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Families covered: Fleming of Sharlston, Fleming of Wakefield

Richard Fleming of Wakefield
m. _ Moor (coheir)
1. Simon Fleming of Wakefield (a 1391, d 31.03.1435, forester & grave of Stanley)
  m. Joan Waterton (dau of Robert Waterton of Methley by Cecily, dau of Robert Fleming of Woodhall in Methley)
  A. Robert Fleming of Wakefield (d 07.1453)
  m1. _ Hamden (dau of Sir John Hamden or Handen)
  i. Simon Fleming of Wakefield (a 07.1453)
  a. John Fleming of Wakefield
  m. Ann Copley (dau of John Copley of Batley by Agnes, dau of Sir Geoffrey Pigot of Clotherham)
(1) William Fleming of Wakefield
  m. Anne Nowell (dau of John Nowell of Read)
  (A) Richard Fleming of Wakefield (d 1567)
  m. Anne Norton (d 01-2.1572, dau of Richard Norton of Kettlethorpe and/or Sandal)
  (i) Thomas Fleming of Northgate, Wakefield (d 17.01.1611)
  m1. Jane Kaye (dau of John Kaye of Dalton by Jane, dau of John Storrs of Storrs Hall)
  (a) John Fleming of Wakefield (b 1569, bur 28.09.1619)
  m. Elizabeth Roe (dau of John Roe of Clapham)
  ((1)) Thomas Fleming of Wakefield (bpt 1605)
  m1. Maria (bur 07.05.1661)
  ((A))+ issue - George (bpt 18.07.1641), Thomas (bpt 19.03.1643), Brian (bpt 04.12.1644), John (bpt 03.01.1649, bur 14.05.1661), Gervas (bpt 29.01.1651), Charles (bpt 15.10.1653), William (bpt 27.04.1656), Jonathan (bpt 10.05.1661), Ann (bpt 27.06.1658, bur 16.04.1659)
  m2. (28.10.1661) Mary Peck
((J))+ other issue - Anthony (bpt 06.08.1665), Anne (bpt 05.07.1663, bur 28.01.1701)
  ((2)) John Fleming of Stanley (d before 04.1648)
  m. (05.08.1619) Katherine Clarson
  ((A))+ issue - John (bpt 04.02.1621, bur 19.02.1621), Edward (bpt 27.06.1624, bur 06.02.1625), Charles (bpt 22.02.1629), Gervase (bpt 25.10.1635), Mary (bpt 13.12.1627, bur 12.05.1638), Margaert (bpt 16.08.1632, bur 03.12.1647)
  ((3)) Mary Fleming
  m. (1634) Faithul Saxton
  ((4)) Priscilla Fleming (bpt 04.11.1604)
  m1. (04.11.1618) Humphrey Wingfield of Clarke Hall, Stanley (bur 26.03.1628)
  m2. John Lyon of Stanley (bur 24.10.1631)
  ((5))+ other issue - Sarah, Joan (bur 02.02.1616), Rebecca
  (b) Raphael Fleming
  m. William Lamye or Delany of Warmfield
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Gabriel (dsp), Jane (dsp), Rachel, Saintemond, Dorothy (dsp), Elizabeth
  m2. (1595) Maud (dau/widow of _ Bowling)
  (ii) Richard Fleming of Northgate, Wakefield (d before 12.03.1606)
  m. Isabel (bur 21.03.1618)
  (iii) Beatrix Fleming
  m. George Williamson of Wakefield
  (iv) Jane Fleming
m. John Rawson of Wakefield
  (v) Margaret Fleming
  m. Thomas Bradford of Bentley
  (vi)+ other issue - Francis of Wakefield (d before 18.03.1591), Elizabeth
  m2. Katherine Sawley (dau of William Sawley or Salley, widow of Henry Langfield of Shalrston)
ii. William Fleming of Wakefield (bur 29.04.1473)
  m. Alice Langfield (dau of Henry Langfield of Sharlston by Katherine Sawley)
  a. John Fleming of Sharlston (b 1463, d 10.04.1541)
m. Mary Leventhorpe (dau of Geoffrey Leventhorpe of Leventhorpe)
  (1) John Fleming of Sharlston (d 10.04.1546)
  m. Katherine Drax (dau of Nicholas Drax of Woodhal)
(A) John Fleming of Sharlston (b 1517, d c06.1562)
  m. Jennet Lake (dau of John Lake of Normanton by Katherine, dau of John Peck of Haselden Hall by Joan, dau of John Anne of Frickley)
  (i) Cuthbert Fleming of Sharlston (d 10.1585)
  m. Dorothy Thornhaugh (dau of Anthony Thornhaugh of Sturton, m2. Francis Stringer of Whiston)
  (a) Anne Fleming
  m. James Rodes of Crofton
  (b) Barbara Fleming (bur 09.07.1623)
  m. Thomas Stringer (son of Francis of Sharlston)
(c) Elizabeth Fleming
  m. Roger Walker of Crofton
  (d) Dorothy Fleming
  m. Adam Hopperton of Hopperton
(e) Ffrances Fleming
  m. Oswald Banks of Whixley
  (f)+ other issue (d young) - Alan, John, Leonard
  (ii) Alured Fleming of Badsworth & Sharlston (dsp before 14.08.1604)
  m. Frances Lake (dau of John Peck of Haselden Hall by Joan, dau of John Anne of Frickley)
  (iii) Frances Fleming
  m1. Brian Allott
  m2. John Ellis
  (2) Katherine Fleming
  m. Robert Drax of Woodhall (d before 09.03.1550)
  iii. Robert Fleming (d before 18.04.1525)
  m. Margaret Langfield (dau of Henry Langfield of Shalrston by Katherine Sawley)
2. John Fleming
3. Mary Fleming
  m. _ Hansworth
4. Jane Fleming
  m. John Boyfield

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Fleming of Wakefield) with some support from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Fleming of Wakefield)
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