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Families covered: Stansfeld (Stansfield) of Bradford, Stansfield of Esholt Hall, Stansfeld of Field House, Stansfeld of Hegynchambre, Stansfeld of Pond, Stansfeld of Sowerby

Laurence Stansfeld of Stansfeld, Hegynchambre, Sowerby & Hawkesclough (d 1534)
m. Isabel Horsfall (dau of Richard Horsfall)
1. Thomas Stansfeld of Sowerby & Hegynchambre (d before 26.03.1565)
  m. Alice Mitchell of Heptonstall
  A. Laurence Stansfeld of Sowerby (d by 11.1591) the first mentioned by BLG1886
  m. Elizabeth
  i. Nicholas Stansfeld of Norland, Yorkshire (d before 11.06.1604)
  m. (1591) Susan Hopkinson (dau of John Hopkinson)
  a. James (John) Stansfeld of Sowerby Dean (b 1592, d before 29.05.1650, Constable of Sowerby)
  m. (1612) Martha Bentley (sister of Richard Bentley of Sowerby)
  (1) Josiah Stansfeld of Sowerby Dean (b 1619, bur 23.02.1702/3)
  m. Martha Swayne (bur 23.02.1684/5, dau of Christopher Swaye of Little Horton)
  (A) Timothy Stansfeld of Sowerby Dean and/or Pond (d before 18.02.1718)
  BLG1886 mentions only Timothy's marriage to Sarah Haigh, inferring that she was mother of Joshua & Josias. BLG1952 shows that their mother was Timothy's 1st wife:
  m1. Mary (d 1703)
  (i) Joshua Stansfeld (dspm)
  (ii) Josias Stansfeld of Pond (bpt 14.01.1688/9)
  BLG1886 shows Josias's wife as Miss Mylne of Warley. BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m. (10.09.1719) Martha Wadsworth
  (a) Robert Stansfeld of Soyland & The Lodge/Sowerby Dean (b 1730, d 20.05.1808)
  m1. Sarah Whiteley (d 16.08.1765, dau of William Whiteley)
  ((1)) Timothy Stansfeld of Field House, Surrey (b 15.02.1755)
  m1. _ Hart
  ((A)) Josiah Stansfeld of Field House (dsp)
  ((B)) Anne Stansfeld
  m. Sir Chapman Marshall
  ((C)) Harriette Stansfeld
  m. Samuel Prior
  ((D)) Caroline Stansfeld
  m. James Cousins
  (( E)) Mary Blackwell Stansfeld
  m. Robert E. Grey
  m2. ?? (widow of _ Mylne of Warley)
  ((2))+ other issue - George (b 04.1759, dsp), Susannah (d unm), Mary (d unm), Sarah (d unm)
  m2. (13.08.1769) Elizabeth Blackburn (d 25.08.1797)
  ((6)) Robert Stansfeld of The Lodge & Field House (b 07.11.1771, d 02.08.1855) had issue
  m. (29.12.1802) Lydia Walker (d 31.07.1816, dau of John Walker)
  ((7)) Samuel Stansfeld (b 09.06.1774, d 07.05.1834)
  m. Phoebe Bates (dau of Henry Bates)
((8))+ other issue - Joshua (b 24.05.1779), David (b 24.01.1788), James (b 19.07.1790), Elizabeth, Martha, Ellen, Hannah
  m2. (08.1704) Sarah Haigh of Norland
  (B) Joshua Stansfeld of Horton (d 1732) had issue
  m. ?? (bur 22.06.1674)
  (C) Samuel Stansfeld of Bradford (b c1648, d 09.1727)
m. (12.04.1675) Mary Clarkson of Bradford
  (i) Robert Stansfeld or Stansfield of Bradford (b 1676)
  m1. (1703) Elizabeth Sharp (d 1722, dau of Rev. Thomas Sharp of Little Horton)
  (a) Faith Stansfeld or Stansfield
  m. Richard Gilpin Sawry
  m2. (1723) Anne Busfield (dau of William Busfield of Rishworth)
  (b) Robert Stansfeld or Stansfield of Bradford, later of Esholt Hall (b 1727, dsp 14.09.1772)
  m. Jane Ferrand (dau of Richard Ferrand of Harden Hall by Mary, dau of William Busfield of Rishworth)
  (c) Ann Stansfeld or Stansfield, later of Esholt Hall (d 12.02.1798)
  m. (27.08.1756) William Rookes of Roydes Hall
  Esholt Hall passed to their daughter's elder son who assumed the name Crompton-Stansfield.
