland)
1. Robert Savage, lord of Lecale & Ards (d c1469?)
  A. Patrick Savage, lord of Lecale & Ards succeeded by ...
  i. Sir Roland Savage of Lecale (d 1519, Seneschal of Ulster)
  a. Raymond Savage, lord of Lecale & Ardkeen (d 1575)
  b. James 'Ferdborough MacJeniake' Savage
  (1) Ferdborough Savage, lord of Ardkeen (d 15.06.1602)
  (2) Janico Savage
  m. Geyles
  (A) Henry Savage of Ardkeen, Sheriff of co. Down (b 22.02.1588, d 1655)
  m1. (1628) Ellis Ny Neile (Neal) (d 1629, widow of Con O'Neill of Claneboy & Great Ards)
  m2. Elizabeth Nevin (a 1655, dau of Thomas Nevin of Monkroddin)
(i) John Savage of Ardkeen, Sheriff of co. Down (b c1634, d 1699)
  m. _ Clarke (dau of Thomas Clarke of Dromintine (by Margaret, dau of Thomas Lewis of Downpatrick), son of Sir Thomas of Dromintine by Anne, dau of Thomas Jones)
  (a) Hugh Savage of Ardkeen (d 1723, Captain)
  m. Lucy Lucas (d 13.11.1751, dau of Thomas (sb Francis) Lucas of Castle Shane, widow of Captain Poyntz)
  ((1)) Francis Savage of Ardkeen, Sheriff of co. Down (bur 21.07.1770)
  m. (c02.1723) Mary Lucas (b c1700, d 01.1785, dau of Edward Lucas of Castle Shane by Elizabeth, dau of Thomas Smyth of Drumcree, cousin)
  ((A)) Charles Savage of Ardkeen, Sheriff of co. Down (b 1746, d 18.08.1779)
m1. (20.01.1769) Anne Price (d 07.1775, dau of Cromwell Price of Hollymount (by Mary, dau of Hugh (Montgomery) Willoughby of Carrow) son of Lt. Gen. Nicholas Price by Dorcas, dau of Roger West of The Rock)
  ((i)) Francis Savage of Ardkeen & Hollymount, Sheriff of co. Down (b 1769, d 19.09.1823, MP)
  m1. Jane Crawford (dau of James Crawford son of James of Crawfordsburn)
  ((a)) Mary Anne Savage (dsp)
  m. (09.05.1814) Mathew Forde of Seaforde & Coolgreany (b 1785, Colonel)
  m2. (19.05.1806, sp) Harriet Butler (dau of Henry Thomas Butler, 2nd Earl of Carrick)
  ((ii)) Cromwell Savage (dsp)
((iii)) Mary Anne Savage
  m. (06.10.1795) William Evans Morris Bayly of Norelands
  ((a)) Clayton Bayly, later Savage of Ardkeen
  m2. (c07.1777) Catherine Leonard (dau of John Leonard of Brownstown)
  ((B)) Francis Savage
  m. Jane (b 1774-5, d 14.03.1797)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Savage
m. Edward Lucas of Castle Shane (cousin)
  ((D)) Hester Savage (d unm 22.11.1799)
  ((E)) Mary Savage (b 1733, d 09.09.1778)
  m. Francis Savage of Glastry @@ below
  ((2)) Philip Savage of Rock Savage House, Ballygalget (b 1696)
  m1. Jane Cramer (dau of Balthaser Cramer of Ballyfoile by Sarah, dau of Lt. Col. Oliver Jones & niece of Hester (wife of Sir John Coghill)))
  ((A)) Marmaduke Coghill Savage (b 03.11.1728, d 1780-1, 3rd son)
  m. Hannah Brotherton (dau of Thomas James Brotherton of Hereford)
  ((i)) son (d infant)
((ii)) Sir John Boscawen Savage of Rock Savage House, Ballygalget (b 23.02.1760, d 08.03.843, Major General)
  m. (30.10.1786) Sophia Cock (dau of William Cock by Elizabeth Ward (cousin of George Ward of Northwood Park & Plumer Park)))
  ((a)) Henry John Savage (b 19.06.1792, d 07.02.1866, Lt. General, 2nd son) had issue
  m1. (22.10.1813) Eliza Dolbel (d 1829, dau of John Dolbel of Colomberie, niece of Sir Thomas Le Breton of Jersey)
  m2. (1840) Clara Eleonore Mylius (dau of Baron Ernest Henry con Mylius of Ehrengreif Castle in Westphalia)
  ((b)) John Morris Savage (b 1796, d 11.10.1876, Colonel) had issue
  m. (16.11.1826) Mary Anne Hillier (b c1800, d 12.11.1876, dau of William Hillier)
  ((c)) Francis James Saumarez Savage (b 18.01.1800, d 14.03.1864) had issue
  m. (16.04.1833) Jane Eveleigh (b 1807-8, d 01.05.1858, dau of Rev. William Eveleigh of Aylesford & Lamberhurst by Susannah, dau of Rev. James Harwood by Rebecca, dau of Thomas Chase of Bromley)
((d))+ other issue - son (d infant?), Sophia (b 1791, d infant)
  ((iii)) Jane Savage
  m. J. Lennox
  ((B)) Francis Savage of Glastry in Ards, Sheriff of co. Down (b 30.08.1733, d 23.03.1808)
  m. (1756) Mary Savage (d 09.09.1778, dau of Francis Savage of Ardkeen) @@ above
  ((i)) Francis Savage of Newcastle, co. Down (b 12.1757)
  m. Elizabeth Atkinson (dau of Arthur Atkinson of Mullertown)
  ((a)) Francis Savage (b 08.12.1786, d 13.10.1827) had issue
  m. (23.02.1807) Selina Ann Boyd (b 1787, d 26.06.1817)
  ((b)) Henry Savage of Friendsbury, Kent (b 1797, dsp 27.02.1879)
  m. Mary Anne Perry (dau of John Perry of Moor Hall)
