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Families covered: Waterton of Methley, Waterton of Walton, Waterton of Waterton
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BLG1886 reports that "Waterton or Watertun, is mentioned in Doomsday Book as having a hall and a carucate of land. Together with other lands in the soke of Croule, it became, soon after the Conquest, the property of the Abbey of Selby". It was given around the 1160s by the abbot to Reiner, son of Norman de Normanebi.
Norman de Normanebi
1. Reiner de Waterton (a 1160) possibly father or grandfather of ...
  A. Sir Robert de Waterton (a 1191)
  i. ?? de Waterton presumed intermediary generation
  BLG1886 starts its pedigree 'properly' with the following William. The above connection to Norman de Normanebi is speculative.
  a. WilliamWaterton (d by 1255)
  m. Dyonisia widow of William, presumed mother of ...
  (1) Reinar Waterton of Waterton (a 1275)
  BLG1886 does not follow this line but reports that it ended with an heiress through whom Waterton passed into the Babthorpe family, that heiress being daughter of Sir John, "one of the heroes of Agincourt" (in 1415), whose brother Sir Robert was Ambassador to France temp Henry V (who r. 1413-1422). The following is speculative, being based on cross-references from elsewhere in the database supplemented a little by data found in a reliable-looking web site on Woodhall. .
  (A) ?? Waterton presumed intermediary generation
Provisionally, we have ignored various web sites which purport to show the ancestry of the Cecily who married Lionel, 6th Lord Welles, as they do not identify their sources. For interest we note that some show this as the William who m. Elizabeth, dau of Roger Newmarch. Foster does show such a William but identifies him as father of John & Hugh (son/heir), the latter being father (by dau of Alexander Wallen) of Blanch (m. Robert Challions) & Elizabeth (m. John ap Harry of Poston), but does so in one of the articles on Waterton of Walton, doing so without giving any indication as to how that William was connected to the Watertons of Walton.
  (i) William Waterton of Waterton
  m. _ Methley (dau/heir of Thomas Methley of Methley)
(a) Robert Waterton of Waterton & Methley
  m. Cecily Fleming (dau/heir of Robert Fleming of Woodhall in Methley)
  ((1)) Sir John Waterton of Waterton (a 1415)
  ((A)) Eleanor Waterton
m. Sir Robert Babthorpe of Babthope & Osgodby (d 1431/7)
  ((2)) Sir Robert Waterton of Methley & Woodhall (d 17.01.1424/5)
  m. (before 08.1398) Joan de Everingham of Everingham (b by 1363, dau of Sir William de Everingham)
  ((A)) Sir Richard Waterton of Methley father of Jane, probably of this generation
  ((i)) Sir John Waterton of Methley possibly of this generation
  m. Maud Fairfax (dau of Sir Guy Fairfax of Steeton Castle)
  ((ii)) Jane Waterton
  m. Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Ketilby or Kettleby (a 1455)
  ((B)) Joan (or Cecily) Waterton
m1. Sir William Ellis of Kiddal
  m2. (1417) Lionel de Welles, 6th Lord
  ((3)) Joan Waterton
  m. Simon Fleming of Wakefield (a 1391, d 31.03.1435)
  (b)+ 5 daughters
  (2) Richard Waterton 'of Walton' (a 1281)
  It should be noted that, whilst BLG1886 follows this line and gives what appears to be a clear pedigree, it differs with the Visitation in various ways. We are not
  (A) John Waterton
  Foster starts with Robert (not John) father of John father of the Richard who m. Constance Ashenhall.
  m. Matilda Amyos (a 1292, dau of John Amyos)
  FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), Amyas of Horbury) shows that John & Matilda had a son William (a 1349) who m. Joan, dau of Jordan Raineville. BLG1886 shows as follows.
  (i) John Waterton
  m. Audrey Raineville (dau/heir of Jordan Raineville)
  (a) Richard Waterton of Walton & Cawthorne
  m. Constance Ashenhall (dau/heir of Sir William Ashenall of Walton & Cawthorne)
BLG1886 and Foster differ on the next few generations. Pending further research, or our receipt of advice from others who have researched this family, we show both versions. Firstly, we report what is shown by BLG1886
  ((1)) Sir Robert Waterton, Sheriff of Yorkshire (a 1488)
  m. Agnes Fairfax (dau of Sir Guy Fairfax)
  ((A)) Sir John Waterton
  m. Elizabeth Savile (dau of Sir John Savile of Thornhill)
  ((i)) Robert Waterton of Walton
  m. Mary Langton (dau of John Langton of Hudlestone)
  ((a)) Sir Robert Waterton of Walton - see alternative ancestry below
  m1. Muriel Leeke (dau of Sir Francis Leeke of Sutton)
  m2. (sp) Joane Everingham (dau/heir of William Everingham)
  ((ii)) Maud Waterton
  m. Sir Thomas Metham of Metham
  ((B)) Elizabeth Waterton
  m. Sir Nicholas Wortley of Wortley
Foster, reporting on the 1584/5 Visitation to Yorkshire by Robert Glover, shows as follows (with some in italics, presumably indicating that that data had been added by Foster).
  ((1)) Robert Waterton (d 1424)
  m. Elizabeth (or Joane) Savile (dau of Sir John Savile, widow of _ Ellis)
((A)) Sir Robert Waterton
  ((i)) Sir Robert Waterton (dsp 10.12.1475)
  m. Beatrix Clifford (dau/heir of Thomas Clifford)
  ((ii)) Cicely Waterton
  m. Lyon Lowells
  ((B)) Sir John Waterton (a 1466)
  m. Agnes Fairfax (dau of Sir Guy Fairfax)
  ((i)) Sir Robert Waterton of Walton - see alternative ancestry above
  m. Muriel Leake (sister of Sir Francis Leake of Sutton)

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Waterton of Deeping Waterton), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5, Waterton of Walton)
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