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Families covered: Swettenham of Swettenham

BLG1886 reported that "This very ancient family, which, according to tradition, was seated at Swettenham long antecedent to the Conquest, and had a confirmation of the estate temp. William Rufus, to the then Saxon possessor, derives its surname from a compound of two Saxon words, Sweet, pleasant or agreeable, Ham, a dwelling-place of village - words that aptly describe the situation of the manor."
Peter, lord of Swettenham, Cheshire
1. Richard de Swettenham of Swettenham (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  A. Nicholas de Swettenham of Swettenham (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  i. Richard de Swettenham of Swettenham
  a. Richard de Swettenham
  (1) Richard de Swettenham of Swettenham
  (A) Thomas de Swettenham of Swettenham (a 1338)
(i) Ranulph (Ralph) de Swettenham
  (a) Thomas de Swettenham of Swettenham (a 1379)
  ((1)) Thomas de Swettenham of Swettenham (a 1377, 1413)
  ((A)) Thomas de Swettenham
  m. Alice (sister/heir of Roger de Overton) mother of Margaret, presumed also of ...
  ((i)) Peter de Swettenham
  ((a)) Thomas de Swettenham - continued below
  ((ii)) Margaret Swettenham
  m. Thomas Wilbraham of Radnor & Woodhey (d 1492-3)
  ((iii)) Alice Swettenham probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Yate of Cheshire
  (B) William de Swettenham of Caryngham had issue
2. Peter de Swettenham



Thomas de Swettenham (a 1454) - continued above
1. Richard Swettenham
  Visitation starts with this Richard and identifies his wife as Alice, dau of Smethwick of Smethwick. However, Commoners & BLG1886, mentioning her "as of what family has not been ascertained", names her ...
  m. Helena
  A. Oliver Swettenham of Swettenham (a 1504)
  m. Margery (dau of William Reade or Rode of Maresbarow or Massy or Mosley) mentioned by Visitation
  i. Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham (a 1566)
  m. Elizabeth Swetenham (dau of William Swetenham of Somerford Booths)
  a. Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham (a 1566, d 1611)
  The Visitations identify Thomas's wife as Katherine, dau of _ Munday of Merton, but Commoners & BLG1886 just name her Katherine. Noting that Visitation omits the next generation, it is thought possible that Commoners & BLG1886 inserted one-too-many generations of Thomases or that Katherine Munday was wife rather than mother of ...
  m. Katherine (possibly dau of _ Munday of Merton)
(1) Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham (d 1615-6) this generation omitted by Visitation
  (A) Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham (d by 1657)
  m. (12.10.1602) Mary Birtles (d 1621, dau of John Birtles of Birtles by Ann)
  (i) Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham 'of Birtles' (b c1604, bur 23.12.1658)
  m. Abigail Steventon (dau of William Steventon of Dottill)
(a) Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham & Birtles (b 1642, d 1713)
  m1.(1666) Margaret Stanley (dau of Sir Thomas Stanley, Bart of Alderley)
  ((1)) William Swettenham of Swettenham (d 1736)
  m. (1691) Bethia Willis (dau of Thomas Willis)
  ((A)) Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham
  m. (before 1717) Penelope Warburton (dau of Thomas Warburton)
  ((i)) Thomas Swettenham of Swettenham, later Swettenham-Willis of Halsnead (dsp 1788)
  m. (1751) Elizabeth Upton (dau of John Upton of Putney)
  ((ii)) Bethia Swettenham
  m. James Wadeson of Thornes
  ((B)) Elizabeth Swettenham
  m. Robert Heyes of Northwich
  ((i)) Anne Heyes of Swettenham (d unm)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Heyes
m. Millington Eaton of Everton (son/heir of John of Overwhitley & Millington then of Liverpool)
  ((a)) John Eaton, later Swettenham of Swettenham (d 07.12.1803)
  m. Sarah Crosby (d 10.09.1821)
  (((1))) Millington Eaton, later Swettenham of Swettenham (b 1774, d 09.04.1825) had issue
  m. (12.10.1798) Margaret Wybault (dau of Paul Wybault of Springfield)
  (((2))) Thomas Swettenham Eaton (rector of Swettenham) had issue
  m. Anna Antonia Heyes
  (((3))) Sarah Eaton
m. Samuel Edge of Cheetham Hill
  ((C)) Berthia Swettenham
  m. Richard Moore
  ((D))+ other issue - Peter, Frances, Margaret Mainwaring, Ann, Mary, Jane
  ((2)) John Swettenham
  ((3)) Ann Swettenham
  m. Thomas Kinsey of Blackden
  m2. (1684, sp) Francis Mainwaring (d 1714, sister of Roger Mainwaring of Kermincham)
  (b) Mary Swettenham probably the Mary who married ...
  m. John Jodrell of Moorehouse (b 1642-3, a 04.1663)
  (c)+ other issue - John, Peter, Joseph, Abigail
  (ii) Laurence Swettenham (bpt 21.02.1613, 3rd son)
  (a) Edward Swettenham
(iii) George Swettenham
  m. Amye Bennett (dau of John Bennett of Chester)
  (iv) Ann Swettenham (bpt 04.04.1607)
  m. Richard Davenport of Weltrough
  (v) Catherine Swettenham (bpt 22.09.1608)
  m. Simon Smith of Waterford, Staffordshire
  (vi) Ellenor Swettenham (b 1609)
  m. John Holford or Halford of Davenham
(vii) Martha Swettenham
  m. William Wade of Bradshaw
  (viii)+ other issue - William (bpt 07.09.1612), Edward (b 1615)
  (B)+ other issue - Ann, Katherine, Elinor
  (2) Margery Swettenham probably of this generation
  m. (1577) Edward Thornycroft of Thornycroft
  (3)+ other issue - Lawrance of Bradwall, William
  b. Margaret or Margerie Swettenham
  m. Edward Thornycroft
  c. Elizabeth Swettenham
  m. (1591) John Jodrell
  d.+ other issue - William, Lawrence, Elenor

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Swettenham of Swettenham), Commoners (vol I, Swettenham of Swettenham) with some support/input from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Swettenham vulgo Swetnam of Swetnam), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Swettenham), Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Swettenham of Swettenham)
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