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Families covered: Thomlinson of Birdforth (Byrdforth), Thomlinson of Burne, Thomlinson of Gateside (Gateshead), Thomlinson of Thorgamby, Thomlinson of Tockwith, Thomlinson of Whitby, Thomlinson of York

The following families share this page for our convenience. Some cross-references to this family spell the family name 'Tomlinson".
William Thomlinson of Tockwith (d 06.1438)
m. Alice (d 06.1438)
1. Thomas Thomlinson
  A. William Thomlinson of Tockwith (d 08.04.1505)
m. Alice
  i. Christopher Thomlinson of Birdforth (Byrdforth), Yorkshire (b c1495, d before 28.03.1553)
  m. Anne Mansell (d 22.06.1562, dau/coheir of Thomas Mansell of Birdforth)
  a. George Thomlinson of Birdforth (b 1526, d before 10.1569)
  m. Agnes Pulleine (dau of John Pulleine of Killinghall by Jane, dau of Thomas Roos of Ingmanthorpe)
  (1) Peter Thomlinson of Birdforth (d before 06.05.1578)
  m. Cecily Layton (dau of William Layton of Sproxton)
  (A) George Thomlinson of Birdforth (b c1576, d 13.02.1624)
m. Elizabeth Staveley (dau of Richard Staveley of Thornmonby)
  (i) Thomas Thomlinson of Birdforth (b c1608, a 08.1665, bur 06.08.1669?)
  m. Elizabeth Bell (dau of Richard Bell of Thirsk)
  (a) George Thomlinson of Birdforth (bpt 23.12.1634, d 30.06.1696)
  m. (10.07.1666) Isabella Young of Brampton in Kirkby-on-the Moor
  Clay ends with this generation. Possibly of the next generation was ...
  ((1)) Elizabeth Thomlinson
  m. Thomas Conyers (b c1665, son of John of Laton)
  (b) Hodgson Thomlinson
  m. William Wailes
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 22.03.1648), Mary (bpt 20.11.1636), Anne (bpt 15.08.1640), Cicelie (bpt 10.08.1642), Jane
(ii) Anne Thomlinson
  m. (1640) W. Tyson
  (iii)+ other issue - George (d unm), Peter (d unm), Richard (d unm), FRances, Beatrice, Faith, Ursula, Catherine
  (B) Katherine Thomlinson
  m. (c1593) George Chambers of Bagby
  (2)+ other issue - Henry, Anne (m. ??), Elizabeth
  b. Eleanor Thomlinson
  m. Edmund Metcalf
  c. Anne Thomlinson
  m. John Thornton of Birdforth
  d. Johanna Thomlinson
  m. Francis Metham
  e.+ other issue - Richard, Peter, William, Roger, Edward
  ii.+ other issue including William
  Visitation (J. W. Clay (vol 1, 1899, 'Dugdale 1665-6 with additions', 'Thomlinson of Thorgamby'), which reports the following family, identifies Anthony of Burne as "descended from Thomlinson, of Byrdforth". Arbitrarily, we speculate that he was connected to the above as follows.
  a. ?? Thomlinson
  (1) ?? Thomlinson
  (A) Anthony Thomlinson of Burne, Yorkshire (bur 12.02.1632)
  (i) William Thomlinson of Burne (d 1652)
  m. Jennet Monet (dau of Thomas Monet of Hadlesey)
  (a) John Thomlinson of Thorgamby, Yorkshire (bpt 19.05.1622, bur 11.10.1680, Captain)
  m. Margaret Herbert (dau of Richard Herbert of Skipwith)
  ((1)) Richard Thomlinson 'of Thorgamby' (bpt 15.10.1661)
  m. (19.12.1689) Mary Geldard of Wiiganthorpe
  ((A)) Sarah Thomlinson (bpt 08.01.1690/1)
  ((B)) Mary Thomlinson (bpt 03.12.1691)
  m. (27.07.1727) Charles Ellis of Rowsell (bpt 03.12.1691, d 10.03.1768)
  ((2)) John Thomlinson of Leeds (bpt 07.04.1663, d 1745)
m. Susannah Boulter (dau of Robert Boulter of London)
  ((A)) Boulter Thomlinson of London (a 1764, doctor)
  m. Sarah Foley (dau of Thomas Foley)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Thomlinson
  m. Andrew Foley (MP for Droitwich)
  ((B))+ other issue - John (d infant), Edward (d infant), Susannah (d infant), Elizabet (a 1712)
  ((3)) Joseph Thomlinson of York (bpt 09.02.1664/5, bur 1734, apothecary)
  m. (c05.1688) Dorothy Weddell (dau of William Weddell of Earswick)
((A)) Margaret Thomlinson
  ((B)) Frances Thomlinson
  m. Charles Weddell (d 12.06.1751, Major)
  ((i)) Thomas Weddell of York
  m. Jane Briggs (dau of Henry Briggs of Pendleton)
  ((C)) Barbara Thomlinson
  m. (09.02.1724/5) Richard Elcok, later Weddell (a 1747)
  ((4)) Benjamin Thomlinson of London (bpt 09.02.1664/5, a 1680, draper)
  m. Dorothy Harrison (dau of Thomas Harrison of Allerthorpe)
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas, Dorothy, Henrietta Maria
  ((5)) Mary Thomlinson (bpt 1656)
  m. Richard Rymer
  ((6))+ other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth (bpt 1658)
  (b) Peter Thomlinson of Burne (bpt 04.07.1630, d 1709)
  m. (20.11.1655) Elizabeth Brooke (d 1694, dau of Calithenes Brooke of Gateford)
  ((1)) John Thomlinson (bpt 1656)
  ((A)) Susannah Elizabeth Thomlinsoin (bpt 21.09.1684)
  m. (17.10.1727) Humphrey Brooke
  ((B))+ other issue - John (bpt 05.07.1688), Millicent (bpt 12.01.1685/6), Joan Mary (bpt 05.05.1687), Dorothy (bpt 05.05.1690)
  ((2)) Rebecca Thomlinson (bpt 19.05.1663)
  m. (26.09.1686) Edward Buchelles of York
  ((3))+ other issue - William (bpt 29.08.1665, bur 25.12.1666), Peter (bpt 26.05.1668), Hannah, Sarah (bpt 27.04.1670, bur 25.01.1671/2), Margaret (bpt 21.05.1672)
  (c) William Thomlinson of Aldwadley, Yorkshire
  m. Jane Metcalfe (dau of Henry Metcalfe of Holbeck)
  (d) Katherine Thomlinson (bpt 16.07.1620)
  m. Thomas Dalby of Barleby
  (e) Anne Thomlinson (bpt 22.05.1625)
  m. William Stables of Allerton-juxta-Wate
  (f) Jane Thomlinson
  m. Richard Linley of Houghton
  (ii) John Thomlinson of Hambleton (bur 22.05.1667)
  m. Anne Baxter of Cliff
  (a) Bridget Thomlinson (bpt 10.02.1628)
  m. William Langthorn of Drewton
  (iii) Andrew Thomlinson of Burn
  m. Jennet Howle
  (a)+ issue - William (bpt 18.05.1634), Elizabeth (bpt 03.12.1635)
  (iv) daughter
  m. _ Sympson of Goldale
  (v) Anne Thomlinson
  m. Edward Wood of Hathelsay
  (vi) Margaret Thomlinson
2.+ other issue including Robert



