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Families covered: Streatfeild of Chiddingstone, Streatfeild of Hever Castle, Streatfeild of Sevenoaks, Streatfeild of The Rocks

Robert Streatfeild ('de Stratavilla') of Chiddingstone, Kent (b 1514, d 1559)
m. ?? Rivers (sister of Sir John Rivers, Lord Mayor of London)
1. Henry Streatfeild of Chiddingstone (d 12.1598)
  m. Alice Moody (bur 28.08.1575, dau of Henry Moody or Moodie of London)
  A. Richard Streatfeild of Chiddingstone (bpt 16.10.1559, d 18.09.1601, youngest son?)
  m. (15.11.1583) Anne Fremlyn (dau/coheir of John Fremlyn of Kemsing, m2. William Birsty of Hever)
  i. Henry Streatfeild of Chiddingstone (bpt 11.12.1586, d 1647)
  m. Susan Lamb (d 1648, dau of Christopher Lamb)
  a. Richard Streatfeild of Chiddingstone (bpt 10.11.1611, d 25.04.1676, younger son)
  m. (17.11.1636) Anne Terry (d 05.05.1693, dau/coheir of William Terry of Wadhurst)
  (1) Henry Streatfeild of Chiddingstone (bpt 27.12.1639, d 02.03.1719)
m. (22.02.1665) Sarah Ashdown (b c1648, d 22.12.1716, dau/heir of John Ashdown of Hever)
  (A) Henry Streatfeild of Chiddingstone (b 08.09.1679, bur 08.09.1747)
  m. (20.04.1704) Elizabeth Beard (d 24.03.1749/50, dau/heir of Richard Beard of Rottingdean)
  (i) Henry Streatfeild of Chiddingstone (b 03.06.1706, d 04.04.1762)
  m. (25.09.1752) Anne Sidney (d 31.10.1812, natural dau of Jocelyne, 7th Earl of Leicester)
  (a) Henry Streatfeild of Chiddingstone, Sheriff of Kent (b 13.05.1757, d 22.08.1829, 2nd son)
  m1. (01.06.1782) Elizabeth Catherine Ogle (b 1761-2, d 24.06.1801, dau of Newton Ogle of Kirkley, Dean of Winchester)
((1)) Henry Streatfeild of Chiddingstone (b 11.03.1784, d 16.07.1852) had issue
  m. (14.10.1824) Maria Magens (d 1844, dau of Magens Dorrien-Magens of Hammerwood Lodge, relict of John Pepper of Bigod's)
  ((2)) Richard Streatfeild (b 29.05.1789, Commander RN, 4th son) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (27.07.1824) Anne Woodgate (dau of Henry Woodgate of River Hill)
  ((3)) Charles Ogle Streatfeild (b 12.02.1794, 6th son)
  m. (1831) Kate Elizabeth Ogle (dau of Rev. J.S. Ogle of Kirkley)
  ((4)) Sophia Catherine Streatfeild
  m. (13.11.1822) Rev. Richard Peter Walsh (prebendary of Wells)
  ((5)) Arabella Streatfeild
  m. (1831) Rev. J.T. Wilgress
  ((6)) Jane Esther Streatfeild
  m. (1833) Edward Scoones (Major)
((7))+ other issue - Thomas (b 10.10.1786, Lt. Colonel), Sidney (b 10.10.1786, d unm 10.06.1823), William (b 01.11.1790, vicar of East Ham), Edward (b 08.02.1798, d unm 25.03.1828), George Newton (b 24.06.1801, d unm 26.03.1829), Elizabeth Harrriet (d 1797), Anne Susanna (d infant)
  m2. (29.09.1802) Charlotte Scoones (dau of William Scoones of Tonbridge)
  ((14))+ other issue - Frederic (b 19.07.1803, d 13.05.1829), Robert (b 24.12.1806, d 29.08.1824), John (b 14.05.1811), Francis Stanier (b 21.02.1816), Anna Charlotte (d 05.02.1830), Emily
  (b) Richard Thomas Streatfeild of The Rocks & Copwood, Sheriff of Sussex (b 23.12.1759, d 26.08.1813)
  m1. Jane Esther Ogle (b c1770, dsp 27.10.1796, dau of Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle, 1st Bart)
