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Families covered: Tynte of Chelvey (Chelvy), Tynte of Halsewell (Halswell), Tynte of Wraxall (Wrexhall)

Commoners reports that the family took its name from the motto granted by King Richard I to its progenitor ("a young knight of the noble house of Arundel") who had distinguished himself at the battle of Ascalon in 1192. The motto, still retained by the family, was "Tynetus cruore Saraceno".
William Tynte of Wraxall, Somerset (a c1480)
1. Robert Tynte
  m. Flora Dowell of Bristol
  A. Robert Tynte of Blackwell
  m. Agnes Thomas (dau of Philip Thomas of Long Ashton)
  i. Edmund Tynte (d 1587)
  m. Margaret Hill (dau of Thomas Hill)
  a.+ issue - William, Robert, Edmund
  ii. Joan Tynte
  m. Thomas Daniell
  B. John Tynte of Wraxall
  m. _ Hayles of Gloucestershire (coheir)
  i. Edmund Tynte of Wraxall (d 1570)
  m. _ Strood
  a. Edward Tynte of Wraxall (d 1582)
  m. Ann Parminter or Parmenter
  (1) Edmund or Edward Tynte of Wraxall or Wrexhall (a 1591)
BLG1886, which provides the earlier generations, calls him Edmund. This is the first generation given by Commoners & BEB1841 which name him Edward (a 1585). BLG1886 identifies the family as 'of Wraxall' whereas Commoners & BEB1841 identifies it as 'of Wrexhall'. It appears that "Wraxall" is the modern spelling (and was the spelling used by the Gorges family - see connection below) so it is presumed that "Wrexhall" is an earlier variation of the village which is in North Somerset.
  m. Elizabeth Panther (dau of John Panther of Keynsham, m2. Richard Sheppard)
  (A) Edmund Tynte (b 1564, d 1570)
  (B) John Tynte of the Middle Temple (b 1565, dsp 1616)
  m. Rebecca Stevens
  (C) Edward Tynte of Chelvy or Chelvey, Somerset (b 1570, d 16.12.1629)
Commoners & BEB1841 insert an an additional generation (another Edward) between this Edward and his father. We follow BLG1886 on the assumption that it was based on additional research. It is noted that Commoners & BEB1841 reported only 2 sons for Edward (a 1585), Edward & Sir Robert. The next few generations are partly supported by Visitation (Somerset, 1672, Tnyt of Goathurst). Halswell/Halsewell is in Goathurst/Goatehurst.
  m. (1613) Anne Gorges (d 24.12.1666, dau of Sir Edward Gorges of Wraxall)
  (i) John Tynte of Chelvy or Chelvey (b 1618, d 1670/bur 26.08.1669, General)
  m1. ??
  (a) daughter
  m. John Baber
  m2. Jane Halsewell (b c1630, d 1650, dau/heir of Rev. Hugh Halsewell or Halswell of Halsewell, son of Sir Nicholas)
(b) Sir Halsewell or Halswell Tynte, Sheriff of Somerset, 1st Bart of Halsewell (b c1653, bur 09.04.1702)
  m. Grace Fortescue (dau of Robert Fortescue of Filleigh by Grace, dau of Sir Bevill Granville)
  ((1)) Halsewell or Halswell Tynte (dvp unm)
  ((2)) Fortescue Tynte (b 1673, dvpsp 09.02.1694)
  m. Jane Gifford (dau of ?? Giffard of Cannington)
  ((3)) Sir John Tynte, 2nd Bart of Halsewell (b 1683, d 03.1710)
  m. (1704) Jane Kemeys (dau of Sir Charles Kemeys, 3rd Bart of Cefn Mably, by Mary, dau of Philip, 4th Lord Wharton)
  ((A)) Sir Halsewell or Halswell Tynte, 3rd Bart of Halsewell (b 15.11.1705, d 12.11.1730)
m. Mary Waters (dau/heir of John Waters of Brecon, m2. Paulet St. John of Dogmersfield)
  ((i))+ 2 daughters (d young)
  ((B)) Sir John Tynte, 4th Bart of Halsewell (b 27.03.1707, d unm 15.08.1740, rector of Goathurst)
  ((C)) Sir Charles Kemeys Tynte, 5th Bart of Halsewell (b 19.05.1710, dsp 25.08.1785)
  m. (03.1737-8) Anne Busby (d 1798, dau/coheir of Rev.(Thomas) Busby of Addington)
  ((D)) Jane Tynte (d 1741)
  m. (23.04.1737) Ruishe or Ruisshe Hassell (Major)
  Their daughter inherited the Tynte estates. Her son assumed the name Kemeys-Tynte. In 1916, one of their descendants successfully claimed the title of Baron Wharton.
  ((4)) Robert Tynte (b 1686, d 1717)
((A)) daughter (d young)
  ((5)) Grace or Anne Tynte
  m. Arthur Tremayne of Sydenham
  m3. (sp) Frances Trenchard (d 1714, dau of Francis Trenchard of Cutteridge (by Elizabeth (sb Mary?), dau of Sir Edward Gorges of Wraxall), m2. Judge Sir Edward Nevill)
  (ii) Sir Hugh Tynte of Peper Harrow, Mayor of Guildford (dsp 1691, 3rd son)
  m. Penelope Frowde (dau of Sir Philip Frowde, m2. Nathaniel, Lord Crew, Bishop of Durham)
  (iii) Edward Tynte (b 1628, a 1678, vicar of Yatton)
  (a) Edward Tynte, Governor of North & South Carolina (Colonel)
  (b)+ other issue
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (b 1620, d 13.05.1636), Dorothy, Florence
  (D) Sir Robert Tynte of Ballycrenane (bpt 31.03.1571, a 05.1643, settled in Ireland)
  BLGI1912 (Tynte of Tynte Park) identifies Sir Robert as "5th and youngest son". BLG1886 names only 3 other sons as above.
  m1. (sp) ??
  m2. (03.03.1612) Elizabeth Boyle (widow of Edmund Spenser (poet) then Roger Seckerston)
  (2) William Tynte
  (3) Joan Tynte
  m. John Payne
2. John Tynte
  A. John Tynte
  i. Robert Tyne (d 1577)
  m. _ Weste (dau of John Weste)
  a. Mary Tynte (b 1576)
  m. Edward Ashton
  b. daughter
  m. John Tilly
  B. Robert Tynte of Middleton, Kent
  m. Joan Edwards (dau of Hammond Edwards of Kent)
  i. George Tynte of St. George's Somerset
  m. (1584) Dorothy Morgan (dau of Richard Morgan of St. George's)
  a. Edward Tynte (a 1591)

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Kemeys-Tynte of Halswell and Cefn Mably), Commoners (vol 4, Kemeys-Tynte of Halsewell and Kevanmably or Cefn Mably), BEB1841 (Tynte of Halsewell)
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