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Families covered: Dodsworth of Halnaby Grange, Dodsworth of Masham, Dodsworth of Riccall, Dodsworth of Settrington, Dodsworth of Stranton

Peter Dodsworth of Masham (b c1482, a 1532)
m. _ Burgh (dau of Walter Burgh of Stammore)
1. Simon Dodsworth of Settringon (bur 08.03.1587/8)
  m. Agnes/Ann Harrison (bur 05.05.1589, dau/heir of _ Harrison of Settrington)
  A. George Dodsworth of Settringon (bur 29.10.1603)
  m. _ Wood (dau of _ Wood of Lutton)
  i. William Dodsworth
  m. _ Wood of Lutton
  ii. Matthew Dodsworth (bpt 20.02.1568/9, bur 06.12.1643)
  m. (05.08.1580) Katherine Rowse (bur 06.04.1623, dau of Marmaduke Rowse of East Heslerton)
  a. Marmaduke Dodsworth of Settringon (bpt 01.01.1590/1, bur 17.02.1646/7)
  m. Dorothy (bur 20.07.1651) ?
  (1) Matthew Dodsworth (bpt 14.03.1617?, bur 23.03.1667)
  m. Thomasine (bur 03.05.1665)
  (A) Matthew Dodsworth of Wilberfoss then Racall (bpt 16.12.1656, bur 11.09.1719, youngest son)
  m1. Anne (bur 20.05.1688)
  (i)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 10.04.1681), John (bpt 15.03.1684/5, bur 16.06.1712), William (bpt 06.01.1687/8, bur 04.06.1691), Anne (bpt 02.05.1686)
  m2. ??
  (i) Matthew Didsworth of Riccall (bpt 02.02.1689/90, bur 29.10.1754)
  m1. (24.12.1710) Anne Green (bur 02.09.1711)
  m2. (11.12.1720) Susanna Lamb (bur 18.02.1732/3)
  (a)+ issue - Matthew (bpt 03.02.1721, bur 26.01.1735/6), Thomas (bpt 09.10.1730, bur 18.02.1732/3)
  m3. (04.09.1737) Ann Peirson
  m3. (17.05.1692) Dorothy Teale of Low Catton
  (i) Henry Didsworth of Riccall (bpt 26.04.1696, bur 18.05.17330
  (a)+ issue - John (bpt 16.08.1719), Matthew (bpt 25.03.1726)
  (i) Charity Dodsworth (bpt 25.02.1693/4)
  (B)+ other issue - Matthew (bpt 14.11.1652, d young), George (bpt 06.12.1653, bur 12.12.1653), Thomas (bpt 06.01.1654/5), Jane (bpt 17.11.1650, bur 20.10.1654), Jane (bpt 10.03.1660/1)
  (2) Charity Dodsworth (bpt 09.12.1621)
  m. (13.10.1672!) Hugh Johnson
  (3)+ other issue - George (bpt 25.04.1617), Marmaduke (bpt 10.06.1624), Edward (bpt 10.04.1627), William (bpt 09.01.1630/1), Simon/Sigisumund (bpt 11.04.1633)
  b. James Dodsworth (bpt 16.01.1597/8, bur 29.04.1672)
  m. Margaret (a 1672)
  (1)+ issue - James (bur 07.07.1664), Jane (bpt 18.09.1625, bur 15.08.1637)
  c. Dick Dodsworth
  m. _ Warter of Wansforth
  (1) Matthew Dodsworth
  d. Matthew Dodsworth of Settrington? (bur 06.12.1648)
  m. Ann (a 1656)
  (1)+ issue - Philip (bpt 26.01.1630/81), Edmund (bpt 08.02.1628/9), Olivia (bpt 16.04.1639), Jane (bpt 16.03.1635/6, bur 15.08.1656), Isabel (bpt 11.03.1626/7)
  iii. Laurence Dodsworth (bpt 11.09.1575, bur 09.04.1611)
  a. Simon Dodsworth (bpt 28.10.1609)
  iv. Simon/Sigismund Dodsworth (bpt 11.05.1578)
  a. Isabella Dodsworth (bpt 30.09.1604)