  ((c))+ other issue - Charles (b 1787, dsp 28.04.1876, Lt. Colonel), Elizabeth (d unm 21.06.1823), Mary (d unm)
((ii)) Henry Savage of Glastry (b 15.05.1772, d 04.05.1815, minister of Ardkeen, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (1798-9) Anne McGuckin (dau of Edward McGuckin)
  ((iii))+ other issue - Charles (b 12.1759, d unm 10.1780), Mary Ann (b 1762, d unm 1827)
  ((C)) Henry Savage of Rock Savage, Sheriff of co. Down (b 1735, dsp 06.11.1797, Major)
  m. Jane Hamilton (coheir)
  ((D)) Charles Savage (b 1737, dsp 08.08.1801, Major)
  m. Amelia Lushington (d 26.06.1786, dau of Lt. Col. William Lushington son of Stephen of Sittingbourne)
  ((E)) James Savage of Mount Ross (b 15.10.1740, d 18.05.1803, 8th son)
  m. Mary Anne Galway
  ((i)) Henry (Harry) Savage of Rock Savage (b 11.03.1797, d 12.11.1808)
  ((F))+ other issue - Hugh (b 24.06.1725, d unm 23.04.1799), John (b 04.07.1726), Edward (d unm), Lucy (b 06.08.1727, d 1729), Jane/Jenny (b 01.01.1730, d unm), Lucy of Nunbridge (b 12.02.1731, d 1809)
  m2. (1741?) Jane Echlin (b c1705, d 20.09.1781, dau of John Echlin of Pirestown by Jane, dau of Rev. John Echlin of Drogheda)
  ((L)) Mary Savage (b 1752)
  m. John Mahallom (of Ballynacnamee?)
  ((M))+ other issue - Philip of Nunsbridge (b 20.08.1742, d 08.05.1790), Robert (b 12.03.1745, d c1754), Rose (d infant
((3)) Lucas Savage of Lissize, co. Down (d 1755, 4th son)
  m. Anne Ross (dau of Robert Ross, widow of James Wallace)
  ((A)) Ross Savage of Lissize
  ((B)) Lucy Savage
  ((C)) Anne Savage
  m. Archibald Moore
  ((4)) Lucy Savage
  m. John Reilly of Scarvagh
  ((5)) Mary Savage
  m. Frances Lucas of Grenan (brother of Edward of Castleshane)
  ((6))+ other issue - Charles (b 1702, dsp 1740), Anne
  partner unknown
((8)) John Savage
  (b) John Savage
  (c) Philip Savage
  Armstrong suggests that this was possibly the Philip (bur 1717) who was Chancellor of the Exchequer in the Irish Parliament whose daughter/heiress was ...
  ((1)) (Anne) Savage
m. (1715) Sir Arthur Acheson
  (d) Sarah Savage
  m. Patrick Savage of Ballygalget
  (ii) Joan Savage
  m. Hugh Cochrane of Ferguslie (Lt. Col, brother of William, 1st Earl of Dundonald)
  (iii)+ other issue - Hugh of Irishtown & Baligolyne, James, Richard, Elizabeth
  (B) Richard Savage
  m. ?? Nevin (dau of Thomas Nevin of Monkroddin)
  (i) Mary Savage probably of this generation
  m. Edward Higginson of Mosslands (d 04.1713, Colonel)
  (C) Henry Savage
  (3) Rowland Savage FitzJames of Ballygalgatt (Ballygalget), etc. (a 1602, d 10.02.1640)
  m. Catherine Magennis (dau of Hugh Magennis of the family of Iveagh)
  (A) Roland Savage of Ballygalget (d 10.02.1645, Captain)
  m. Margaret Russell (a 04.1662)
  (i) Patrick Savage of Ballygalget (3rd son)
  m. Jane Dobbin
  (a) Roland Savage of Ballygalget (Captain)
  (b)+ other issue - James of Ballyspurge, Patrick of Ballyfalget, Henry of Ballygalget
  (ii)+ other issue - James (d young), Roland (dsp)
  (B) John Savage of Kirkistone Castle (d 11.05.1641)
  m. Katherine O'Neill (sister of Touell O'Neill of Balldrantagh)
(i) Patrick Savage of Kirkistone (b 1638, dsp c1660)
  (ii) James Savage of Kirkistone (b 1640)
  (a) ?? Savage
  ((1)) William Savage of Kirkistone Castle, Sheriff of Co. Down
  m. Lucy McGill (dau of Hugh McGill son of Captain James)
  (C) Patrick Savage of Ballyspurge (d 11.06.1649)
  (i) John Savage of Ballyspurg
  (a) Patrick Savage of Ballyspurge (and Ballyvranigan?)
  (D)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Erothlin, Mary
The following suggested connection is highly speculative for it seems that there have in the past been serious attempts to identify how the undermentioned Rowland connected with the above family but that none have succeeded. However, Armstrong reports that it was clear that Rowland was a close kinsman of the above brothers Raymond & James but was not another son of the above Roland. We speculate that he may have been first cousin of Raymond & James, as follows.
  ii. ?? Savage
  a. Rowland (Roland) Savage, lord of the Little Ards, co. Down (d 12.02.1572)

Main source(s): 'The Ancient and Noble Family of the Savages of the Ards' (George Francis Armstrong, 1888), BFR ('Savage', p529+)
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