Roger or Robert Thomlinson of Yorkshire
m. Elizabeth
1. Thomas Thomlinson of London (d(sp?) 26.11.1603)
  m. Margaret
2. John Thomlinson of York (b c1553)
  A. John Thomlinson of York 'of Whitby' (bur 03.08.1617)
  m. (17.08.1608-9) Eleanor Dodsworth (dau of Mathew Dodsworth, sister of Roger)
  i. Robert Thomlinson (bpt 02.02.1614/5, d young?)
  ii. John Thomlinson of Whitby (bpt 26.03.1616, d 12.04.1681)
  m. Jane Boys (d 07.04.1685, dau of James Boys of Whitby)
  a. Charles Thomlinson of Whitby (bpt 20.09.1649, dsp 10.07.1690, 2nd son)
m. (27.08.1685) Esther Bushell (b c1655, d 1735, dau of Robert Bushell of Whitby, m2. |Admiral Robert Fairfax of Steeton & Newton Kyme)
  b. Eleanor Thomlinson
  m. William Kitchingham of York
  (1)+ issue - John, Jane, Ellinor
  c.+ other issue - Mathew (b 1645-6, d 1679), Margaret (bur 07.05.1683)
  iii. Sir Mathew Thomlinson (bpt 24.09.1617, d 05.11.1681, Colonel)
  m. Pembroke Brooke (dau/coheir of Sir William Brooke of East Malling)
  a. Jane Thomlinson (dsp bur 16.02.1703)
  m. Philip Owen (bur 10.04.1699)
  b. Elizabeth Thomlinson (d unm before 08.09.1662)
  iv. Jane Thomlinson (d 24.09.1702)
  m. (26.12.1639) Sir Thomas Twysden of Bradbourne, 1st Bart (judge)
  v. Eleanor Thomlinson (bur 08.02.1689)
  m1. Ralph Carnaby
  m2. Sir Thomas Carnaby of Northumberland



William Thomlinson of Gateside (Gateshead?), co. Durham
m. Elizabeth Grey (dau of Robert Grey of Hebburne)
1. Anthony Thomlinson of Gateside ('of Gateshead') (a 1575)
  m1. Katherine Hedworthe (dau of Sir Ralph Hedworthe)
  A. William Thomlinson (b c1555, a 1575)
  m. Barbara Heley (dau of Anthony Heley)
  i. Robert Thomlinson of Gateside (a 1615)
  m. Isabel Lumley (dau of Roger Lumley)
  a.+ issue (a 1615) - William (b c1611), Thomas, Margaret, Elizabeth
  ii. Elizabeth Thomlinson
  m. Thomas Wooton
  iii. Julian Thomlinson
  m. Valentyne West
  B. Edward Thomlinson (youngest son)
  C. Anne Thomlinson
  m. Ralph Scurfield of Kibblesworth
  D.+ other issue - Robert, Richard, Elizabeth, Margaret, Helen, Dorothy
  m2. Mary Rotherford of Rochester (Northumberland)
2. Thomas Thomlinson
  A. Thomas Thomlinson

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (J. W. Clay (vol 1, 1899, 'Dugdale 1665-6 with additions', 'Thomlinson of Byrdforth') with input as reported above
(2) For middle section : Visitation (J. W. Clay (vol 1, 1899, 'Dugdale 1665-6 with additions', 'Thomlinson of Whitby')
(3) For lower section : Visitation (Durham, 1575-1615, 'Thomlinson of Gateside')
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