  v. Henry Dodsworth (bpt 01.10.1592, bur 09.11.1669)
  a. Philip Dodsworth (bpt 27.11.1622, 2nd son)
  m. (06.05.1654) Ellen Burden
  b. Ursula Dodsworth (bpt 14.11.1628)
  m. (17.07.1658) Patrick Harker
c.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 13.03.1619/20), Mary (bpt 03.12.1615), Catherine (bpt 08.03.1617/8)
  vi. Margaret Dodsworth (bpt 01.11.1572)
  m. (06.07.1591) Robert Usher
  vii.+ other issue - Philip (bpt 17.11.1583), Mary (bpt 10.01.1580/1), Agnes (bpt 19.05.1587), Emma (bpt 29.12.1589)
  B. Matthew Dodsworth (Chancellor of York)
  m. Eleanor Sandwith (dau of Ralph Sandwith of Hutton Grange by Mary Segrave)
  i. Roger Dodsworth (b 24.04/07.1585, d 08.1654, antiquary)
  m. (09.1611) Holcroft Hesketh (dau of Robert Hesketh of Rufford, widow of Laurence Rawsthorne of Hutton Grange)
  a. Robert Dodsworth (b c1615, vicar of Barton-on-Humber)
  m1. _ Wilkinson
  (1) Roger Dodsworth (b 1645, d before 07.04.1666)
  m2. Alice Stirrup (dau of Thomas Stirrup of Lincoln, widow of Robert Stamford of High Ashe)
  (2) Robert Dodsworth (b 1657-8)
  (A) Roger Dodsworth
  b. Eleanor Dodsworth
  m. John Clarke of Bondes
  c. Mary Dodsworth
  m. Thomas Ainsdale (or Amollfeston ??) of Bickerstaff
  d. Cassandra Dodsworth (a 1661)
  m. _ Griffith (d by 1661)
  ii. Richard Dodsworth of Newton Grange (bpt 29.09.1586)
  m. Barmamsia (Clapham or of Clapham)
  a. Vincent Dodsworth (bur 27.12.1627)
  iii. Edward Dodsworth (bpt 03.02.1595/6, a 04.1666, rector of Badsworth, 5th son?)
  m. (31.01.1631/2) Isabel Wood (bur 11.10.1682, dau of Rev. Thomas Wood of Badsworth)
  a. Elizabeth Dodsworth (bpt 29.10.1639)
  m. _ Halliwell
  b. Isabell Dodsworth (bpt 15.12.1640)
  m. (25.07.1672) Cuthbert Gibson of Doncaster (postmaster)
  c. Eleanor Dodsworth (bpt 11.12.1645)
m. _ Johnson
  d. Margaret Dodsworth (bpt 28.01.1646/7)
  m. _ Coates
  e.+ other issue - Matthew (bpt 08.11.1653, d 1697?, rector of Sessny), Edward (bpt 03.07.1649, d young), Edward (bpt 29.04.1651), Thomas (bpt 22.06.1652), Catherine (bpt 26.11.1655)
  iv. Philippa Dodsworth (bpt 18.07.1583)
  m. (1614) Bartholomew Cotton
  v. Margaret Dodsworth (bpt 18.05.1591)
  m. (29.01.1610/1) Samuel Philip
  vi. Elenor Dodsworth
  m1. (17.08.1608-9) John Thomlinson of York 'of Whitby'
  m2. Thomas Coventry
  vii.+ other issue - Charles (bpt 21.05.1592, bur 28.01.1592/3), John (bpt 20.06.1593, d young?), Robert (bpt 24.03.1596/7, bur 31.03.1596/7), Henry (bpt 17.06.1598), Matthew (bpt 30.08.1599), John (bpt 25.11.1600, bur 27.11.1600), Bridget (b c1580, bur 06.02.1584/5), Olive (bpt 31.07.1594), Mary (bpt 16.02.1601/2), Elizabeth (bpt 07.08.1603, bur 13.03.1616/7)
  C. Christopher Dodsworth of Settringon
  i. Peter Dodsworth (bpt 17.05.1584)
  D. James Dodsworth (a 1588)
  m. _Bygod (dau/heir of _ Bygod of Malton)
