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Families covered: Temple of Sibbertoft, Temple of Stanton, Temple of Stowe (Stow), Temple of Sulby
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Sir Thomas Temple, 1st Bart of Stowe (d 1637)
m. (1595) Hester Sandys (d 1656, dau of Miles Sandys of Latimers)
1. Sir Peter Temple, 2nd Bart of Stowe (bpt 10.10.1597, bur 12.09.1653)
  m1. (05.07.1614) Anne Throckmorton (bur 23.01.1619-20, dau of Sir Arthur Throckmorton of Paulerspury)
A. Anne Temple (bpt 20.01.1619, d 13.08.1696)
  m. (1637) Thomas Roper, Viscount Baltinglass (dsp c1670)
  B.+ other issue (dvpsp) - John, William, Martha
  m2. (20.05.1630) Christiana Leveson (bur 03.04.1655, dau of Sir John Leveson of Haling)
  Christiana's mother's mother was a daughter of William, 10th Lord Cobham.
  E. Frances Temple (d 1688-9)
BP1934 (Temple of Stowe) and Collins both show Frances as by Sir Peter's first marriage but TCP (Londonderry) & Visitation idenitfy Frances as by Sir Peter's 2nd marriage and TCP (Baltinglass) identifies her sister Anne as the only child by the first marriage to survive infancy.
  m. (20.09.1650) Weston Ridgeway, 3rd Earl of Londonderry (b 25.03.1620, d 1672)
  F. Sir Richard Temple, 3rd Bart of Stowe (b 28.03.1634, bur 12.05.1697)
  m. (1675) Mary Knapp (bur 15.05.1726, dau/coheir of Henry Knapp of Weston)
  i. Sir Richard Temple, 4th Bart, Viscount Cobham (b 1669, dsp 13.09.1749)
  m. Anne Halsey (d 20.03.1769, dau of Edmund Halsey of Stoke Poges)
ii. Hester Temple, Viscountess Cobham, 1st Countess Temple (b c1685, d 06.10.1752)
  m. (1710) Richard Grenville of Wotton (b 23.03.1677/8, bur 22.02.1726/7)
  Ancestors of Earls Temple of Stowe.
  iii. Christian Temple
  m. (08.05.1708) Sir Thomas Lyttelton, 4th Bart (d 14.09.1751)
  iv. Mary Temple (b c1680, d 16.11.1763)
  m1. Richard West (prebendary of Winchester)
  a. Maria West (d 12.09.1786) apparently of this generation
  m. Alexander Hood, 1st Lord Bridport (b 02.12.1726, dsp 03.05.1814, Admiral)
m2. (02.04.1719) Sir John Langham of Cottesbroke, 4th Bart (bpt 01.07.1672, d 15.05.1747)
  v. Penelope Temple
  m. Moses Berenger of London
  vi.+ other issue (dsp) - Purbeck (d unm 03.1698), Henry (d 1703), Arthur, 2 daughters (d young)
  G.+ other issue - Christiana, Martha
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is not known, was ...
