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Families covered: Sager of Yorkshire, Swan of Hurdlow, Sandwith of Newton Grange, Shapleigh of Dartmouth, Shapleigh of Totnes, Shortridge of Shortridge

John Sager of Bradford probably father of ...
1. Joshua Sager of Wakefield (d 29.03.1710, minister)
  m. (18.05.1692) Baptista Poole (d 28.06.1737, dau of Joseph Poole of Pontefreact & Wakefield)
  A. Joseph Sager (bur 1757-9, vicar of North Tidworth, rector of Hommerton)
  m. Mary Hearst (b 1704-5, d 06.07.1742, sister of Edward Hearst of the Close in Salisbury (father of Countess of Harborough)
  i. Joseph Sager of Richmond, Yorkshire (b 05.04.1739, d 1808, schoolmaster)
  m1. Sarah Oulton (dsp 20.06.1766, dau of John Oulton)
  m2.(12.09.1767) Mary Frazer (d 03.03.1769, dau of Joseph Frazer of Richmond by Mary)
  a. Charles Sager of Newcastle (b 29.06.1768, d 19.03.1797, painter)
  (1) Charles Sager (b 1795)
  m3. (04.08.1771) Mary Colling (d 26.04.1778, dau of Robert Colling of Richmond)
  b. Robert Sager of Portland, Massachusets Bay, North America (b 06.05.1772, a 1804)
  (1)+ 4 children (a 1804)
  c.+ other issue - Pemberton (b 31.03.1774, d 30.04.1775?), Pemberton (b 12.03.1778, d 24.06.1804), Bridget (b 29.03.1776, d 24.07.1777)
  m4. (08.11.1788) Jane Spencley (dau of Simon Spencley of Carperby by Ann)
  f.+ other issue - Joshua (b 26.01.1794), Mary (b 13.09.1789), Elizabeth (b 23.12.1791)
  ii. Sophia Sager (b 23.06.1742, a 1804)
  m. James Haviland of Bath (apothecary)
  a.+ issue - James of Bath (b c1766, a 1821, clerk), 2 others
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - Joshau (d young), William (d young), Harriet (d young), Catherine (d young), Mary, Elizabetrh (d 1793), Baptista (b 30.11.1730, d 09.05.1749), Harriet (b c1737, d 1743), Catherine (b c1743?, d 14.06.1748)
  B. Sarah Sager (b 11.10.1699, d 31.05.1711)



FMG starts with 2 brothers who we show as sons of ...
?? Swann
1. Samuel Swann (Swan) of Hurdlow in Hartington, Derbyshire (a 1682)
  m. Martha Brereton (dau/coheir of Edward Brereton of Hurdlow)
  A. Edward Swan of Hurdlow (a 03.1757, 2nd son)
  m. Ellen Webb (dau of John Webb of Heaton)
  i. Samuel Swan
  ii. Edward Swan (dvp)
  a. Mary Swan
  m1. _ Barrow
m2. William Bullock of Buxton (MD)
  iii. Mary Swan
  m. R. Hawley
  a. George Hawley
  b. Mary Hawley
  m. _ Shipton
  iv. Martha Swan
  m. Richard Foxlowe
  v. Ann (or Ellen?) Swan
  m. Ralph Clayton
  a.+ issue - Edward, James, Ralph
  B. Rowland Swan of Nottingham (d by 1757)
  i. Samuel Swan of London
  a. Samuel Swan
  ii.+ other issue - Roby, John, Rowland
  C.+ other issue - Samuel (dsp before 1757), Martha, Mary, Grace
2. Rowland Swann (a 1683) probably father of ...
  A. Edward Swan (nephew of Samuel)