  E. Edward Dodsworth possibly same person as Edmund, probably father of ...
  i. Edward Dodsworth
  a. Charity Dodsworth (bpt 31.05.1621)
  m. (28.02.1641/2) Thomas Thompson
  b.+ other issue - Edward (bpt 17.10.1619), Christopher (bpt 01.12.1622), Mary (bpt 01.12.1622), Margaret (bpt 30.04.1626)
  F. Cecily Dodsworth
  m. John Swinburne of Settrington (bur 10.02.1602/3)
  i. Leonard Swinburne (bpt 22.09.1577, bur 13.08.1608, 3rd son)
  m. (25.02.1594/5) Isabel Johnson
  a. George Swinburne (bpt 29.09.1603)
  ii. Rowland ('Swinhanke") Swinburne (bpt 17.05.1583)
  m. Anne (bur 26.10.1657)
  a. James Swinburne (bpt 05.1616, 4th son) had issue
  m. (10.11.1644) Isabella Best
  b. Isaac Swinburne (bpt 11.10.1636, bur 02.03.1700/1, vicar of Riccall)
  m. (29.06.1668) Elinor Esh
  c.+ other issue - John (bpt 20.10.1607), Philip (bpt 05.05.1611), Christopher (bpt 14.01.1617/8)
  iii.+ other issue - Simon/Sigismund (bpt 11.06.1570, bur 17.07.1629), Oswald (bpt 20.03.1574/5, bur 17.07.1627), Laurence (bpt 02.10.1581, bur 17.01.1615/6), Thomas (bpt 10.03.1587/8)
  G. Emma Dodsworth
  m. _ Faucet
  H. Margaret Dodsworth
  m. _ Wood
  I.+ other issue - Edmund (bpt 03.10.1562, bur 26.12.1637), Francis (bpt 18.08.1568, bur 16.06.1616/7?)
2. James Dodsworth of Settringon
  The connection to James from the above Peter appears to be dotted, implying that it may not have been fully proven that he was Peter's son.
  m. Mary (bur 23.08.1597)
  A. Francis Dodsworth (bpt 18.08.1568, bur 16.06.1616/7?)
3.+ other issue - Christopher of Masham, John of Masham



William Dodsworth 'of Watlass' of Halnaby Grange, Yorkshire (d 1558)
m. Dorothy Wigglesworth (d before 27.03.1579/80)
1. Lawrence Dodsworth of Halnaby (d before 01.12.1576, rector of Gateshead)
  m. Catherine Dodsworth (dau of Richard Dodsworth of Thornton Watlass)
  A. Edward Dodsworth of East Chevington, Northumberland (d 30.05.1630, huntsman to King James I)
  i. Ralph Dodsworth of Felton, Northumberland (d 1643)
a.+ issue - Robert, Jane
  ii. Robert Dodsworth of Barton Cuthberts (d 1650)
  m. Margaret Hebborn (b c1598 (sb c1611?), d 24.02.1703, dau of Arthur Hebborn of Hebborn, m2. Col. Henry Chaytor)
  a. Thomas Dodsworth (b c1646, a 08.1665, dsp)
  b. Elizabeth Dodsworth
  m. William Killinghall of Middleton St. George
  c. Mary Dodsworth of Barton
  m1. John Killinghall of Middleton St. George
  m2. John Pemberton, Sheriff of Yorkshire
  iii. Frances Dodsworth
  m. _ Rochester (clerk)
  iv. Margaret Dodsworth
  m. John Sleight of Berwick-upon-Tweed
  v. Elizabeth Dodsworth
  m1. Robert Murton of Berwick-upon-Tweed
m2. Samuel Barker of Barton
  m3. George Walton of Barton
  B. daughter
  m. (by 1576) William Blytheman
  C.+ other sons (a 1576) including Christopher
2. George Dodsworth of Halnaby Grange (4th son)
The following is supported by Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, Dodsworth of Stranton).
  m. Frances Conyers (dau of Christopher Conyers of Danby Wiske)
  A. Anthony Dodsworth of Stranton, co. Durham
  m. Elinor Dodsworth (dau of John Dodsworth of Thornton Watlass)
  i. Anthony Dodsworth of Stranton (bpt 14.06.1612, bur 18.04.1668)
  m. (06.12.1637) Eleanor Widdrington (dau of Lewis Widdrington of Cheeseburn Grange)
  a. Anthony Dodsworth 'of Stranton' (bpt 11.10.1638, a 1683, of Gray's Inn)
  m. (15.04.1662) Elizabeth Maddison (dau of Henry Maddison of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
  (1)+ issue - Anthony (b c1663, a 1666), Henry (bur 03.01.1666/7), John (bpt 25.02.1668), William (bpt 14.02.1681), Ralph (bpt 14.08.1683), Mary (bpt 26.05.1670), Mary (bpt 19.09.1671), Margaret (bpt 17.08.1674), Gertrude (bpt 09.01.1678/9), Anne (bpt 29.09.1680), Eleanor (bpt 13.01.1684)
  ii. Ann Dodsworth (bpt 03.11.1611)
3.+ other issue - Cuthbert, Bryan (a 1580), Francis (a 1580), Elizabeth (a 1558), Anne (a 1558)

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