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Families covered: Waters of Brecon, Waters of Cornelly, Waters of Stormy, Waters of Tyvry (Tyvree)

Evan Waters of Cornelly (a 1634)
1. David Waters of Cornelly (a 1666)
  A. Richard Waters of Cornelly (b c1677, d 19.02.1696-7)
  m. Catherine Lougher
  i. David Waters of Cornelly (bpt 30.04.1695, dsp 1749)
  m. Jennet (d 1773)
  ii.+ other issue - David (d 13.06.1869), Mary (d 23.12.1687)
  B. Evan Waters of Cornelly (bur 27.04.1724)
  m. Anne Morgan (sister of Jenkin Morgan of Stormy)
  i. Margery Waters (b 1675-6, d unm 26.07.1694)
  C. Edmund Waters (b 1648, d 1704, cleric)
  m. Catharine Morgan
  i. ?? Waters
  a. Edmund Waters of Pitcot, Sheriff of Glamorgan (a 1754)
  ii. Morgan Waters of Tythegston, Glamorganshire (b c1680, d 1765)
  m. (1702) Margaret Jenkin (bur 20.01.1760, dau/heir of Jenkin Morgan of Stormy (b c1631, d 25.08.1731) by Margaret)
  a. Morgan Waters of Stormy & Tyvry in Tythegston (bur 06.07.1773)
  m. Rachel Powell (bur 02.09.1758)
  (1) Morgan Waters of Stormy & Tyvry (b 1723, bur 01.07.1784)
m. (01.06.1763) Grace Swan (bur 10.07.1784, dau of Thomas Swan of Great Coxwell)
  (A) Edmond Thomas Waters of Tyvry (Tyvree) & Stormy (b c1763, d 28.01.1848)
  The following comes from 'The Genealogist' (vol 1, 1877, 'Toller of Billingborough, co. Lincoln', p189+) with support from 'Genealogical Memoirs' identified below ('Pedigree of Waters descended from Chester and Toller', p752+).
  m. (22.12.1792) Catharine Methold (b 13.05.1767, d 26.05.1846, dau of Thomas Methold of Kew)
  (i) Thomas Methold Waters (b 05.01.1794, d 03.01.1869) had issue
  m. (05.07.1827) Anne Hawks (dau of John Hawks of Gateshead-on-Tyne)
  (ii) Henry Swan Waters (b 30.10.1809, dsp 28.10.1871, Major-General, 3rd son)
  m. (18.05.1843) Georgina Gardiner (a 1875, dau of Rev. Frederick Pierrepoint Gardiner of Combe Hay)
  (iii) Catharine Waters (b 22.07.1797, d 24.03.1846)
  m. (28.02.1832) John Gray Copleston of Offwell House (a 1875, cleric)
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - Edmond Thomas (b 20.07.1795, d 01.08.1863), John (b 02.08.1805, d 1832), Grace (b 09.08.1799, d 25.06.1873), Anne (b 02.04.1801, d 21.01.1872), Harriet (b 11.10.1802, d young), Millicent (b 28.01.1804, d 13.12.1818)
  (B) Anne Waters (bpt 08.10.1765, d 21.12.1834)
  m. (30.07.1796) Thomas Bainbridge of Loindon (d 08.01.1830)
  (C) Grace Waters (bpt 16.05.1767, d 28.02.1824)
  m. (04.1798) Edward Isaac of Brookheath (d 01.06.1829)
  (D) Hannah Waters (dsp 16.12.1808)
  m. (1807) William Light
  (E)+ other issue - Thomas Swan (bpt 26.11.1679, d unm 02.12.18849, Captain RN), Sir John (b 1774, d unm 21.11.1842, Lt. General), Morgan (b 16.05.1777, dsp 07.12.1851, Major), Wlliam (d unm 15.10.1805), Catharine (bur 23.07.1784)
  (2) Jenkin Waters (bpt 24.09.1724, RN)
  m. (1754) Mary Swan (d 03.10.1804, m2. _ Riley)
  (A) Edmund Waters of Kingsbury & Regent's Park (b 25.11.1760, d 1839)
  m. (01.01.1783) Anne Baskett (b 1764-5, d 24.03.186, dau of Henry Baskett of Harwich)
  (i) Edmund Frederick Waters (b 16.12.1783, d 02.05.1866, General) had issue
  m. (26.10.1819) Elizabeth Stephens Aldersey (d 30.12.1857, dau of Thomas Suffield Aldersey)
  (ii) George Jenkins Waters (b 24.07.1791, a 1878, Judge at Madras) had issue (married 6 times)
  (iii) Mary Grace Waters (b 08.11.1798)
  m. William Cornwell (of the Middle Temple)
  (iv)+ other issue - Henry James (b 16.03.1785, d unm 30.07.1811, Captain), George Charles (b 24.03.1790, d 01.10.1790), Morgan Villiers (b 16.10.1792, d 16.09.1793), Philip Villiers (b 18.10.1793, d 03.12.1802), Robert Floyd (b 20.12.14795, d unm 1849), Charles William (b 28.12.1796, d 19.04.1805), Thomas Swan (b 15.01.1800, d 07.08.1805)
  (B) Charlotte Waters
  m. "a French Marquis" (d 1793, guillotined)
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas Swan (b c1755, d 11.10.1761), George (RN)
  (3) Rachel Waters (bpt 19.03.1726-7, d unm)
  (4) Catharine Waters
  m. John William
  b. Joan Waters (b 1711-2, d unm 09.05.1740)



John Waters of Brecon, Sheriff of co. Brecon (a 1694)
m. Mary Penry (d 1682, sister of Rice Penry, Sheriff of co. Brecon)
1. John Waters of Brecon (b c1681)
  m. (1704) Jane Lloyd (dau/coheir of Francis Lloyd of Crickadarn (Judge in North Wales))
  A. Mary Waters
  m1. (28.09.1727) Sir Halsewell Tynte of Halsewell, 3rd Bart (d 11.1730, MP)
  m2. (01.10.1736) Sir Paulet St. John of Dogmersfield, 1st Bart (d 1780, MP)
2. Anne Waters
  m. William Philips (Recorder of Brecon)
3+. other issue (d by 1682) - 3 sons, 1 daughter

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'Genealogical Memoirs of the Extinct Family of Chester of Chicheley' (Robert Edmond Chester Waters, vol 2, 1878, 'Pedigree of Waters of Pyle, Kenfig and Tythegston', p722+)
(2) For lower section : HerGen (edited by John Gough Nichols, vol 7, 1873, 'Waters of Brecon', p336)
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