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Families covered: Taaffe of Ballybraggan, Taaffe of Harleston

Sir Nicholas Taaffe (d 30.10.1288)
1. John Taaffe, Archbishop of Armagh (d 1306)
2. Richard Taaffe probably father of ...
  A. Richard Taffe of Ballybraggan & Castle Lumpnagh, Sheriff of co. Louth (a 1315)
  m. Joan (m1/2. John Rochford)
  i. John FitzRichard Taffe of Ballybraggan, Liscartan & Rath (a 1349)
m. Rose
  a. John Taffe (a 1342)
  (1) Thomas FitzJohn Taaffe
  (2) Nicholas FitzJohn Taaffe of Rathmolyn
  m. Joan
  (A) Simon FitzNicholas Taaffe (a 1363)
  (B) Adam FitzNicholas Taaffe of Rathmolyn (a 1368)
  (3) Richard FitzJohn Taaffe of Gibston
  (A) Nicholas FitzRichard Taaffe of Ballybraggan
  (i) Richard FitzNicholas Taaffe of Ballybraggan (a 1355)
  (a) Walter FitzRichard Taaffe of Ballybraggan (a 1365)
  ((1)) Nicholas FitzRichard Taaffe of Ballybraggan (a 1414) succeeded by ...
  ((A)) Sir Nicholas Taaffe of Ballybraggan, Sherff of co. Louth (a 1441)
  ((i)) Sir Robert Taaffe of Ballybraggan (a 04.1468) - continued below
  (B) John FitzRichard of Ballybraggan & Liscahan (a 1377, 1411) probably the Sheriff of Louth who married ...
  m. Alicia (m2. John Talbot)
  B. Nicholas Taaffe (a 1310)



Sir Robert Taaffe of Ballybraggan (a 04.1468) - continued above succeeded by ...
1. Sir Nicholas Taaffe of Ballybraggan (a 1472)
  Lodge reports of Sir Nicholas "From descended Peter Tagge of Ballybraggan".
  A. ?? Taaffe presumed intermediary generation, father or grandfather of ...
  i. Peter Taaffe of Ballybraggan
a. Nicholas Taaffe of Ballybraggan (a 1552)
  (1) John Taaffe of Ballybraggan & Harleston
  (A) Christopher Taaffe
  m. Susanna (Plunkett) (dau of Luke, 1st Earl of Fingall)
  (i) John Taaffe of Braganstown (a 1633)
  (a) Christopher Taaffe (a 1633)
(B) Sir William Taaffe of Harleston & Smarmore (d 09.02.1630/1 (not 1626))
  m1. Elizabeth Brett (dau of Sir William Brett of Tulloch)
  m2. Ismay Bellew (d by 1631, dau of Sir Chirstopher Bellew, sister of Sir John)
  (i) Sir John Taaffe of Harleston, 1st Viscount Taaffe of Corren (d 09.01.1642)
  m. Anne Dillon (dau of Theobald, 1st Viscount Dillon)
  (ii) Mary Taaffe
  m. John Taaffe of Arthurston
  (iii) Eleanor Taaffe
  m. Richard Taaffe of Cookstown
  (C) Peter Taaffe of Peppardstown & Dromin, Louth
  (i) Jenico Taaffe of Carrowstown & Rathmoyle
  (a) John Taaffe
  (ii) Lawrence Taaffe of Moymet, later of Peppardstown (co. Louth) (a 1583, a 1624)

Main source(s): Lodge's 'Peerage of Ireland' (vol IV, Taaffe, Viscount Taaffe)
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