George Sandwith of Newton Grange in St. Oswald (Oswaldkirk), Rydale, Yorkshire (a 1542)
m. _ Prestman (dau/heir of _ Prestman of Newton Grange by dau of William Releson by Isabel, dau of Robert Urswick, son of Sir Thomas of Badsworth by Joan Hertford) ## see here ##
1. Ralph Sandwith of Newton Grange
  m. Mary Segrave (dau of Nicholas Segrave of Scalford)
  A. Robert Sandwith (dsp)
  B. Michael Sandwith
  m. _ Billingford of Norfolk
i. Robert Sandwith of Newton Grange (a 1640)
  C. Ellinor Sandwith
  m. Matthew Dodsworth
2. Robert Sandwith of Helmsley
  A. George Sandwith of Newark
3. Catherine Sandwith
  m. John Gibson of Oswaldkirk
4. Adelina Sandwith
  m1. _ Blanchard
  A.+ issue - John of Dunsley, William of York
  m2. _ Fairfax
  C. William Fairfax
  m. _ Barton of Cowton
  i. Thomas Fairfax (a 1638)
  m. _ Ives (dau of Rev. _ Ives of Gilling)



Robert Shapleigh of Dartmouth
m. _ Simondes of Totnes
1. John Shapleigh, Mayor of Dartmouth then Totnes (d 12.04.1628)
  m. Joane Anglois (a 1636, dau of Richard Anglois of Totnes)
  A. John Shapleigh of Totnes (bpt 21.09.1588, bur 06.06.1637, 2nd son)
m. Mary Slanninge (a 1636, dau of William Slanninge of Larkham)
  i.+ issue - John (bpt 15.02.1623-4, bur 10.08.1625), Thomas (bpt 20.11.1625, d before 1636), Elizabeth (bpt 02.07.1626)
  ii.+ other issue (a 1636) - John, Samuel, Richard, Robert, William, Joane (b c1618)
  B. Robert Shapleigh, Mayor of Totnes (bpt 04.04.1596, bur 11.02.1660-1, 4th son) had issue
  C. Susan Shapleigh (bpt 13.05.1586, a 1636)
  m. John Savery of Totnes
  D. Mary Shapleigh (a 1636)
  m. William Dyer of Yarde
  E. Elizabeth Shapleigh (bpt 09.02.1599-1600, bur 08.04.1632)
m1. (25.05.1619) Jasper Swifte (archdeacon of Totnes)
  m2. (10.11.1628) Edward Champernowne
2 F.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 17.06.1582, bur 30.10.1588), Robert (bpt 03.12.1590, d young), Johan (bpt 04.06.1581, bur 09.04.1583), Jone (bpt 210.10.1583, bur 03.10.1593)
2. Richard Shapleigh probably of this family
  m1. Joan (bur 31.12.1595)
  A.+ issue - Richard (bpt 03.12.1593), Mary (bpt 21.09.1587), Elizabeth (bpt 30.10.1589), Dorothy (bpt 02.03.1591-2)
  m2. (c06.1596) Christian (widow of _ Mathew of Charlton)
3. Elizabeth Shapleigh
  m. Thomas Plumleigh of Dartmouth
4. Joan Shapleigh
  m. John Fortescue of Spridleston



John Shortridg of Shortridg in Tiverton, Devon
1. Hugh Shortridge of Shortridge
  m. Margerie Bowden (dau/heir of Phillip Bowden of Witheridge)
  A. Phillip Shortridge
  m. _ Ford
i. Margerie Shortridge
  m. (c02.1629-30) Roger Southwood of Tiverton
  B. Richard Shortridge of Shortridge
  m. (c01.1611-2) Mary Cade (dau of John Cade of Witheridge)
  i. Richard Shortridge (b c1616)
  a. Hugh Shortridge (a 1667, rector of Ashreigney)
  m. Gertrude Bury (dau of John Bury of Colliton)
  (1)+ issue (a 1667) - Hugh, Richard, Thomas, Gertrude, Elizabeth, Mary
  ii.+ other issue (a 1620) - Joane (b c1612), Mary (b c1615), Barbara (b c1618)

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