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Families covered: Taylor of Carlisle, Taylor of Lidgate

Thomas le Taylor of Carliell (Carlisle), Cumberland
m. Jane Eglonby
1. John le Taylor of Carlisle
  m. Isabell Townes of Northumberland
A. Thomas Taylor of Lidgate, Suffolk (d before 14.10.1542)
  Thomas is the first mentioned by the Visitation which notes that he was "descended out of Yorkshire, 1505", names his wife Agnes, and shows them as parents of Thomas (m. Alice Ceelye) and John, father (by Elizabeth Helder alias Holder of Gaselye) of John, Isasc, Robert, George, Edmund, Joane, Margaret, Mary & another daughter. We follow Muskett who implies that Visitation has mixed up the generations.
  m1. Elizabeth Sely (dau/heir of Richard Sely of Calais)
  i. George Taylor of Lidgate (b c1512, a 1542)
  m. Margaret Bacon (a 1600, dau of John Bacon of Hessett)
  a. George Taylor of Lidgate (d before 14.04.1634)
  m. Katherine (a 1633)
  (1) George Taylor of Lidgate (dvp before 27.07.1621)
  m. Blanche (m2. Thomas Lovering)
  (A)+ issue (a 1633) - George, John, Katherine?
  (2) John Taylor (a 1621)
  (3) daughter
  m. _ Doresley
  (A) George Doresley
  b. William Taylor (d by 06.1604)
  m. Marie (a 06.1604)
  c. Margery Taylor
  m. Hugh Lancaster
  d. Amy Taylor
  m. John Webb of Cowling
  e. Alice Taylor
  m. John Everard of Hawkedon
  (1)+ _ Doreseleyissue - Ann, Amy, Dorothy
  f. Ann Taylor
m. Geffry Lancaster of Ownden
  ii. John Taylor of Lidgate & Stetchworth (dvp before 05.07.1536)
  m. Elizabeth Helder (dau of John Helder of Suffolk)
  a. John Taylor 'of Bruton' of London (d before 03.01.1600/1)
  m. Retharde Hall (dau of Edward Hall of London)
  (1) Elizabeth Taylor (b c1567, d 1640/1)
m1. (c12.1585) Francis Smith of London (d before 13.11.1600)
  m2. Sir Thomas Freake of Cerne (Shroton)
  b. Joane Taylor
  m. Richard Hildersham
  c. Margaret Taylor (d before 30.11.1607)
  m. William Cock (or Cooke) of Withersfield
  (1) Susan Cock
  m. Giles Allington of Westley (grandson of Sir Giles & Mary Gardiner)
  (2) Mary Cock
  m. Richard Muskett of Harleston Parva (d before 13.09.1627)
  d. Mary Taylor
  m. James Langley of Thurlow
  (1) Christopher Langley (a 1630)
  e.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1542, dsp), Edmond (a 1542, dsp), Isaak (a 1541), Elizabeth (a 1535)
  iii. Robert Taylor of Gaseley, Suffolk (a 1542)
  m. Mary Harvey
  a. daughter
  m. _ Wyatt of Burwell
  b.+ other issue - Thoms, James of Gaseley, John
  iv.+ other issue - Edmund (a 1542), Margaret (a 1545, had issue)
  m2. Alice (a 1542)

Main source(s): 'Suffolk Manorial Families' (Joseph James Muskett, 'Edited with extensive additions', vol 1, 1900, 'Taylor of Lidgate', p248) with some support from Visitation (Walter Metcalfe (1882), Suffolk, 1577+1612, 'Taylor of Gaselye and Lidgate' in 'Additional Pedigrees') p207
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