  (d)+ other issue (d unm)
  (D) James Stansfeld of Bowood in Sowerby (d before 20.04.1731)
  m(1). Anna Hirst (dau of George Hirst of Bradbury)
  (i) George Stansfeld of Field House, Sowerby (bpt 05.02.1685, d 21.11.1745)
  m. (12.09.1709) Susan Lord
  (a) George Stansfeld of Field House (dsp 25.02.1805)
m. (20.04.1785) Mary Lord (dau of James Lord of Tordmorden)
  (b) Martha Stansfeld shown by Commoners a generation earlier
  m. (03.08.1698) Joshua Tillotson (nephew of John Tillotson, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  (E) Ely Stansfeld (d 1719, vicar of Newark)
  (i) son (dsp)
  (F) Josias Stansfeld of Haugh End (Hough End in Sowerby)
  m. Elizabeth Nicholson (dau of Matthew Nicholson of Greystones)
  The following comes from FMG (vol 1, MS38, 'Nicholson-Stansfield', p88).
  (i) John Stansfeld of Hough End (dsp)
  m. (04.11.1719) Elizabeth (Mrs. Jenkinson of Limeditch)
(ii) Lydia Stansfeld (bur 31.10.1741)
  m. (19.10.1703) Richard Milne (d 05.05.1732, minister at Scockport)
  (a) Thomas Milne of Halifax
  m1. Elizabeth (b 31.08.1708)
  m2. Demaris Holroyd (dau of Benjamin Holroyd, sister of Susanna (Mrs Priestley))
  (b) Mary Milne
  m. (03.07.1740) John Lea of Hough End
  ((1)) Lydia Lea (bur 13.06.1820, heir) apparently of this generation
  m. (05.11.1770) Joseph Priestley of White Windows
  (c) Sarah Milne
m. Abraham Whitehead
  ((1))+ issue - John, Elizabeth
  (d)+ other issue - Richard (b 23.03.1705), Josiah (b 29.03.1707), others
  (iii) Elizabeth Stansfeld
  m. (24.09.1706) Thomas Holden of Halifax
  (a) Richard Holden (b c1712, d unm c1768)
  (b) Hannah Holden
  m. Nathaniel Priestley
  (iv) Sarah Stansfeld
  m. (05.01.1708/9) Martin Hotham of York
  (G) John Stansfeld of Sowerby (b 1657)
  m. (1681) Elizabeth Hirst (dau of E. Hirst of Adswood Hall)
  (i) Ely Stansfeld of Sowerby (b 1683, d 1734)
m. (1713) Mary Farrar (dau of John Farrar of Cliff Hill)
  (a) David Stansfeld of Hope House in Halifax (b 1720, d 1769)
  m. (1748) Ellen Alred (dau of Rev. Timothy Alred of Morley)
  ((1)) David Stansfeld of Leeds, later of Armley (b 13.02.1755, d 11.1818)
  m. (1776) Sarah Wolrich (d 06.1824, dau/heir of Thomas Wolrich of Armley House)
  The following is supported by Commoners (vol 4, Stansfeld of Burley Wood).
  ((A)) Thomas Wolrich Stansfeld of Burley Wood, Yorkshire (b 11.03.1779) had issue
m. (1820) Anne Briggs (dau of Rawdon Briggs of Savile Green)
  ((B)) George Stansfeld of New Laithes Grange (b 1784, d 1834) had issue
  m. (1814) Anna Micklethwaite (dau of Richard Micklethwaite of New Laithes Grange)
  ((C)) William Stansfeld of Manor House, Flockton (d 1835) had issue
  m. (1815) Margaret Milnes (dau/coheir of James Milnes of Manor House)
  ((D)) James Stansfeld of Green Bank, Halifax (6th son) had issue
  m. Emma Ralph (dau of Rev. John Ralph)
  ((E)) Hatton Hamer Stansfeld of Headingley, Yorkshire had issue
  m. Elizabeth Anne Crompton (dau of Woodhouse Crompton of Warwick)
  ((F)) Peggy Stansfeld
  m. (1802) James Bischoff (Captain)
  ((G))+ other issue - David (b 1788, d 1810), Josias (b 1790, d unm 1819), Henry of Burley (d unm 1829), Hamer of Burley House, Eleanor, Mary, Sarah
  ((2)) Nelly Stansfeld
  m. John Rawson of Stony Royd
  (b) Elizabeth Stansfeld
  m. Joseph Moore of Halifax
  ((1)) Mary Moore
  m. William Threlkeld
  (c) Mary Stansfeld (d unm 1778)
  (2)+ other issue - Joshua, 2 sons (dvp?), daughter
  b. Lawrence Stansfeld of Barkisland, Yorkshire
  ii.+ 2 sons and 5 daughters
  B. Thomas Stansfeld
  C. Nicholas Stansfeld of Wadsworth Royal & Hegynchambre (d before 19.03.1587/8)
  m. Agnes (d before 01.05.1628)
2. son

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Stansfeld of Field House), BLG1886 (Stansfeld of Field House), Commoners (vol 3, Crompton-Stansfield of Esholt Hall)
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