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Families covered: Tyrwhitt of Ketilby (Kettleby), Tyrwhitt of Tyrwhitt

Sir Herculus de Tyrwhitt (a 1068)
Either this Herculus or his son was maried to a daughter of Sir Thomas Scargill.
1. Sir Herculus de Tyrwhitt (a 1109)
  A. Sir Robert de Tyrwhitt of Tyrwhitt and Assancke
  m. _ Worthington (dau of Sir John Worthington)
  Sir Robert was either father or uncle of ...
  i. Sir Oliver de Tyrwhitt
  a. ?? Tyrwhitt
(1) Robert deTyrwhitt the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Anne or Agnes Wycliffe (dau of William Wycliffe of Wycliffe)
  (A) Robert de Tyrwhitt of Tyrwhitt had issue in Northumberland
  m. daughter of Alan de Boisterick
  (B) Sir William Tyrwhitt of Ketilby or Kettleby
  m. _ Grovale (dau of John Grovale or Grovall of Harpswell)
  (i) Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Ketilby or Kettleby (a 1407, 1422, judge)
m. Alice or Isabell Kelke (dau (sb sister?) of Sir Roger Kelke of Kelke)
  (a) Sir William Tyrwhitt of Ketilby or Kettleby, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 1451-2)
  m1. Constance St. Quintin (dau of Sir Anselm St. Quintin of Brandsburton)
  ((1)) Adam Tyrwhitt of Ketilby or Kettleby
  Commoners identifies Adam's 1st wife as a daughter of John, 2nd Lord Lumley, Visitation as of Ralph, 2nd Lord (sic) but we provisionally follow various web sites in identifying her as ...
  m1. Elizabeth Lumley (dau of Ralph Lumley, 1st Lord)
((A)) Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Ketilby or Kettleby (d 1457/8 or 1461-2)
  m. Jane Waterton (dau of Sir Richard Waterton of Methley)
  ((i)) Sir William Tyrwhitt of Kettleby or Ketilby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1522)
  m. Anne Constable (dau of Sir Robert Constable of Flamborough
  m2. ?? Newport (dau of Sir William Newport) @@ below
  ((2)) Margaret Tyrwhitt probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. George Newport of Furneaux Pelham (b c1427, d 28.10.1484)
  m2. Cecily Deincourt (d by 05.1477, dau of Robert Deincourt, widow of William Newport of Furneaux Pelham)
  (b) John Tyrwhitt of Harpswell
  m. _ Rolleston (dau of Sir _ Rolleston)
Commoners reports John having 4 daughters of whom Elizabeth married John Whichcote of Whichcote. Visitation reports 3 daughters as follows:
  ((1)) Margaret (or Elizabeth) Tyrwhitt (d 01.03.1505-56)
  m1. John Whichcot
  m2. Thomas Arnold
  ((2))+ other issue - Joan, Elizabeth
  (c) Katharine Tyrwhitt (d 1457)
  m. Sir John Griffith (d 20.06.1471)
  (d) Maud Tyrwhitt
  m. Sir William de Montresor
  (ii) Cecilia Tyrwhitt (d 1477, later Abbess of Ipswich)
  m. Sir William Newport
  (a) daugher
  m. Adam Tyrwhitt of Ketilby @@ above

Main source(s): Commoners (vol i, Tyrwhitt of Nantyr), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees 1906 (Tyrwhit of Kettleby)
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