  m2. (31.12.1801) Anne Shuttleworth (dau of Robert Shuttleworth of Barton Lodge, m2. Richard Prime of Walberton House)
  ((1)) Richard Shuttleworth Streatfeild of The Rocks, Sheriff of Sussex (b 04.06.1805, d 05.02.1851) had issue
  m. (11.06.1833) Charlotte Anne Brown (d 10.04.1858, dau of James Brown of Harehills Grove)
  ((2)) Sidney Robert Streatfeild (b 27.05.1808, d by 1852, Major, 3rd son) had issue
m. (12.09.1839) Sara Jane Cookson (d 14.09.1867, dau of Isaac Cookson of Meldon Park, m2. Capt. Henry Francis Cockayne-Cust)
  ((3)) Anne Streatfeild
  m. (22.04.1823) Thomas Mowbray
  ((4)) Rosa Sophia Streatfeild
  m. William Henry Place
  ((5)) Georgiana Charlotte Streatfeild
  m. Benfield des Voeux
  ((6))+ other issue - Thomas Brand (d infant), Gertrude Harriet
  (c) Harriet Streatfeild (d 04.03.1824)
  m. Walter Bracebridge (son of Abraham of Atherstone)
  (d)+ other issue - Henry (b 24.06.1753, d 08.1753), Sophia
  (ii) Richard Beard Streatfeild (b 15.11.1709, d 1770)
  m. (20.07.1738) Mary Egles (dau/heir of John Egles of Copwood)
  (a)+ issue (d infant) - Mary, Elizabeth
  (B) William Streatfeild of Burgherst Castle in Chddingstone (b 1680, d 27.05.1724)
  m1. Elizabeth Cowper (dau/heir of _ Cowper of London)
  m2. (1708) Elizabeth Rogers (dau of John Rogers of London)
  (i) Sarah Streatfeild (d infant)
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1683, d 1752), others (d infant - Richard, Richard, John, Sarah)
  (2) William Streatfeild of Hever Castle, Kent (bpt 12.10.1645, d 14.08.1728)
  m. (27.05.1675) Anne Martin (d 25.01.1716, dau/coheir of George Martin of Lyghe)
  (A) William Streatfeild of Oxted, Surrey (bpt 07.06.1677, dso 10.10.1734)
  m. Sarah Whittaker (d 02.07.1760, dau of Thomas Whittaker of Trottescliffe, m2. _ Shepperd)
  (B) Thomas Streatfeild of London (bpt 12.12.1678, d 05.07.1725)
  m. (27.05.1711) Mary Lancashire (dau of James Lancashire, m2. Joshua Baker)
  (i) Thomas Streatfeild of Stonehall, Oxted (b 20.02.1714, d 03.10.1786)
  m. Sophia Dummer (d 04.03.1801, dau/heir of Thomas Dummer)
  (a) Sophia Streatfeild (d infant)
  (ii) Jane Streatfeild (dsp 178)
  m. Nicholas Linwood (MP)
  (iii)+ other issue - Mary (d infant), Anne (b 1713, d unm 1782)
  (C) George Streatfeild of Stoke Newington, Middlesex (bpt 27.06.1682, d 22.01.1757)
m. (16.12.1714) Elizabeth Lodwik (d 12.02.1741, dau of Colonel Charles Lodwik)
  (i) Charles Streatfeild (d infant)
  (ii) Anne (dsp)Streatfeild
  m. Thomas Missing
  (D) Robert Streatfeild of Hever Castle (bpt 26.12.1684, d 18.07.1741)
  m. (31.12.1713) Barbara Streatfeild (d 05.07.1771, dau of Robert Streatfeild of Delaware)
  (i) William Streatfeild of Hever Castle (b 1717, d 1761)
  m. (1746) Sarah Thorpe (sister/heir of Oliver Thorpe, m2. Charles Wakefield) @@ below
(a) William Streatfeild of Holden House, Tunbridge, Kent (b 05.08.1756, dsp 14.11.1798)
  (b)+ other issue (d infant) - Robert, William
  (ii) Robert Streatfeild of Wandsworth, Surrey (b 25.02.1722, d 04.04.1768)
  m. (12.04.1748) Anne Sandeforth (bur 25.04.1777, dau/heir of Samuel Sandeforth)
