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Families covered: Taunton of Freeland Lodge, Taunton of Liskeard, Taunton of Somerton, Taunton of Totness

Commoners reports that the family "is supposed to have derived its surname from the town of Taunton, in Somersetshire".
John de Tantone
1. Richard de Tantone
  m. _ Thornhul of Thornhul
  A. John de Tantone
  m. _ Hawle of Bradford
i. ?? de Tantone
  a. ?? Taunton
  (1) Robert Taunton
  m. Mary Popham of Somerset
  (A) ?? Taunton
  (i) Richard Taunton
  m. Jane Smyth (dau of Henry Smyth of Somerton)
  (a) John Taunton of Somerton
  m. Elizabeth Calleton (dau of Edmund Calleton of Milverton) ## possibly here? ##
  ((1)) ?? Taunton
  ((A)) Richard Taunton of Somerton
  m. Gertrude Gibbon (dau of John Gibbon of Wells)
  ((i)) William Taunton of Somerton - continued below
2. John de Tantone (a 1273, Abbot of Glastonbury)



William Taunton of Somerton - continued above
1. William Taunton (Governor of Portland Castle, Dorset)
  m. Mary Willoughby (dau of Richard Willoughby of Pehembrie)
  A. Edmund Taunton of Hilfield, Dorset had issue
  B. William Taunton of Totnell, Dorset
i. ?? Taunton
  a. Joseph Taunton (a 1710, vicar of Quethiock, Cornwall)
  m. Mary Guavas of Cornwall
  (1) Nathaniel Taunton of Liskeard
m. Juliana Tanner (dau/coheir of Anthony Tanner of Carvynick)
  (A) Elias Taunton (rector of Sowton)
  m. Anne Leaver (dau of Thomas Leaver of Oxford by Catherine, dau of John Hawkins)
  (i) Sir William Ellias Taunton of Freeland Lodge, Oxfordshire (d 1825, town clerk of Oxford)
  m. Frances Grosvenor (dau of Stephen Grosvenor of Oxford)
  (a) Sir William Ellias Taunton of Freeland Lodge (d 11.01.1835, judge, recorder of Oxford) had issue
  m. (10.10.1814) Maria Atkinson (dau of Henry William Atkinson)
  (b) Thomas Henry Taunton of Oxfordshire (d 1833) had issue
m. Johanna Davies
  (c) Daniel Taunton (d 1826) had issue
  m. Maria Bradford (dau of James Bradford of Swindon)
  (d) George Taunton (dsp 1832, rector of Stratford St. Anthony, Wiltshire)
  m. _ Bradford (dau of James Bradford of Swindon)
  (e) Frances Taunton (d 11.06.1847)
  m. Henry Smith (prebendary of Southwark, son of Samuel (prebendary of Westminster & Peterborough))
  (f) Elizabeth Taunton
  m. William Postlethwaite of Hambrook House
  (g) Charlotte Taunton
  m. William Warren of Truro
  (h) Anne Taunton
  m. John Williams (vicar of Probus)
  (ii) Juliana Taunton
  m. Edmund Goodenough (vicar of Swindon)
  (iii)+ other issue - John Joseph (d unm), Thomas (d unm, Major), Charlotte Mary
  (B) Joseph Taunton of Liskeard (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Kempe (dau/coheir of Richard Kempe of Tregony)
  (i) Richard Taunton of Redruth (3rd son)
  m. Jane Michell (dau/coheir of Theophilus Michell)
  (a) Richard Taunton of Truro
  m. Anne Whitaker (dau/coheir of Rev. John Whitaker of Ruan Langhorne)
  (ii)+ other issue - Joseph (d unm), Carter (d infant), Robert, John, Elizabeth (d unm), Grace (d unm), Juliana (d unm)
  (C) Grace Taunton
  m. Daniel Carter of Redruth
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Nathnaiel, Mary, Jane
  (2) Joseph Taunton (cleric, 3rd son)
  m. Maria Jess (dau of George Jess of Torbryon)
  (A) William Taunton of Ipplepen, Devon (cleric)
  m. Marria Dodge (dau/heir of John Dodge, MP)
  (i) Joseph Taunton of Totness
  m. Margaret Babbage (dau of Benjamin Babbage, aunt of Professor Charles Babbage)
  (a) William Dodge Taunton, Mayor of Totness (b 1781)
  m1. Margaretta Atkinson (dau of Henry William Atkinson, sister of Lady Taunton)
  m2. Caroline (dau of John Hooker Greene?)
  m3. Barbara Jane Creswell (dau of Richard Estcourt Cresswell of Pinkney Park & Sidbury)
  (b)+ other issue
  (3) Eliza Taunton
  m. Caleb Tilley of Plymouth
  (4)+ other issue - Elias, Martha (d unm), Rebecca

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, 'Taunton of Freeland', p213+), BLG1863 (vol 2, 'Taunton of Freeland Lodge')
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