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Families covered: Stuteville of Cottenham (Cottingham), Stuteville of Gressenhall [This family is to be researched further in due course.]

Roger de Verdun (Governor of Ambriences Castle)
1. Robert de Estuteville (d 1090, Governor of Ambriences Castle)
  m. Jeanne de Talbot (dau of Robert de Tallebot)
  A. Robert de Estuteville, lord of Cottenham (d after 1107)
  m. Adeliza de Beaumont (dau of Ivo de Beaumont)
i. Robert de Estouteville or Stuteville, lord of Cottenham (d after 1116)
  m. Erneberga FitzBaldrick (dau of Hugh FitzBaldrick)
  a. Robert de Stuteville, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 1183)
  A contributor (JB, 26.10.07), who is studying the early generations of certain families including the Stutevilles, has kindly drawn our attention to the likelihood that the following has confused the generations (eg. Robert who married Sybil de Voaloines was son rather than elder brother of William). We hope to revise this page in due course to share the results of his research.
  m. Hawise Murdac
  (1) Robert de Stuteville
  m. Sybil de Valoines (dau of Philip de Valoniis or Valognes)
  (A) Helwis de Stuteville
  m. Hugh de Morville
(2) William de Stuteville
  m. Berta de Glanville (dau of Gerard de Glanville)
  (A) Nicholas de Stuteville
  m. Gunnora de Gournay (dau of Hugh de Gournay)
  (i) Nicholas de Stuteville, lord of Cottenham and Liddell
  m. Devorgilla of Galloway (dau of Roland, lord of Galloway)
  (a) Joan de Stuteville HJY
  m1. Hugh Wake of Liddell (d Jerusalem 1246) HJY
  m2. Hugh Bigod, Chief Justice (d 1266)
(ii) William de Stuteville of Gressenhall, etc (d by 05.1259)
  m. Margery de Say (dau of Hugh de Say)
  (a) Sir Robert de Stuteville of Gressenhall, etc
  (b) Margery de Stuteville
  m. Richard Foliot of Norton, Fenwick, Grimston and Wellow (d 03.1299)
  (3) Hawise de Stuteville GS--
  m. Sir William de Lancaster, lord of Kendal (d 1184) GS--
  (4) Burga de Stuteville --
  m. (before 1171) William de Vesci of Alnwick (d c01.1184) --
  b. Osmund de Stuteville or Estuteville ancestor of early Stutevilles or Estutvilles of Gressing Hall
  c. Richard de Estuteville of Skipwith
  m. Beatrix (dau of Sir Pagan de Langton)
  (1) Jeffrey de Schypwith
  m. Mariana (dau of William de Manithorp)
  d. daughter
  m. Sir Michael le Fleming (d 1150)
  ii. John de Estouteville
  iii. Nicolas de Estouteville (in France)
  iv. Emma de Estouteville
  m1. Erard, Sire de Harcourt (a 1078)
  m2. Hugh, Sire de Grand Mesnil (dsp 1136)

Main source(s): various web sites, in particular 'RootsWeb', with input from BP1934 (Skipwith)
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