  (a) Sandeforth Streatfeild of Long Ditton, Surrey (bpt 23.09.1750, d 28.07.1809)
  m. Frances Hussey (d 25.10.1821, dau of Thomas Hussey of Ashford)
  ((1)) Thomas Streatfeild of Chart's Edge in Westerham (b 05.01.1777, cleric, 5th son?) had issue
  m1. (08.10.1800) Harriet Champion (d 10.11.1814, dau/coheir of Alexander Champion)
  m2. (30.09.1823) Clare Harvey (dau of Rev. Thomas Harvey of Cowden, relict of Henry Woodgate of Spring Grove)
  ((2)) Henry Caldwell Streatfeild (b 03.11.1784, Major) had issue
  m. (20.10.1825) Eleanora Anne Penelope Darby (dau of Harry Darby)
  ((3)) Robert Streatfeild of Bottens in Cowden (b 08.01.1786, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (18.10.1820) Dorothy Walters Cooper
  ((4)) John Streatfeild (b 27.05.1796, cleric) had issue
  m. (21.11.1822) Catharine Darby (dau of Harry Darby)
  ((5))+ other issue - William Sandeforth (b 13.09.1781), Jane, Anne, others (d infant - Robert, George, John, Frances Anne, Sophia, Barbara, Harriet)
  (b) Anne Streatfeild
  m. Clement Samuel Strong of Limpsfield
  (c)+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Barbara, Elizabeh (d infant)
  (iii) Thomas Streatfeild of Stoke Newington (b 23.069.1724, d 22.02.1792)
  m. Martha Baker (d 09.01.1772, dau of Edmund Baker)
  (a) Mary Streatfeild (b 1750, d 10.06.1762)
  (E)+ other issue - Henry (bpt 1676, d 1710), John (bpt 1688, d 1725), George (d young), Anne (d young)
  (3) Thomas Streatfeild of Sevenoaks (bpt 13.05.1649, d 04.03.1730-1)
  m. Martha Godwin (dau/heir of Thomas Godwin of Trottescliffe)
  (A) Thomas Streatfeild of Sevenoaks (b 18.05.1682, dvp 22.01.1722)
m. (10.09.1716) Philadelphia Fuller (bur 20.07.1747, dau of Thomas Fuller of Waldron)
  (i) Thomas Streatfeild of Sevenoaks (b 27.01.1718, d 17.02.1802)
  m. (10.06.1777) Jane Anne Green (dau/heir of John James Green)
  (a) Henry Streatfeild of Sevenoaks (dsp 10.02.1817)
  (b) Catherine Anne Streatfeild
  m. (14.02.1805) Thomas Lightfoot
  (ii)+ other issue (d unm) - Philadelphia, Martha, Sarah
  (B) Martha Streatfeild (dsp 1741)
  m. Charles Polhill (dsp 1755)
  (C)+ other issue - Ralph (d infant), Henry (d infant),Margaret (d unm 1736)
  (4) Robert Streatfeild of London (b 13.11.1653, dsp bur 26.10.1703, 5th son)
  m. (10.05.1702) Sarah Vause (dau of Randall Vause of Chester, m2. Gerard Townshend of Chrislington)
(6) John Streatfeild of Penshurst (bpt 27.02.1656, bur 16.07.1726)
  m. (01.07.1686) Sarah Woodgate (bur 16.06.1727, dau of John Woodgate of Penshurst or Hever)
  (A) John Streatfeild of Maidstone (bpt 1691, dsps 1768)
  m. (1720) Mary Pierce (d 1741, dau of Edward Pierce of Benenden)
  (i) John Streatfeild (d infant)
  (ii) Mary Streatfeild (d 05.1762)
  m. Thomas Pope of Maidstone
  (B) Robert Streatfeild of Westminster (b 16.009.1699, d by 1751)
m. (04.08.1723) Anne Gibbons (d 18.02.1737, dau of Richard Gibbons of London)
  (i) Robert Streatfeild (b c1730, a 07.1751, dsp)
  (ii)+ other issue (d infant) - Robert, John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Anne, Sarah
  (C) Sarah Streatfeild (d 1768)