  I. Hester Temple
  m. John Dodington, younger of Dodington (dvp 1663)
2. Sir John Temple of Stanton or Stantonbury (b 10.11.1593, d 1632)
  m. Dorothy Lee (dau/coheir of Edmund Lee of Stanton Bury)
  A. Sir Peter Temple of Stantonbury (b 1613, bur 14.01.1659-60)
  m. Eleanor Tyrrell (dau of Sir Timothy Tyrrell of Okeley)
  i. William Temple of Lillingstone Dayrell (d 08.1706, 5th son)
  m. Mary Green of Kent
  a. Sir William Temple of Nash House, 5th Bart (b 04.1694, d 10.04.1760)
  m1. (05.1718) Elizabeth Paxton (d 1729, dau of Peter Paxton)
  (1) Paxton Temple (b 04.1720, dvp unm 1745)
  (2) Henrietta Temple (d 04.1797)
  m. (18.11.1740) William Dicken of Shenton (d 03.1784)
  (A) John Dicken, later Temple of The Nash (d 10.05.1831) had issue
  m. (19.04.1799) Elizabeth Roger (dau of Capt. Richard Roger, RN)
  m2. (11.1731) Elizabeth Ethersey (d 02.12.1762, dau of Hugh Ethersey of Leckhampstead)
(3) Anna Sophia Temple (d 04.10.1805)
  m.(24.06.1758) Sir Richard Temple, 7th Bart (b 01.06.1731, dsp 15.11.1786) @@ just below
  b. Sir Peter Temple, 6th Bart (d 15.11.1761)
  m1. (1719) Elizabeth Broughton (d 1726, of Longdon)
  (1) Peter Temple (b 1721, d unm 1748)
  (2) Elizabeth Temple (b 1720, d unm 1742)
  m2. (1729) Elizabeth Mold (d 06.1759, dau of John Mold of Charlton)
  (3) Sir Richard Temple, 7th Bart (b 01.06.1731, dsp 15.11.1786)
  m. Anna Sophia Temple (d 04.10.1805, dau of Sir William Temple of Nash House, 5th Bart) @@ just above
  ii. Eleanor Temple (bur 25.03.1729) probably of this generation
  m. Richard Grenville of Wotton Underwood (b 14.01.1646/7, bur 04.07.1719)
  iii.+ other issue (a 1634, dvpsp) - John, Timothy, Henry, Thomas
  B. Sir Thomas Temple, Bart, Governor of Nova Scotia (bpt 10.01.1614, d unm 27.03.1674)
  C. Edmund Temple of Sulby (bur 09.03.1667-8)
  m. (1647) Eleanor Harvey (dau of Sir Stephen Harvey of Hardingstone)
  i. Stephen Temple of Sulby (dsp bur 26.10.1672)
  ii. John Temple of Sibbertoft (bur 22.02.1702)
  m. Martha (d 1723)
a. Richard Temple (b 1683)
  b. Purbeck Temple of Sibbertoft (b 1689, d 16.05.1763)
  m. Mary (d 1771)
  (1)+ issue - Edward (d unm 15.09.1796), 3 daughters
  c.+ 3 daughters
  iii. Edmund Temple of Leicester
  m. Ellen
  a.+ 3 sons (Purbeck, Richard, Edmund)
D. Sir Purbeck Temple of Edgcombe Place (dsp 08.1695)
  m. Sarah Draper (dau of Robert Draper)
  E. Dorothy Temple
  m. John Alston (of the Inner Temple)
  F. Hester Temple
  m. Edward Paschal of Essex
  G. Mary Temple (b 1623)
  m. Robert Nelson (of Gray's Inn)
3. Thomas Temple (b 1604, rector of Burton-in-the-Water) had issue
4. Miles Temple had issue
5. Susan Temple
  m. Edward Clark of Ardington (d 1630)
6. Hester Temple
  m. Sir John Rouss of Rous-Linch
7. Bridget Temple
  m. Sir John Lenthal of Creslow
8. Martha Temple
  m. Sir Thomas Peniston, Bart of Leigh
9. Elizabeth Temple
  m. Sir Henry Gibbs of Hunnington
10. Catharine Temple
  m. Sir William Aschcomb of Avelscot (Alvescott, Oxfordshire) (son of Thomas)
  The following came from Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1634, Ashcombe of Alvescote).
A. Hester Aschcomb
  m. Edward Alleston of Norfolk
  B. Anne Aschcomb who apparently married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Longueville of Bradwell
  C. Katharine Aschcomb probably the Catherine (d before 12.1693) who married ...
  m. Sir Robert Hales, 1st Bart of Beaksbourne (b c1610, d c1695)
  D.+ other issue - Mary, Francis, Margaret
11. Anne Temple
  m. Sir William Andrews of Lathbury (d 1657)
12. Margaret Temple
  m. Sir Edward Longville of Billing, 1st Bart of Wolverton (bur 06.08.1661)
13. Millicent Temple
  m. (Thomas) Ogle

Main source(s): BP1934 (Temple of Stowe), Collins (1741, vol 3, Temple, Viscount Cobham)
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