  m. Olive Thorpe of Newhouse in Penshurst
  (i) Oliver Thorpe (dsp)
  (ii) Sarah Thorpe (d 26.12.1812)
  m1. (1746) William Streatfeild of Hever Castle @@ above
  m2. Charles Wakefield
  (D)+ other issue - Richard (b 1690, dsp 1724), Henry (d infant), William of Tunbridge (b 1697, dsp after 1738), Anne (d infant), Mary (d infant)
  (7) Alice Streatfeild
  m. William Woodgate of Chiddingstone, Sheriff of Kent (a 1700)
  (8)+ other issue - Stephen (bpt 29.03.1652, d unm 1679), Susanna (d 1642)
  b. Stephen Streatfeild (bpt 07.10.1619, bur 15.10.1675)
  m. Anne Sharpe (d 18.04.1675)
  (1) Henry Streatfeild (d young)
  (2) Stephen Streatfeild of Somerden Green
  m1. Elizabeth Adams
  (A) William Streatfeild of Somerden Green
  m. Mary Wright (dau of William Wright)
  (i) Mary Streatfeild
  m. Thomas Hollamby
  (ii) Anne Streatfeild
  m. Thomas Dobbs
  m2. Susanna Symonds
  (3) Silvester Streatfeild
  m. Mary Leaver
  (A) Dorothy Streatfeild
  m. George Beavan
  (4) Susanna Streatfeild
  m. Anthony Jackson of Westerham
  (5) Anne Streatfeild
  m. Thomas Adams of Sevenoaks
  (6) Dorothy Streatfeild
  m. Richard Crossman of Cornhill
  c. Ann Streatfeild (bpt 24.10.1624)
m. Thomas Slater of London
  d.+ other issue - William (bpt 29.10.1620, d unm bur 23.01.1646-7), Thomas (bpt 03.03.1629), others (d infant - Christopher, William, Thomas, Anne)
  ii. Silvester Streatfeild (bpt 25.01.1589, d unm, filacer, of the Inner Temple)
  iii. Thomas Streatfeild of Shoreham (bpt 11.06.1592, bur 27.03.1627)
  The following is supported by 'Monken Hadley' (Frederick Charles Cass, 1880, 'Pedigree of Dillingham', p92).
  m. (1614) Frances Reeves (d 1650, dau of John Reeves or Reeve or Reve of London, m2. John Seyliard of Salmonds)
  a. Frank (Frances) Streatfeild
  m. John Shatterden (d before
  b. Jane Streatfeild (d before 08.06.1699)
  m. Edward Tayler or Taylor (d before 15.09.1657, rector of Finchley)
  (1) Edward Taylor
  m. Elizabeth
  (2) Thomas Taylor
  (A)+ issue - William, Elizabetrh
  (3) Elizabeth Taylor
  m. Henry Winne
  (A)+ issue - John, Jane
(4) Mary Taylor
  c. Dorothy Streatfeild
  m. Edward Powell (rector of Chiddingstone)
  (1) Elizabeth Powell
  d. Anne Streatfeild
  m1. William Stanley of the Middle Temple
  (1) Thomas Stanley
  m2. Rev. Samuel Dillingham
  m3. Rev. Stephen Luddington
  e.+ other issue (dvp) - Thomas, Margaret
  iv. Margaret Streatfeild
  m. (04.10.1608) Edward Moody
  B. Margery Streatfeild (d 1625)
  m. (19.01.1572) John Nicholas Hollamby
  C. Elizabeth Streatfeild (d 1596)
  m. (31.12.1577) James Beecher of Penshurst
  D.+ other issue - Henry (d 1562), John (d 1563), Anne (bpt 03.01.1563), Agnes
2. Richard Streatfeild of Cransted in Chiddingstone & Chested in Penshurst (d 04.12.1584)
  m1. Margaret or Margery (bur 05.02.1565)
  m2. (26.11.1566) Elizabeth (relict of _ Lawndy)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, 'Streatfeild of Chiddingstone', p422+), BLG1952 ('Streatfeild formerly of Chiddingstone'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p234+)
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